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Website Maintenance Costs: The Hidden Cost of WordPress and other websites.

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Maintaining a website can sometimes be very messy. It can take a lot of your time and also costs you a good amount of money on expensive tools. To maintain a single website you also need to take care of all the expenses that come along with it, but once it’s done, you are going to be relieved. You can either outsource the site or try to Do It Yourself (DIY). So let’s get started with it.

WordPress Website Maintenance Cost

In this article, you will take a tour around the topics such as why you need website maintenance? Which WordPress sites support the same? How much will it cost? etc.                                                  

WordPress Website maintenance

Taking proper care and your website and keeping it in a stable condition is very important. Therefore website maintenance is a crucial part when it comes to keeping the site healthy. 

Website maintenance is a bag of various activities that are performed in a loop to keep the site safeguarded. The processes that take place include installations, backups, optimization, safety, resets, and monitoring day to day activities.

Plans for WordPress Maintenance

The process also depends a lot on the type of website. The basic ones such as blog sites do not need too much attention, whereas the complex ones need more personal inputs. 

Why do you need WordPress Website maintenance?

Website maintenance is as important as fueling your vehicles. To keep your website efficient, smooth and up to date, maintaining it would be nice. Ignoring the site would not help in any way, rather would add up unnecessary expenses to it. For example:

  • You might get warnings from the system to keep your site at a constant pace. 
  • More and more expenses will be added to your list if not taken care of on the same property. Many issues might pop up all of the sudden and you not knowing what to do, may take the form of trouble for you.
  • WordPress notifies you about all the new updates and activities happening in your account. When you don’t maintain it properly, you can lose the track of it, which in turn gets difficult to cope up with.
  • The more seconds are added to the downtime, the more money you have to pay as the maintenance cost.

There are times when errors such as the White screen of death and error 404 occur on the screen. That can also make their place in the expenditure list cause after all nothing comes for free. 

Also, one thing you need to understand is, maintenance does not only mean security.

White Screen of Death

It also gives you better speed, great performance, and also gets all the new updates to you with just a click of a button. It mends all kinds of SEO damages, optimizes the site, and can help you do a lot of smart business. 

Why is website maintenance not cost-effective?  

Maintenance includes a lot of activities and one of the main is the outsourcing of any website. Talking about WordPress, it demands the security of all the money inputs. WordPress comes along with a lot of features including themes, layouts, posts, and a lot of content. Therefore more attributes cost a little more. Also, there is nothing wrong with investing the money in site maintenance as you get some brilliant results. For example:

  • Quick actions are taken if any fault or disturbance is seen on the website. It also takes care of all the data and safeguards it. It keeps on monitoring the performance quite regularly.
  • SEO optimization takes place once in a while and also it prioritizes the user experience and supervises it.
  • The content is very authentic and makes sure that the visitors go back happy. 
  • Your data will be backed up frequently so that you don’t lose any of your stuff. 
  • A better version of Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) is provided.
Conversion Rate Optimization

Having a constant eye on the site and giving all it needs regularly will cost you much less than what it will cost all at once. Not only that but will also save you some. Adding to that, you also need to keep your visitors ready for the same, because if not, then it’s all the blame game.

How much of the money would you have to spend on website maintenance?

Website maintenance is costly. All the expenses depend upon what factors are required in handling one site. Here is all it includes:

  • One hosting plan (approximately 50$ – 500$)
  • Registration of a domain name (5$ – 20$ per year)
  • Website cost (approx. 45$ per month)
  • Security system and technical stuff (0$ – 500$ per month)
  • Plugins and other web support and development cost (0$ – 10,000$ per month based on the outsourcing)

The type of website you use also has a great impact on all your expenses. The small businesses or startups are going to pay less than some complex e-commerce platform. 

The Maintenance costs by type of websites

If you have your complex e-commerce website, or just handle it for someone else, you need to be aware of how much you are supposed to pay to the other person for website maintenance.

Blogging on a personal and professional basis

Any small business online has to pay for the maintenance of only a hosting and domain name required for a website. It doesn’t cost you more than 10$ to 50$ a month and your website goes on for a long time. It keeps all your content safe and secure. But for the safer side, you should keep the backup ready.

