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10 WordPress Cache plugins you need to improve your site speed (2020)

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Owning a WordPress website takes plenty of effort. You design and curate it well. You write the best content and apply state-of-art modifications. All the hardships are ultimate to increase the traffic on your website. To spike the reach of your website to more and more worthy audiences, you have to be on the toes at all times.

One significant factor that determines the success of your WordPress site is the speed or time it takes to load. In case the website opens up quickly it can be called a user-friendly site. However, if a page takes a lot of time to load then a visitor can click on the back button even without seeing what it looks like. This way you can end up losing worthy customers for your eCommerce sites or blogs.

top 10 caching plugin in wordpress

To prevent this mishap of low traffic, the phenomenon of Caching is introduced. For WordPress sites, Caching plugins are available. In this article, we will elaborate on every aspect of caching. 

We will also provide the list of 10 Best cache plugins in 2020 for WordPress. Keep reading for more information. By the end of this article, you will know what you are exactly looking for. Keep your needs and the characteristics of each caching plugin in mind.


  1. What is Caching?
  2. What does the WordPress cache plugin do?
  3. How does a WordPress cache plugin work?
  4. Best features to check in a caching plugin?
  5. 10 Best WordPress Plugins to use
  6. Conclusion

What is Caching?

In simple words, caching is the improvement of access time. When multiple users try to access your site or a single user tries to access it multiple times, the server receives requests. It ultimately reduces the round trips of the server to fetch the data from the database.

So the cache is a data storage layer in a user’s system. It is high speed and transient. So whenever a person tries to retrieve a particular data, it is made accessible very quickly. Quicker than usual. Caching allows you to reuse the data retrieved earlier in a very efficient way.

What does the WordPress cache plugin do?

So by now, you know what is caching. A WordPress site is a dynamic page. A cache plugin aids your customers to access the WordPress site quickly. A cache plugin makes a huge difference between the first time visitors and regular visitors.

A cache plugin satisfies the customers with optimum page loading speed and data retrieval. 

How does a WordPress cache plugin work?

A cache plugin works like a miracle for WordPress sites. The working of a cache plugin is very simple and clear. Upon installing a cache plugin, a few changes in the method of data retrieval occurs. A cache plugin converts the web pages into static files.

The first time visitors on your site loads all the elements as if they were loaded from a dynamic page. The elements loaded on the first visit are loaded into an HTML page and also saved in a cache folder on the server as a static file. This is called caching.

On subsequent visits, the visitor would access the cached file that was saved as a static file in the caching folder during the first visit.

caching improves website speed

This file saves all those components that are not required to be reloaded every time the page is visited. For every blog or article, the texts would be saved in similar static files that could be retrieved from the cache folder. It can create many static files in the cache folder for every page.

All these efforts ultimately increase the loading speed of your pages. The time taken for display is fast and easy. The search engines would rank you too. A WordPress cache plugin can do wonderful jobs for you.

Best features to check in a caching plugin?

Here are a few tips to keep your WordPress site running without any hurdles or interruptions. Undoubtedly, you will install a cache plugin for improving the page ranking and speeding up the loading time. However, you must always consider a few features in a caching plugin before adopting one:

1. Sophisticated caching

The cache plugin must be 100% reliable for efficient page caching, database, and object caching. Database and object caching are not available with most plugins. So always check that these two are in-built with the plugin you download.

For a highly dynamic site, these two features come to rescue. For dealing with complex data and databases, an advanced plugin would be perfect.

2. CDN supported

One essential feature of a great cache plugin is CDN support. It must be there for smooth functioning. Content Delivery Network is necessary for networking the data servers that supply the cached data to the visitors from the nearest server.

An increase in traffic means increased data processing. As a result, the speed reduces. To overcome this speed problem CDN can be employed. It would supply information from the nearest server. 

Check out our complete blog article about CDN and how it can boost your pagespeed

3. Exclude caching

A good caching plugin provides the choice of opting between to cache or not to cache. A few pages that do not require constant refreshing can be excluded from being cached. For example “My cart” section on a commerce page should be refreshed on every load. It is a good practice to manage the pages well. 

4. Minification:

Another important yet overlooked concept in the cache system. Minification is reducing the size of static files. It compresses the file size and contributes to saving the server space alongside saving bandwidth. Always choose for an economically friendly cache plugin. 

