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10 Best WordPress Firewall Plugins Compared

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Safety is the first and foremost priority of any website. The visitors return the website only if they think the site is secure enough to work. WordPress, therefore, has firewall plugins to ensure that all the data provided by the users are protected keeps the hackers away from it. 

The plugin also tries to reduce the traffic on the site and increases the speed. Before discussing the different firewall plugins, it is important to know what it is and how it works.

Best WordPress firewall plugins

What is a WordPress Firewall Plugin?

Sometimes also referred to as web application firewall plugins, these plugins work as a shield that does not let a lot of traffic reach the website. It also identifies the danger and blocks it before it reaches WordPress. 

By this act, a lot of junk is deleted, resulting in speeding up the site. 

There is an attack every 39 second on average on web. Firewalls can help you keep your website safe! Click To Tweet

There are two types of firewall plugins used the most by the users

1. DNS Level Website Firewall

This firewall leads the traffic to the cloud proxy servers that segregate it allows only genuine traffic to reach the website. This way, it reduces the load on the server and filters it well. It also boosts up the speed and works more efficiently.  

2. Application Level Firewall

Not as quick and efficient as DNS Level, but it manages to go through the traffic and destroy the junk before it starts loading onto the site. 

Therefore if we look at both of the above firewalls closely, DNS Level Firewall works great to identify which traffic is important and which one is not. They do this by continuously checking the trends, tracking down the fake IP addresses, and safeguarding the site by not letting the bad stuff reach there.

Also, not to forget that the DNS firewall immensely reduces the load on the site and the WordPress hosting server so that your website never crashes.

Having a WordPress security plugin is a must as the risk of your data-stealing or your private data getting exposed can be reduced way too much.

As we have discussed a lot about what a firewall is and how it works, let’s jump to different kinds of WordPress security plugins that could make your work a lot easier and protect it from being exposed or deleted.

To stay aware of all the hackers and fake ID users, here are the ten best WordPress Firewall Plugins.

Ten Best WordPress Firewall Plugins

1. Cloudflare 

Cloudflare is quite popular among the users for its CDN service that

gives access to DDoS protection. One major setback is that it does not include a firewall in their plan. You need to go for the premium version to get that.

CloudFlare Plugin for firewall

Cloudflare comes under the DNS level website, and therefore the traffic does not reach the website directly, the DNS checks it, and only genuine or informative traffic makes its way through the shield. It increases the speed of the site and works more accurately.           

The premium plan also has some amazing features. First of all, its DDoS protection safeguards the data against three layers of attacking and the advanced version of the same layers up to 7 attacks simultaneously. 

Cloudflare has its advantages such as having huge server  connections, having a CDN caching, and some tight security operations that do not let any unknown user enter the website and protect the malware 24×7. You also get notifications to incase of some inappropriate activity going on in your account. The premium plan costs from 20-200$, and it’s worth using it. 

2. Jetpack

Jetpack is a bag of some really interesting features that also has the security system par excellence. Jetpack is categorized under an application-level firewall, which means the junk is destroyed right after it reaches the WordPress server.

Jetpack plugin

The basic jetpack plan includes constant monitoring of your data so that it has the least chances to get stolen.

In contrast, the pro plan works great as it includes spam filtering, which means the spam accounts will automatically be blocked without even notifying you about it. The malware is also constantly protected and shields up in front of any hacking stuff. 

Jetpack keeps it simpler and affordable than many of them, the basic plan costs around 39$ per year, and you will get the pro plan at 299$ per year.  

3. Wordfence security

Wordfence is another WordPress security plugin that is highly popular in the market. All the activities starting from SQL injections, malware operations, and changes made in any of your data is constantly looked into. This one also supports DDoS security systems and makes sure that no one harms your website. 

Wordfence security

Wordfence is categorized under the application level, which means the bad traffic is trashed after it reaches the WordPress site.  

But due to this, the load of the site will increase, and it is still bad. As it is an application firewall, you do not have access to CDN, and therefore Wordfence comes along with an on-demand security scan.

This one allows you to block the junk and fake Ids directly in the WordPress admin area. The plugin works great, and the basic version is free. The advanced version cost only 99$/year.  