Ecommerce Website development

On the other hand, the businesses that keep posting blogs continuously to get the audience’s attention and grow it more efficiently costs around 100$ per month but also gets tight security. It maintains well by checking up on all the updates or new features WordPress launches. 

Company websites

Company websites are the websites that need to go through the website maintenance process every once in a while. There are more chances of their data getting vanished as they have competition like no one else. Any corporate website dealing with the features such as contact forms, data configurations, sales-no sales, and more, have a lot to give in for website maintenance. 

For corporate websites, you need to focus more on security, speed, and performance. The maintenance provides you with regular updates, more marketing stuff, and all this for 200$ per month. Even if the system is not updated constantly, it is automated by the device.

Complex websites- E-commerce

Ecommerce sites offer you a wide range of tools mainly all for the benefits of the consumers. It includes membership facilities, a wide range of networks, rapidness, and much more. This surely means that maintaining your website is not easy and will cost you a lot. There are different plans available for you to choose from according to what you and your website require. The minimum you can expect is 200$ per month, which can reach 1000$ per month.

E-commerce Website Maintenace

Custom built websites

The most professional and the most expensive websites to maintain, custom builds are based on the manual works and therefore require a little more attention. Another thing why it costs more is customization. The size of the site increases because of the customizations that take place resulting in costing you more money. 

The whole process will cost up to 2000$ per month. 

Website maintenance costs by CMS and platform

The platform on which your site is built also plays a major role in deciding how much you are supposed to pay for your website maintenance. Many platforms provide you everything at once including the plugins, domain name, hostings, etc. while in some of them, you are supposed to add them separately. Therefore, all the plans differ according to the type of platform you use as well. 

But here, the customizations do not work. Even if it is a self-hosted CMS platform like WordPress, the users do not get the flexibility to work efficiently.

Here are some of the popular websites and their website maintenance costs.

  • WordPress– It is one of the best CMS in the list of platforms. It has it is hosting and comes along with an SSL certificate. WordPress also provides domain names and registration. However, it has a lot to provide in lesser pay than other platforms. For example: if a WordPress plan starts from 30$, then, you will be provided with full security and many other features required for a better performance of the website.
  • Wix– Wix is similar to WordPress. However, the latter has more features. The maintenance cost of Wix stays between 14$ to 50$ and provides you with an SSL certificate and a domain name for those registering for the first time. If you want to get everything separately, then the additional cost will add up to 14.95$.
  • Webflow– This website lets your creativity get to work. It lets you design various websites and gives full design control to the visitors. The maintenance of this site depends on two stages: i) basic and ii) business. The basic version costs you around 12$ per month and the business version costs you around 36$ per month. Both the plans include SSL certificates, security processes, backups, and Content Delivery Network (CDN). 

The platforms also play a major role in the cost of your website maintenance. It includes all the internal costs like domain names, hostings, plugins, and more. Therefore using websites like WordPress which are self CMS-ed can cut a lot of expenses and gives you more flexibility to work on it. 

Website maintenance fees when you outsource it

As we discussed above, website maintenance cost depends upon the type of the website as well as the platform it is based on. The methods also contribute a lot to the expenses. 

Some services on the website need some professional website packages. Such as:

  1. Technical support
  2. Backups 
  3. SEO
  4. Updates (plugins, hostings, etc.)
  5. Website designing
  6. Security processes
Outsourcing or In-house

Here, outsourcing works well, as if you update the system and allow another person to maintain the site for you, you will get better plans that differ from one another and you get to choose from them. You can select the plans based on the size and type of your website. 

You can try that out right away.

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Here we come to the end of our article. Website maintenance is as important as watering the plants. Daily updates, regular backup, installations, and a lot more are provided if you do so. The cost varies depending upon the type of website. Using a website like WordPress cuts down a lot of your expenses as it is a self CMS website and provides you all kinds of features and flexibility you need.

WP Uber Provides Maintenance for WordPress Websites and at a very very affordable prices. All you have to do is sign up and the rest is up to us. With 10 years of experience in WordPress, we have developed solutions for Security, Optimization and Backups to aid your websites. Focus on your business and let us do the heavy lifting.

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