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Top 10 Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2020

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Punctuality, meeting deadlines, and booking and keeping appointments are the cornerstones of any successful business. If you have an online store, you can use a calendar plugin to deal with customer appointments and maintain employee schedules. Having a calendar displaying your business’s upcoming events gives a professional look to your site and boosts its authority. A calendar on the homepage can also help users navigate essential bookings and activities quickly and enhance user experience.

Having a calendar widget or plugin on your WordPress website helps your business in numerous ways. You can showcase upcoming events, offers, and deals and use the calendar itself to book appointments and sell tickets. There are many plugins available in the market that incorporate Google Calendar, Google Maps, and even Zoom Calls. 

With so many options on the market, it is crucial to choose the right one, as a calendar plugin will have an impact on  user experience and speed of your WordPress website site. WP Uber has compiled a list of the Top 5 Paid & the Top 5 Free Calendar Plugins for you to use in 2020.

5 Best Paid Calendar Plugins for WordPress (2020 Edition)

These are the top premium options available on the market and will help you streamline appointments and display events on your website:

  1. Amelia Pro
  2. Event On
  3. Event Espresso 4 Decaf
  4. Calendarize it
  5. Sugar Events Calendar

Amelia Pro

Amelia is a simple and powerful plugin to handle bookings and scheduling appointments with an integrated calendar. It is used by over 13,000 users and has a beautiful display on the front-end with great functionality.

The Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2020-WP Uber

The best features of Amelia Pro are:-

  • It allows users to complete bookings and even guides them through the payment process, all on one page.
  • It will enable you to display events on the integrated calendar, and you can easily change the theme of the display without any code.
  • If your employees are busy or away on an appointment, Amelia ensures that there is no double-booking taking place at the same time.
  • It has also incorporated Zoom for virtual sessions.
  • Amelia supports multiple Payment options.

Amelia can be purchased by a one-time payment of $59/yr for one website.


EventOn is a plugin that packs a stylish appearance with great functionality. It has over 37,000 downloads and has an average rating of 4.4 stars based on 1700 reviews

The Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2020-WP Uber

The features offered by EventOn are:-

  • It has a minimalistic tile-based design that allows you to feature certain events.
  • It will enable you to create unlimited events with information about the venue, time, and organizers.
  • It has one of the best time-specification systems for events, allowing users to easily set start and end times, even when the event goes on for multiple days.
  • Users can download events to the Google Calendar or iCal with a single click.
  • Users can filter events based on time and type.

EventOn also has various plugins RSVPs, ticket booking, and Event Countdowns. These need to be purchased separately, which can prove expensive. The core plugin costs $20.

Event Espresso 4 Decaf

Event Espresso is an advanced plugin that is focused on getting people to purchase tickets and make appointments. This is best suited for theaters and salons committed to selling tickets, as it is not the best plugin to display events on your website. If you’re looking for a simple calendar plugin, this heavy-duty option isn’t for you.

The Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2020-WP Uber

The features that help Event Espresso in selling tickets and registrations are:-

  • Multiple Ticket Pricing options for one event, with a specified limit on each category.
  • Single-Page integrated checkout with multiple payment options.
  • Promo codes and waiting lists for tickets.
  • Custom event registration forms and custom event email confirmations.
  • Private events for specific excellent users.

Calendarize It

Calendarize It is a paid plugin developed by CodeCanyon for WordPress. What sets it apart is the Visual Editor that allows you to make edits as per your requirements. It also has an excellent support team behind it.

The Best Calendar Plugins for WordPress in 2020-WP Uber

The best features of Calendarize It are:-

  • Dashboard Notifications
  • Visual CSS Editor with different color schemes.
  • Detailed event venue page with embedded Google Map
  • Sidebar widget with upcoming events info

Sugar Events Calendar

Sugar Events Calendar was designed to be the perfect calendar plugin as it offers a range of features but doesn’t have any unnecessary add-ons that will increase the load on your site’s server. Sugar Events Calendar was developed by the global company Sandhills Development. This team has also been behind Easy Digital Downloads and Restrict Content Pro plugins.