5. Rebuilding cache

A cached file should be modified regularly. A plugin that permits the modification of generated cached files regularly should be preferred. The user can access updated files this way. 

In our opinion, you must integrate a caching plugin for your WordPress site. Use it wisely. Manually configure the pages. Choose the pages and blogs that must be cached and avoid those that have some new information every day or week. The cache plugins have been popular for increasing the legit traffic on WordPress sites.

Now let us get into the top 10 caching plugin list.

10 Best WordPress cache plugins to increase your site speed

1. LiteSpeed Cache

Litespeed cache plugin

LiteSpeed cache plugin is a good choice to fasten the speed of your loading page. It has been developed by LiteSpeed Technologies. The cache plugin comes with wonderful features that are hard to look over. 

The reviews from the users have been pleasantly surprising. LiteSpeed cache or also called LSCache is an all-in-one optimization plugin that performs the task of caching quietly effortlessly. 

It includes built-in Page speed optimization. Alongside this, image optimization is also provided. The images get transferred to a server. There it is processed and transmitted back on site for use. CSS generation service and easy third-party integration are some of its essential features. 

A highly configurable cache crawler and personalized WooCommerce cache, LSCache can effectively improve the number of visitors on your site. The WordPress plugin directory has rated it 5/5 stars for all the good cause. 

It precisely handles all the fuss with ease and manages cache smartly. Most importantly, the plugin provides security that you can add to your site with WordPress Privacy settings.

2. WP Optimize

Wp optimize caching plugin

WP Optimize has been developed by UpdraftPlus Company. It can be relied upon for WordPress site management due to versatile features exhibited by it. It is extremely easy to use, simple and clean. It has a user-friendly interface that lets your store and backup all data with a single click whenever you schedule it. 

It has advanced backup tools and features for the smooth functioning of WordPress sites. It optimizes the database, compresses the images, and helps in creating cache files for fast loading.

The features of WP Optimize that helps in caching include Cache preloading that ensures that the cache is loaded on time. Gzip compression of JavaScript, CSS, and HTML helps in reducing the file size and loading time. 

Device-specific cache optimizes the page effectively. Browser cache helps the browsers to use the cached files if no changes have been made on the pages. Overall the optimization and caching features are met with the single use of this WP Optimize plugin. 

3. Breeze

Breeze is another powerful cache plugin for WordPress websites. It has been developed by Cloudways. It comes loaded with multiple features such as User-friendliness, simplicity to use, and perform tasks.

Three types of visitors could and outstanding support team services. Breeze comes along a pre-installed Varnish cache plugin that lets you increase the loading time of your website. The Content Delivery Networks (CDN) manages the heavily pictured websites that ultimately improve the page performance. 

The breeze plugin comes integrated with internal and static caching features. The optimization of databases is efficient too. It keeps it clean and neat. The response time is also significantly reduced.

breeze cache plugin

4. Cachify

Cachify is a simple to use and apply plugin. It works excellently well with custom post types sites. 

The caching methods are based on DB, APC, and HDD. It provides the facility of manual and automatic cache reset. It provides the choice for compression of HTML markup. 

The cache files are managed supremely well and without concerning the user too much. It is fully an automated system. It displays a dashboard for widgets and cached objects. It optimizes the page quite beautifully.

cachify plugin wordpress

5. Cache Enabler

Cache Enabler has been developed by KeyCDN. Just like other cache plugins, it too creates HTML files and stores them in cache folders on the upper layer of the server disk. 

The web servers deliver these static HTML files to avoid any hectic long backend work. This cache engine significantly adds to the betterment in website performance. Some of the features exhibited by Cache enabler include a very fast and easy to manage disk cache engine.

It is automated as well as manually cleared. The dashboard reflects the cache size. It allows the minification of HTML and Javascript. Cache enabler requires minimum configurations. With the combination with Optimus, the Cache Enabler easily delivers the Webpage images. The plugin ensures that the setup time is short and fast.

cache enabler wordpress caching plugin

6. Hyper Cache

The hyper cache is a very specific cache plugin designed specifically for WordPress sites. It can be used for multipurpose. It goes well with both low and high-end servers. Hyper cache works smoothly with PHP and every blog site. Additional configurations and complexities rarely exist. 

On deactivation, the settings are back to normal. Some of the characteristic features of Hyper Cache includes double caching for both desktop and mobile phone versions. The plugin is always HTTPS ready.

