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Best WP Fastest Cache config to boost your WordPress site speed.

81 / 100

WordPress as a content management system (CNS) is amazing. All you need is an idea and you can make a website within a single day! Yes, it is that easy to use, but it is a bit difficult to make a website that can compete for top positions in any search engine ranking.

That being said, it is of course achievable and the first step is to optimize your website. This will not only improve your SERPs but also improve your user experience.

The world is now coming to 5G technology and nobody wants to wait more than 5 seconds for a website to load. In fact, according to Niel Patel, ”40% of people abandon a website that takes more than 3 seconds to load.”

So with that in mind let’s start with how can we improve our site speed and without a doubt WP fastest cache is one of the best plugin available for this. I want to keep this article generic so I’ll be using the free version.

WP Fastest cache configuration

Take a backup of your WordPress website

Yes, this is the first step. A WordPress website an amalgamation of WordPress core, the theme you use, and different plugins. All these are coded by different people following a common guideline. This means that certain functionalities can change the way your website is built currently. So before making any change it is wise to take a backup.

Check out our guide on How not to break your website unintentionally.

Add WP Fastest Cache plugin to your WordPress website

The next step is to add the WP Fastest Cache plugin to your WordPress website. Just go to your WordPress website admin dashboard and click on plugins. Once inside the plugins menu, you will see an Add New button.

Click on it and you will be redirected to the Add Plugins page. Search for WP Fastest Cache plugin and add click on Install Now.

add plugin to wordpress
img 5fb3649c539be

That is it. The plugin is on your website and ready to use! You will be able to see the WP Fastest Cache option in the left menu. Click on it and you will be able to see many options to choose from. These are the functionalities provided by the plugin and you have to configure this according to your needs.

But I am going to let you know about my personal configuration! One that I use on my websites.

WP fastest cache dashboard

How to Configure WP Fastest Cache plugin to give the best optimization

The above screen will appear the moment you open the WP Fastest Cache plugin menu. Do not feel overwhelmed by it. I am going to let you know bout what each box means and then will tell you about my own configuration.

1. Settings in WP Fastest Cache Plugin

  • Cache System – Enable without a single thought!
  • Widget System – This is a premium functionality and can decrease the number of SQL Queries.
  • Preload – Makes cache for your entire site automatically. When you enable this you will see a pop-up. Check all the options and adjust the timer between 4-6.
  • Logged-in users – If you are solely logging into your website then check this, else don’t.
  • Mobile – No, you do not want to show a desktop cache file to mobile users.
  • Mobile Theme – This is a premium feature, if you have the full version then do check.
  • New Post –  Enable, this clears the previous cache whenever a new post is created. When you check this a popup window will come, check “Clear all cache”.
  • Update Post – Enable,  clears cache whenever a post is updated. When you check this a pop-up window will appear, check the second option. (Learn more)
  • Minify HTML – Enable, decrease the size of the page but with the free version, it will only remove comments and extra white spaces for the code. (Learn more)
  • Minify HTML Plus – This is a premium feature that will really decrease your code size.
  • Minify CSS – Enable, again it will only remove whitespaces and comments. (Learn more)
  • Minify CSS Plus – This is a premium feature that will decrease your CSS file size and optimize it.
  • Combine CSS – Enable, this will combine your CSS files and decrease the number of requests.
  • Minify JS – A premium feature that will decrease your JS files as well, you can use the Autoptimize plugin for this as well.
  • Combine JS (Header) – You can enable this option, I don’t as it can cause my website some problems.
  • Combine JS Plus(Footer) – This again is a premium feature and if you have it then do check.
  • Gzip – Enable, this will compress your file size to almost half!
  • Browser Caching – Enable, This will improve the site speed for repeated visitors.
  • Disable Emojis – Enable, This will remove emojis from CSS that take some time to load.
  • Render Blocking JS – This is a premium feature but one of the most important features to boost your website.
  • Google Fonts –This is again one of the premium features. It will load your google fonts asynchronously and removes a particular waring under render-blocking JS warning in Google PageSpeed
  • Lazy Load – It is a premium feature but now it is inbuilt with WordPress core.
My Configuration of WP fastest cache settings

This configuration has helped me double my page speed score and also helped me achieve a 92 GTMetrix score! My website was loading at more than 10 seconds and now it was under 5 seconds. Of course, there are other factors like theme and hosting but WP Fastest Cache had a major part to play!

best configuration of wp fastest cache

This is the best configuration for WP Fastest Cache plugin, check it out now to boost your WordPress website! Click To Tweet

2. Delete Cache Configuration

Once you are done with basic settings, you will have to set a rule for deleting the cache. It is advised to clean your cache timely. This helps in keeping the cache file updated. You should time this at a time when you do not see much traffic on your website.

All you have to do is click on the Add New Rule button. Then select “All” in the first drop-box. I recommend clearing the cache once a day. Then again it depends on your website. But try not to go beyond 3 days.

img 5fb364a014d7e e1605678722435

3. Image Optimization

This is a premium feature that will help you with optimizing your website using one of the two compression techniques. One is Lossless and one is Lossy.

Lossless compression will decrease the size of your image without losing important pixels in your image and Lossy compression on the other hand will reduce the file size significantly but may decrease the quality of the image too.

There are many free plugins available for this application that can be paired with WP Fastest Cache free version. One of them is Smush.

4. Exclude Settings

Now, this is what a life-saving jacket is like. With this section of the plugin, you can exclude the particular file that you don’t want to cache.

Sometimes while caching your theme may face issues regarding showing some images or effects like parallax. You can find those particular files and add them as a rule to exclude. This will tell the WP Fastest Cache plugin to not cache those files.

Check out our guide on how to implement a parallax effect on your WordPress blog.

Exclude settings in wp fastest cache

Not only that you can even exclude user agents of social media like a Facebook bot or Twitter bots. This helps the bots see and present the current version of the website.

5. CDN Setting

CDNs can improve your site speed by hosting static content of your website at multiple servers and when a request is made by a browser, it will automatically send static content from the nearest location to the user location. Thus decreasing the TTFB of your website.

Check out our blog on CDNs to know more.

add cdn to wordpress

If you have a good hosting service then you just have to configure them to the plugin with the host. Else, you can go with the basic plan of Cloudflare. It is good for simple websites and can help you with page speed score. But if you have a big website then you can consider purchasing a paid plan.

CDN by the Photon is also free and easy to configure. All you have to do is select one of the give CDN URL and select the type of files you want to host with the CDN. You can even add specific keywords to store or exclude files apart from the given options.

Click on finish and you are done!

cdn by photon
cdn by photon

6. Database Settings (DB)

With the premium feature, you can optimize your Database by removing the pages in trash storage, remove post revisions, spam comments, and other data to make space in your database. 


That’s is all that you can do with WP Fastest Cache free version and I promise if you do this right then you can improve your load speed significantly! This will help you with User experience and Search engine optimization likewise.

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