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Top 17 WordPress Themes For Photographers (updated)

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WordPress themes are available for almost every field. The creativity used in designing each theme is brilliant. Photography is an art aced by many. Not all people appreciate it though. The good thing is now WordPress can help photographers to showcase their talent with a lot of creativity using photography themes.

It will help them connect with clients, buying and purchasing, and will provide many other features they need.Before starting right away, make sure that you have chosen the correct platform, where you have the freedom to create anything and everything you want.

Those who will be using the WordPress themes for the first time should make sure that the latest version is installed for great viewing, experience, and new designs. A WordPress account is also an important thing. Use a domain name to create one.

Take the support of any hosting service, but it should have a good space for you to create a gallery of your choice. Once you are done signing up, follow the guide, and start blogging. Next, take the help of an expert to choose a beautiful layout according to your content. You will be familiar with the site in no time.

Check out these amazing list of themes that we have curated for you:

Now, let’s have a quick tour of what interesting themes are available for all you amazing photographers out there.

Top 17 photography WordPress themes you want to try today.

1. Astra Theme

This one works best for all those newcomers, as it is a package of in-built demos, a guide, and innovation. Astra is a multipurpose theme with the use of moderate colors and helps you to work on your content.

Astra WordPress theme for photographers

The backgrounds work in connection with drag and drop page builders which can give your page a very light and elegant look. It also gives you access to different fonts, layouts, and backgrounds. You need to check this theme out today, trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

2. Divi

One of the most popular among the themes, Divi comes with more than 100s of layout and backgrounds. It includes various demos and is very easy to surf. It comes along with some fascinating features like a text editor, a lot of font options, elements, etc.    

DIVI WordPress theme for photographers

Divi is used by a lot of photographers as its uniqueness attracts the audience quickly and for the same reason, it is called the photo market place. All the newcomers can use it as it is very easy to set up.  

3. Fiji 2

Again, a theme that catches the attention of the clients, Fiji 2 is a little more expensive theme than the others, but once you have a look at it, you’ll know that the price is worth it. It makes your photo gallery look better than ever and will also help you make profits through it.

FIJI 2 - a photography theme for WordPress website

The simplicity is the plus point of any creative stuff and so the way it is designed can tempt any consumer glancing at your page. It works best for those who want to upload wedding photographs. It is a must-try theme with new features, colors, and designs.  

4. Simplicity

The name itself reflects the whole theme. Simplicity is a great option for all those who are against bright colors or very fancy looks. The beginner should try this one out for its amazing designs and new-ness in the fonts and layouts. With this essence, every photographer can show the best of their work to the audience. All thanks to the elegance it spreads throughout the site.

Simplicity wordpress theme for photography website

You can use this theme to create your welcome page or the home page as it provides different welcome texts and logos. You should try this theme out for some amazing effects.          

5. Elegance Pro

A very beautiful and elegant looking design with amazing features to help you every way possible, Elegance Pro is mainly designed for all the artists and photographers. It has the option of customization for all those who want to put their creativity at work. 

Elegance pro theme package for photography wordpress website

It can be used by the starters as it is easy to set up. They include different layouts according to your choices of the photographs and also have the feature of assembling them the way you want. It is rooted in the Studio Press Guinness Framework which is a part of WPEngine. Elegance Pro is worth trying for its genius performance on WordPress.                                                        

6. Ultra

Unlike other themes, Ultra works as a multipurpose theme including ready-made sites, “how-to” demos along with sites for photos. You can make a customized homepage for your site as the option is available. Includes several colors, designs, layouts, and fonts.

ultra a wordpress photo album theme

You can also play with widgets provided and use them for adding the creation you want on your post. It allows typography, which can keep the whole look simple yet attractive in numerous ways. It is used by many photographers to make their wall look pretty, so go and check it out so that you don’t miss out on something really good.          

7. Tripod

One of the most used themes by the photographers to make the WordPress wall look a little unique and different, Tripod gives your photos a very stylish look and is the fixed option for most of them. It is mainly used for wedding photos to make them look good in every way possible.

Tripod photography professional photography wordpress theme

You will get the HTML5 element in this one for inserting any special effects on your feed. It isn’t distracting but eye-catching for sure. It assures you unique features, colors, layouts, and fonts to show the best of your work. It is accessible on all devices, so try them now.               

8. Patti-parallax one page

A very interesting theme of all, Patti parallax has the features like never seen before. It works on the background and the foreground elements. Also, the animation is another major thing to be noticed in this theme. These are gorgeously designed to give a very finished look to the gallery.