It serves the expired pages too. It efficiently manages the cache folder by cleaning up the events on blogs such as comments or editing. Auto-clean saves a lot of time in clearing disk space. CDN supported. Manages compression of files even for non-cached pages.

Hyper cache wordpress plugin

7. WP Super Cache 

WP Super Cache is another phenomenal cache plugin available to be used for a WordPress site. The dynamic WordPress website can be managed single headedly with the help of this plugin. It generates static HTML files for your pages.

When a visitor tries to access your page for the second time, the server would lend these static files instead of heavy and costly WordPress PHP files. There are three types of visitors who could access the lower weight files. 

These are the users who are not logged in, the users who have not commented on your blogs, and to those who haven’t seen the post protected with a password. This way most of the visitors access the lighter static files. A single static file can be served hundreds of times to the visitor. 

wp super cache plugin

WP Super Cache plugin opts for either of the three methods to serve the cached file. The fastest method is called “Expert”. This method depends on Apache (mod-rewrite or similar module supported by your webserver) to serve the caches HTML file in static mode. 

This is quick and surpasses PHP. The second fastest method is called “Simple”. This is similar to the first method. However, this one is simple to configure. The last one is called “WP-Cache caching”. 

It caches the page only for the known and frequent visitors. These known users are those who comment on the blog. On disabling the “super caching” option, it can cache the unknown users’ visits too. 

The recommended setting for this plugin is “Simple mode”.


WP Rocket is known for its effective services among the users. WordPress seems to have quite a liking for this one due to one over another remarkable feature. One fundamentally essential feature is the generation of compressed static files. 

WP rocket caching plugin

It converts the heavier files into the lighter ones. It enables caching, of course, the major role of a caching plugin. It is simple to set up this plugin and integrate it well with the WordPress site. 

Certainly a user-friendly plugin for the number of positive reviews for it. It prevents the storage of unloaded images. It is simple and fast with light configurations. The technical support team is coordinating.

Only thing is that it is not a free plugin. You need to pay and buy the subscription until you want to use it. Not a disappointment for the price you pay.

9. Comet Cache

Comet Cache is a caching plugin that truly cares about the speed of your WordPress site. It works phenomenally. Comet cache fulfills the criteria of being a good caching plugin in several ways. 

It is very fast. It generates the cache files for posts, pages, and links very quickly. The automatic cache clearing option is available for the Posts page, Home page, Category page, Tags, RSS/RDF/ATOM feed, etc. The automatic cache file expiration is available too.

comet cache plugin for wordpress

As far as the technicalities are concerned, it is not very difficult to manage it. The configurations are simple, easy to understand, and fast. Comet Cache is a smart tool. Itself recognizes if a user should be served a cached file or the dynamic one. 

The advanced features of the plugin save your time and energy. The Pro features are way more advanced. This provides the facility to cache the logged in users. Automatic and Intelligent cache clearing is enabled for various website pages and elements. 

The import and export facility for Comet Cache configuration files is available too. HTML Compressor for automatic integration and compression of CSS/JS/HTML codes.

10. Hummingbird

Hummingbird is an amazing plugin that instantly speeds up your website. It optimizes the site performance. This plugin comes with the special abilities to boost Google Insights with better tuning and control over the compression of files. It provides caching to the best of the known levels. 

Uses the Gzip compression technique to enable text compression. It prioritizes requests efficiently. It establishes previous connections. The speed comes from the fact that it ignores enormous network payloads.

Hummingbird is good at effective management of browser cache files. Fixes the JavaScript execution time. Minification of CSS is a prerequisite of a good plugin for caching. It scans the WordPress site thoroughly and fixes the caching issues with just a single click. 

It is known for the World-class caching due to the basic reason for optimized tools. It improves the Google page rankings too. SEO ranking factor is also increased. Never keep the visitors waiting with this powerful caching plugin.   

Hummingbird cache wordpress plugin


In this article, we have provided you an insight into the different Caching plugins available for WordPress sites. Out of the ten best Cache plugins, you can choose any of them. It is not a ranking list rather, it is just a random listing of plugins.

We would suggest that you should use WP Rocket. It can perfectly fit the needs of any WordPress user effectively. It does have most of the characteristics of a Caching plugin. You can re-read about it in the above section of the 10 Best Caching plugins for WordPress. 

WP Uber is a WordPress management service. Follow the WP Uber Blog for listicles on the latest and popular WordPress plugins and themes.

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