The best features of Sugar Event Calendar are:-

  • Multiple Languages Supported
  • Shortcode for display
  • Manage all events from the Dashboard

Sugar Calendar is available in various plans ranging from $29-$79 per year.

Top 5 Free Calendar Plugins for WordPress

If you’re just starting and working on a limited budget for your website, you might not be willing to spend money on a premium Calendar plugin. The plugins listed below are the best in the market and excel at offering maximum features and benefits for free. Take a look.

  1. The Events Calendar
  2. Modern Events Calendar
  3. WP Simple Booking Calendar
  4. All in one event Calendar
  5. Event Organizer

The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar is the most popular WordPress Calendar plugin by a long shot. The numbers speak for themselves as this plugin is active on more than 700,000 sites and has a 4.5-star average rating. It was developed by Modern Tribe.

img 5f3e3a7adbd79

The best features of The Event Calendar are:-

  • You can create unlimited events for free; it allows for the rapid creation and customization of events.
  • It is fast and mobile-friendly.
  • It allows users to save events directly to the Google Calendar and iCal.
  • Improves SEO with Microformats.
  • It also comes with a free extension named Events Tickets Plus, which allows you to sell tickets for your events and scan them using an app.

Modern Events Calendar

While there exists a premium version of the Modern Events Calendar, it comes with one of the most generous and loaded free versions. As the name suggests, the calendar has a stylish look and an easy-to-use interface that makes it a worthy addition to your site.

img 5f3e3a7b66782

The best features of the Modern Event Calendar are:-

  • The design of the Modern Event Calendar sets it apart, as users unanimously agree that it looks great, right out of the box.
  • You can create single-day or recurring events with organizers and venue details.
  • Multiple views and filter options for events.
  • The free version offers Front-end event submission.
  • The premium version comes with a unique weather widget that gives you the weather details about the event’s location.

WP Simple Booking Calendar

WP Simple Booking Calendar is a different type of plugin as it allows you to display the availability of something to your site visitors. You can view vacant hotel rooms, appointment slots, or properties. It will enable you to integrate one or more calendars from Google Calendars directly into your site.

img 5f3e3a7c1bfe7

The best features of the WP Simple Booking Calendar are:-

  • User-friendly interface.
  • The theme takes the colors of your site.
  • Multiple Calendar Management and Overview.
  • Shortcode generator for easy embedding on pages or posts.

All in One Event Calendar

Developed by Timely, The All in One Event Calendar offers a clean visual design making it easy for you to create and share events on your website. This plugin takes up to 24 hours to respond to a customer problem but carries out regular troubleshooting.

img 5f3e3a7ccb04c

The best features of the All in One Event Calendar are:-

  • Different Color Codes to categorize events.
  • Embedded Google Maps 
  • Posterboard view of the Day, Week, and Month agenda.
  • SEO Optimized Events.
  • Supports 15 languages.

Event Organizer

Event Organizer is a free plugin that makes managing events easy. It comes with easy editing and detailed categories and several widgets to enhance your WordPress website. It was created by Walter Harris and is a popular choice with high reviews.

WordPress Calendar Plugins

The best features of Event Organizer are:-

  • You can create highly specific recurring events with ease.
  • You can add a calendar, event list, or agenda list as a widget on your website using the Shortcode provided.
  • You can enable relative date queries.


The Calendar Plugins mentioned above can help to improve your site’s performance and user engagement. They will not only help you in building authority but will be a great addition to your website. A good calendar plugin can help you accomplish your goals in a compartmentalized manner, from showcasing up-coming events to booking tickets and appointments. So pick a plugin from the options above, and don’t forget to follow and subscribe to WP Uber for more interesting articles and informative lists.

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