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The Best 11 WordPress Quiz Plugins for increasing traffic (2020)

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WordPress doesn’t fail to impress with its extraordinary features and out of the box plugins. Do you know that 73% of marketers believe that social media marketing is a must for an effective marketing strategy for increasing user engagement and conversions?

One such site that lends an opportunity to reach the appropriate audiences is the WordPress site. A quiz site is an ideal site for long hours of retention. If stats are to be believed, you must visit this site for foolproof validations. 

If you are planning on developing a Quizzing WordPress site then you are reading the exact article. In this article, we attempt to introduce you to some of the finest Quiz plugins available on the WordPress site. Any one of these 11 Best Quiz plugins for WordPress can be chosen for your Quiz website. Keep reading it on until you find the right one for yourself. 

11 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins in 2020

  1. WP Quiz
  2. Quiz and survey master
  3. HD Quiz
  4. Chained Quiz
  5. WordPress Quiz
  6. ARI Stream Quiz
  7. Mtouch Quiz
  8. LearnDash
  9. Quizcat
  10. Gravity Forms Quiz
  11. TryInteract

Why you should consider using WordPress Quiz plugins

Buzzfeed is creating a buzz for all good reasons. It engages the audience on the platform for longer periods. It provides feed with attractive texts and pictures. Now it has included Quiz on its site. It is an interesting approach to include audience-oriented activities. Not just a simple quiz but a quiz based on the interest of the user. 

Installing and using a Quiz plugin is easy. A quiz plugin enables the opportunity for interaction with a wider audience. Other advantages worth knowing are:

  1. Capturing leads: Quizzes can help you to capture around 33.6% of lead rate as reported by LeadQuizzes. 
  2. Fun activity: Audiences can find these platforms entertaining as well as educational.
  3. Enhancing the knowledge of the quiz taker
  4. Quiz sites improve reach when people share the quiz links on different social media sites with friends and family
  5. A Quiz site or activity reduces the bounce rate by hooking users for a longer period on your site
  6. The interaction with consumers increase since they start to respond to your posts via comments and shares

11 Best WordPress Quiz Plugins in 2020

1. WP Quiz

If you are looking for interactive quizzes and events that could increase your leads, you should probably go for WP Quiz. It is terrific in increasing website traffic.

WP Quiz

In addition to this, the bounce rate is significantly reduced. You can make it much more interactive with the help of WP Quiz if you take the advantage of online exams. The pro version comes with the facility to create professional-level exam papers. You can create Trivia quizzes so that the visitors remain glued to your site.

WP Quiz has a lot more to offer, such as creating personality quizzes, where a person can assess his/her qualities. WP Quiz plugin enables the poll and survey options. In case you wish to know public opinion on something going on with this plugin.

Ultimately the number of subscribers and Facebook interactions would surge. The free and pro versions, both are available.

2. Quiz and survey master

The Quiz and Survey master quiz plugin has impressive features to offer, and the customization choices and designing features are remarkable. The ratings and reviews of the plugin have been positive.

Quiz and survey master

There is a free version and a pro version. The premium plan can be a bit costly. However, you can pick your choices wisely and use the plugin for free too. It lets you design the templates and fonts. It provides the facility to choose from a range of question types (MCQs, True False, One word, etc).

The plugin sends an email to the quiz taker after the completion of the quiz. The countdown timer makes it engaging. The results of the quiz taken can be shared among different social media channels. 

3. HD Quiz

HD Quiz is a free WordPress quiz plugin. It is easy to install and allows creating countless quizzes of your choice. You can embed these quizzes on your website or page. Customization is easy and handy. Noteworthy features include the set timer, hints for the questions, sharing of scores across social media sites, including images and GIFs to make it look interesting, and many more.

HD Quiz

4. Chained Quiz

Chained Quiz is named so after the very unique feature it possesses. This is a conditional logic quiz plugin that creates a quiz based upon the previous response of the user. It can create several types of quizzes and questions.

It supports various types of questions, MCQs, one word, or essay type. The plugin calculates the results based on points obtained. It is very easy to use and maintain and allows you to create dynamic quizzes. 

5. WordPress Quiz

WordPress Quiz is one of the best plugins for Quiz websites. It allows you to place multiple quizzes on a single page. The quiz taker can submit the scores to the owner after finishing the quest. However, this plugin does not allow personality builder or fun quiz development. It is a good choice for simple and straightforward quiz themes.

WordPress Quiz

6. ARI Stream Quiz

The ARI Stream Quiz plugin comes in three plans. The first one is Basic and free to download. It allows an unlimited number of websites to download this plugin. It allows Trivia games, capturing user data such as email ID, and sharing of results on social media.

ari stream quiz

However, it cannot develop the personality quizzes, results page, paging, and many more. The other two plans named Personal and Developer come with these features after paying a price of $17 and $25 respectively. 

7. Mtouch Quiz

Mtouch Quiz is a great choice for building MCQ type quizzes. The plugin has been developed with mobile in mind. The user interface is touch-friendly. It has been designed with the purpose to learn and enhance knowledge. A detailed explanation of the right choice is provided. The customization of the page is simple. You can download the zipped file and extract the contents of the file. 

8. LearnDash 

LearnDash comes with an excellent Quiz feature that allows building a variety of quizzes. It also allows setting up different types of questions such as Multiple Choice Questions, free text, essay, true-false, fill in the blank, polls, surveys, etc.

LearnDash plugin

Other remarkable features include the quiz timer, huge question banks, random order of questions, limited attempts, and many more. The quiz results can be posted on social sites too. LearnDash can be a great choice if you are planning on developing a site for online education. 

9. Quizcat

Quizcat is somewhat similar to BuzzFeed. Though it offers flexibility. The customization choices are very diverse. You can add images to the quizzes. You can build any number of quizzes with any number of questions. The free version has basic features. However, a paid higher version provides more flexibility.

QuizCat plugin

The paid plan of $49 provides the additional features to build personality quizzes and sharing on social platforms too. The interface is clean and user-friendly. The mobile devices work wonderfully with this game plugin. The remarkable feature is the ability to translate the page in any language. The default language is English. For adjusting the language, you need expertise.

10. Gravity Forms Quiz

Gravity Forms Quiz Add-on is a powerful tool to create Quizzes that prepares the scores as soon as the Quiz is submitted. Isn’t that time saving and smart too? It is easy to use the plugin. Beginners can certainly rely on this for easy handling. The user engagement and interaction is also improved significantly. The ability to set custom scores for each answer is provided here. 

gravity form quiz

11. TryInteract

If you wish to develop viral quizzes, you can depend on TryInteract. It can help with building a social media following, generate leads, reduce bounce rates, and improve conversions. The plugin is suitable for developing interactive quizzes. The design and customization choices are wonderful.

TryIntaract plugin

Different themes, colors, styles, and several templates can be chosen depending on the quiz topic. The results are displayed at the end after the submission of the quiz. The installation process is also simple. The integration with WordPress is even simpler. 

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Wrapping up!

We hope this article helps you choose a quiz plugin that suits your site’s goals and needs. Out of all the quiz plugins mentioned here, we suggest you go for LearnDash and TryInteract. The plugins’ customization choices are worth paying attention to. 

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments section below. And make sure you follow WP Uber for the latest updates on themes and plugins. 

WP Uber is a WordPress management agency that provides detailed site health reports and customized security solutions for WordPress sites. 

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