Patti wordpress theme for photography

Allowing the HTML5 elements, this one allows you to hide your text behind other icons and will be visible only when you click on it. If you want a homepage, you should click on sliders that come with contrasting colors and innovative designs.                                        

9. OceanWP

This cost-friendly theme stands out from the rest of them for its unique and fresh features through which you can import free demos which can help you start your photography website. It is a one-click feature that will not take too much of your time.

OceanWP WordPress theme

It is designed especially for those who want to make it big in this field. OceanWP comes with a package of numerous colors, fonts, layouts, and a built-in SEO that loosens the web traffic. The whole concept is very interesting and attracts the audience immediately. Check out this awesome stuff right now.                                  

10. Neve

Neve is created for those who are interested in fashion designing and art stuff. It is quite a modern theme that will let you flaunt your pictures like never comes along with multi-page and one-page layouts. Works in the support of drag and drop systems such as elementor, visual composer, etc.

NEVE WordPress theme

The editing feature of this theme works great and makes your photos more beautiful. It also happens to connect to the Gutenberg block for editing and other attributes. The fonts are different from the regular ones and give an elegant look to your write-ups.                   

11. Azalea

Filled with all lively features, Azalea works great for those who want their wall full of fashion photography. However, not only fashion photography, you can use it anytime you want. Creating homepages using this theme would cost you a lot of appreciation from your clients, as it is a package of designer homepages, colors, and unique names for the same.

Azalea wordpress theme for photography

Well, not only this, but Azalea can help you in your future projects also by creating a portfolio and a list of clients whom you have worked with. It is a must-try theme with impressive concepts and features.                                       

12. Pixelgrade Fargo

Full of transitions and special effects, Fargo is created for those who want to be recognized by companies. Its authenticity is the biggest plus point for you to choose one. You can post the pictures clicked in any format, landscape, portrait, panorama, etc.

Fargo theme for WordPress

It also gives you the freedom to post videos and texts in your feed. The animations if used can make your photos and videos look beautiful and clients may stand awestruck. Along with all the colors and fonts, they provide your frames to give your feed a finishing touch. Get Fargo right away and flaunt it in front of the world.                                                                                   

 13. Shutter up

Get ready to upgrade your testimonials with this genius theme, Shutter Up. It is specially designed for photobloggers to give their pictures a unique style statement. It uses bright colors for the feed and simple fonts to create something different from the regular stuff.

Shutter up WordPress theme for photography

You can design your photo albums and more with this easy to set up a theme, along with customization on hand. So, put your innovativeness and creative minds at work and make something more than fabulous. Try this fun theme right away.                                                 

14. Hestia Pro

Another multi-purpose theme filled with elegance, Hestia Pro can be used by those who are new to WordPress. It is a package of beautiful designs, layouts, fonts, and formats. The whole idea behind creating this one was to keep it as simple as possible, but at the same time should be something out of the box. The good thing is, it is better than your expectations.

Hestia Pro theme for WordPress

The import and replace feature is the cherry on a cake as with that you can write and post faster than before. You will also be provided with video and image sliders for better presentation, homepages, and translation tools. It is something really interesting and you all should check it out right now.                                                       

15.  Ambiance Pro

The whole white conceptualized theme can create some amazing portfolios and websites. Ambiance Pro prioritizes your pictures and texts more than showing off the theme so much. It includes features, colors, and new fonts along with widgets for the smooth working of your site.

Ambiance Pro WordPress themes for photography portfolios

It is fully SEO proof and supports WooCommerce. You can also create a logo for your page with the help of some new features installed and also have a great collection of homepages to give your feed a beauty of it. You should try it out.                                       

16. True North

One of the few themes having a grid layout, True North is one out of the box creativity. It includes an inbuilt portfolio system where you can easily upload all your pictures and videos in a particular section allotted. They provide customized widgets to play with and create fascinating stuff.

True North WordPress theme

The widgets allow you to showcase your work on social media platforms as well. You also get custom backgrounds, heading bars, fonts, and color palettes to create anything according to your content and concept. There is no harm in checking it 0ut, so do it now.                  

17. Shape

How cool would it be to have transitions, galleries, and beautiful effects all in just one theme? Pretty amazing right. Shape provides you the same things. You will find filterable galleries with all new fonts and some beautiful designs.

Shape theme for WordPress

Shape Comes along with customized widgets, fully SEO friendly, and an option to build an email list. It supports the grid layout and lets you attractively display all your photos. The colors used in this one are different from what other themes use. To find out how to check them out now.    

So, here we come to an end of our WordPress photography themes. According to me all the themes that we discussed above are unique in their ways, be it the format or the colors, everything is different.

These themes work great for those who would want to make it big in the art of photography. The designs are pretty and if you would want something of your choice, then the customization option is always available. Go and check all of them out and start creating wonders.

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