4. Sucuri 

Sucuri is one of the famous security companies that support WordPress. It is listed under the DNS level firewall and makes sure that the website faces no heavy load. It discards the bad traffic before it reaches the site and speeds it up. The cloud proxy servers scan all the IDs, and if something suspicious is found, it does not let them in.

Sucuri firewall plugin

The user traffic is allowed in, and others are blocked.  Sucuri comes along with some cool features that do not make it harsh on the website. CDN is included along with caching operations to protect the site from viruses and junk like XSS and SQL injections. 

It is easy to set up as all you need to do is add the DNS to your cloud proxy server instead of WordPress. 

You can buy the security plan at $199.99/year. You should surely try using this one, and it will never disappoint you. 

5. BulletProof security

This brilliantly designed security system bulletproof works great for WordPress. It is an in-built firewall application that provides you the backup of all your data, IP address security, maintains the website well, and login security.

These features make sure that the users have a great experience and visit the site again. Bulletproof might be difficult to handle for beginners. However, a guide is provided for any kind of help they require.    

BulletProof Security pro plugin

It also has an automatic update system where it updates the WordPress files with full protection. 

Unlike sucuri, it does not have an id scanner, which might be a setback as you might not know who would enter your website. The premium version surely has some more advanced features that you would want to check out. The basic version is free of cost, whereas the pro version costs $59.95. 

6. MaxCDN

Also, termed under the stack path, MaxCDN has the features that make the system more reliable. It works great with WordPress, where it shields up to 3 layers of DDoS protection. It is listed under the DNS level firewall that clears all the dirt before it reaches the website and speeds it up.

MaxCDN WordPress plugins

Stackpath is considered to be at the 2nd place in the list of market leaders after Sucuri, but compared to the latter one, MaxCDN is richer in features and affordable. 

The plans start from $20/month with one month of a free trial. It is worth giving a shot. Check out some new and amazing features stack path provides you with.

7. Google Authenticator

Security is good, but double security is a great right. Google authenticator gives double sector security to your website. It is a bunch of amazing features that speed up your WordPress and ensures full privacy. It works on an easy to use setup, and beginners can easily try their hands on it.  

google authenticator

It is categorized under the application-level firewall. There are different plans available for the same. The premium plan offers you shortcodes, which can lead to the customer login pages. You should try this one out without having any second thoughts. 

8. iThemes Security Pro

This one comes straight from the creators of the BackupBuddy plugin. iThemes security pro offers great features and is easy to set up. Just like Google authenticator, this one also provides double-layered security with two-factor authentication. It scans the id of the users and makes sure that no wrong ID is invited. It also works great for the 404 detections and data backup.

iThemes Security Pro plugin for WordPress

If they find any suspicious activity going on, they will immediately notify you and block it. You can have access to add a limit in the login access. They use the SiteCheck malware scanner, which is supported by Sucuri.

9. MalCare security

Another interesting security plugin is MalCare security. It plays the role of both the plugin as well as a firewall. Features are amazing, and it uses the DNS level firewall. It comes along with an in build ID protector that protects the personal dashboard of the user in WordPress. If any user enters your website without you knowing it, the person will be immediately blocked.

MalCare WordPress plugin

This plugin has its malware scanner where it could detect some unidentified activities, if any. You can set the same on the automatic mode so that the scan can take place every day without any interference from the external source. 

It is easy to use, and beginners can also work on this one. You won’t regret trying it one. So go and check it out.

10. All in one WP Security and Firewall

All in one WP security and firewall are used maximum by the ones who are new to WordPress. It is super easy to use and provides you with a strong firewall to prevent any fake ids to enter your zone. It has the backup system installed and makes sure that nothing is erased forever.

all in one WP security and firewall plugin for wordpress security

It has some cool features like login lockdown, which does not allow any other user to guess your password, and if he does so, he will be blocked. You will find a lot of tools you can play with or explore more of WordPress. It helps you create strong passwords as well. WP Security and firewall are lively and give you one of its experiences. You should go and try all the tools right now. 

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WordPress consists of a lot of content. Some public and some private. But in the end, all that matters is keeping your website safe. Many users out there would want to steal your post or a picture or anything of that sort. Staying aware is important.

Therefore all the WordPress firewall plugins discussed above play a major role in safeguarding your site. They have quite amazing features to deal with all sorts of hacking and stealing.

They will scan the ID, and then only the user will be allowed to enter. You should try all of them out right away. 

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