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A Beginner’s guide for choosing a WordPress Hosting Service (2020)

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Here’s 2020 about to come to an end, and you are still struggling to top up your WordPress website? If you are a beginner on the WordPress site, then you need to know a little more from scratch. Besides developing a website with the best themes and designs, you need to make sure that you mark your land on the internet world.

In this article, I would discuss one of the noteworthy aspects of running a successful WordPress website- Web hosting services.

Let’s begin with the basic questions first! 

What is web hosting services?

Web hosting service is a platform that provides access to your website via the world wide web. Hosting companies lets you utilize space on the server. They also give Internet Connectivity through a data center.

Different Types of Hosting Services

What are different types of Hosting Services?

  1. Shared web hosting service
  2. Reseller web hosting
  3. Virtual Dedicated Server
  4. Dedicated hosting service
  5. Managed hosting service
  6. Colocation web hosting service

What should you look for in a web host?

First, you should realize the needs for your website. Try answering questions such as- what is the current website traffic? Or how much growth can be expected in the next few months? Do you require a developer-friendly hosting service? How much external support does the website need? And so on.

Key Features of a Web Host:


The foremost requirement for a website user. If you know the process of WordPress installation, security, optimization, backups, caching, etc. you might need less external support. But if you are staggering with one or the other technical things, you might need some product.

A good web host always extends some amount of support via phone chat, emails, web-chats, support ticket system, etc. The best host is those who lend support within a few minutes of registering issues.

Web hosting Support


The one factor that determines the traffic on your website is speed. A good hosting service will provide you an immense amount of disk space.  You must always have qualified and quantified hardware. A computer system should have enough RAM, disk space, and high power CPU for heavy traffic websites. 

Speed feature of a web host


Once when the speed of the page gets managed via web hosting services, efficiency becomes better on its own. Good performance means quickness in providing information to the visitors. Under high load, a web host must keep the data transfer times low. 

Performance of a web host


A valued feature of hosting services. It is the measure of system reliability. It is calculated by the duration when the system was online and working. The uptimes of most services are more than 99.5%. Very few services are in the sub 99% area. 

uptime of a web host

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What more to expect?

Web hosting companies provide more than what you expect them to. Some of the beneficial features include:

  • Git versions control
  • Tight security
  • Caching of files
  • Data restoration and backup
  • Nearby data center
  • Built-in CDNs

Which one should you go for?

Out of so many brilliant choices out there, you must be wondering which one should be ideal for your requirements. Well, you must know that there are four different types of hosting services that can help you run the WordPress site.  

Types of Hosting Services:

Shared Hosting: 

An apt choice for beginners. If you have a low traffic website and are not looking for revenues, then you must try for shared hosting services. They are the cheapest of all the four services. They are the least configurable and are attached to several websites. 

Shared Hosting

VPS Hosting: 

Virtual Private Server Hosting is great for intermediate level bloggers and developers.  

VPS Hosting

Dedicated Hosting:

Dedicated hosting services are required by very expensive websites. Those websites which have extremely high traffic and that cannot be managed single-mindedly require these hosting services.

dedicated Hosting

Managed Hosting:

Managed hosting services are completely taken care of by the hosting company. People who are not aware of the technical side of handling a website can depend on managed hosting services. The cost of such services is high and has a great scope of scalability. These services provide zero downtime, and they are known as the best hosting services.

Managed Hosting

From these categories, you must be sure about the type of website you own and the kind of external help you require. Out of the four services, you can opt for the one that is suitable for your need. 

Now let’s discuss the hosting companies we can choose for our WordPress website.

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Best hosting services for WordPress

1. Bluehost:

One of the famous and most recommended WordPress hosting services is Bluehost. Bluehost is pre-installed with WordPress and can be used as a default service provider. The speed of this site is increased to great folds. The website is loaded within 2 seconds. It is way faster than different websites. 

Some of the advantages of Bluehost are as follows:

  • It provides free domain free SSL.
  • It is officially recommended by WordPress 
  • It is a free staging site but sometimes support can be slow.
BlueHost WOrdPress hosting Service

2. Siteground:

Siteground is a popular choice among website owners. The Siteground has been recommended by the WordPress community as well.siteground offers great plans for hosting services that are in coordination with the WordPress website. Its source high speed and great security solutions. Some of the advantages of Siteground are mentioned below:

  • It is supported by WordPress.
  • It has a great uptime 
  • It provides the fastest speed and free SSL 
  • It has multiple data centers across the world in countries like the USA, Europe, Asia, Australia, and many more 
  • It provides free migration of the site but it doesn’t provide free domain and the pricing is also a little costlier here

Follow the links to know more about the details of hosting services and prices.

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siteground website hosting service

3. HostGator:

A popular choice as a web hosting company it service and hosts more than 8 million domains, the features are almost similar to Bluehost and they offer special hosting services for WordPress websites. Some of the advantages of HostGator are mentioned below:

  • It is fast, reliable hosting and provides good customer support
  • The prices are cheap and provide free site migration but the renewal fees can be higher
Hostgator WordPress hosting

4. Dreamhost:

This website host is a more than 2 decades old hosting service. It is a very trustworthy web hosting service and can be easily installed on WordPress from their official website, DreamHost is recommended as the hosting provider. Some of the advantages of DreamHost are mentioned below: 

  • It provides greater Speed, free SSL, free domain, and good security services 
  • It is easy to install 
  • It is officially recommended by WordPress and free web application is provided with firewall inclusion but the hosting control panel is a little outdated and requires an upgrade
DreamHost WordPress hosting provider

5. GreenGeeks:

It is famous among the WordPress website holders due to excellent support to customers via e-mail, telephone, and live- chat. GreenGeeks, which has become famous as a hosting industry due to its high performance and accessible platform. The advantages of GreenGeeks include the following:

  • It has a very fast speed 
  • It provides free domain, free SSL 
  • It provides free site migration 
  • The pricing is also very low 
  • It provides 30 days money-back guarantee if the customer is unsatisfied with the performance but the renewal charges can be a little costly.
GreenGeeks Web Hosting for WordPress


This article includes information about the Best Hosting services in 2020 for the WordPress website. 

Out of the  5 great web hosting services, I would recommend you to use HostGator and Bluehost for its extraordinary performance over the years. The cost and services are very reasonable. They can manage your WordPress website effortlessly by providing free domain free SSL at a very low cost.

These hosts have been recommended by various websites and companies. They provide great uptime, good quality, fast services, and coordinated customer support.

There are free WordPress hosting services available, although you must not consider buying a free host. It is so because they will not grant you the same facilities as a paid host.

Free services will ask you to include advertisements on your website. Besides this, the reliability and security of free hosts remain questionable. If you are eager to generate some legitimate revenue via your website, then prefer the paid hosts rather than free ones.

WP Uber is a WordPress management agency that provides detailed site health reports and customized security solutions for WordPress sites. 

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