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The 10 Best Review Plugins for WordPress

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Reviews are important. Before buying any product, a consumer reads testimonials and then decides whether to purchase it or not. 

If you explore more of this site, you will find that there are plenty of other pages that post a review. But how will you know which one is better? In this article, we will go through a list of WordPress review plugins that are our favorites.

Why should you use a Review Plugin?

Posting feedback about any product is quite beneficial for your visitors. People nowadays buy everything online. However, there is no guarantee of the quality of the same. Therefore helping your customers to deal with the dilemma, reviews are necessary.

Statistics show that around 56 percent of the people read reviews prior to purchasing a product. Consequently, customer reviews are free advertising. It adds social validation and increases conversions and helps customize your website according to the feedback given by your clients.

Also, many of you might not know that reviews can get your website to the top spot of any search engine. Schema markup, HTML, and SERPs can help you with it.

Reviews make a site SEO friendly. Google Snippets and Schema markup play a major role in rankings. It reveals rich snippets for your products on search engines. 

Let’s have a look at the best WordPress Review Plugins

The 10 Best WordPress Review Plugins

1. Customer Reviews for WooCommerce

Just don’t go with the name. This WordPress review plugin can work without WooCommerce interference.

Customer reviews for WooCommerce can be used for online stores. WordPress and Woocommerce make a great pair with each other and so they create wonders for search results. Customer reviews are proven to reduce the churn rate and increase customer retention.

customer reviews for Woo Commerce


Reviews also help with product improvement. Whenever a consumer buys a product of any company, the company sends a feedback form. The responses can help other visitors as well as the company to work on improvements if any.

2. WP Product Review Lite

WP Product Review Lite is something every serious eCommerce store owner needs.

It makes sure that visitors get correct information about a product they’re interested in. To create a review page just go to the settings of the page and click on “Is this post a review?”.

WP Product Review lite plugin review

Again, the public response is more important than anything else. Therefore try and ask your visitors to fill up the feedback form.

Another thing you can do is give a rank to the service and write your viewpoint about it in the description box. Add a purchase option at the end to make it easy for consumers.

3. Starfish Reviews

Starfish Reviews work best for those who are fond of online marketing. It comes along with a lot of features and lets you run review campaigns on the WordPress site itself.

It supports all kinds of online platforms and gives positive feedback. Starfish has a unique way of asking for feedback from customers.

StarFish Review Generation and Marketing for WordPress Plugin

You can create a funnel URL and circulate among the visitors, audience, etc. and let them fill-up the form for you.

However, you may not get a positive review of your service. In that case, users will be asked to submit the feedback directly to you. Through this, you can come up with new product improvement ideas.

4. Google Reviews Widget

Widgets are an important source for displaying Google Reviews.  Especially for startup companies and restaurants, hotels, and stores. It shows 3 business reviews. Along with the widget, it can also collect customer feedback and post it on the page for other visitors.

widget for google reviews

Google review widgets work well with the WordPress site and businesses are given exposure to improve their services.
It provides a fantastic range of widget themes that matches your content easily.

You can use light and dark color schemes according to your website’s design. The autocomplete feature can find similar businesses in your area with the help of Google search.

5. Photo Review For WooCommerce

Photo Review For WooCommerce is an email-based review plugin where you can send review reminder emails to your customers and it allows them to post the review including a picture of the product. You can send gratitude emails with WooCommerce coupons.

Photo Reviews for WooCommerce

It works great with WordPress sites and has features like maximum picture price, review filter, edit reviews, etc. Photo Review has a  basic and premium version available for this particular plugin. Not much can be differentiated, but in the premium version, you may get more features unlocked than that in the basic.

6. Taqyeem

Taqyeem is known for its competitive prices and features. It is a little costlier than other plugins, but it has a one-time fee structure where you have to pay 29$ and can get all kinds of tools.

Taqyeem WordPress plugin

It has a schema markable tool, which is quite responsive and trustworthy. Here, your consumer’s review can optimize your site for SEO. It can be customized according to your content or write up.

It supports more than 500 google fonts and themes. Also, you can customize the rating area of whether the review should be given in points or stars. It is a different and interesting plugin that you should try.

7. Ultimate Book Blogger

Ultimate Book Blogger is a plugin specially made for those who are book store owners or book reviewers.

It is an amazing tool that can provide all the information to you (details such as cover page, author) about the book you are reviewing. The title and preface can be available by just searching the name of the book.

Ultimate Book Blogger PLugin for wordpress

Many books have a particular age range. Therefore this plugging also has a warning field that tells you whether the book is appropriate for the reader or not. You can also search for audiobooks where all you need to do is to enter your information and click on submit. The recommendation of any products, especially books can help you bond with your readers well.

Ultimate Book Blogger has specific pricing plans. This plugin can cost you around 39$ a year. If you are a book blogger or ebook store owner, this plugin is worth a try.

8. Reviewer

If you are looking for one product that is available at two different prices and brands, you might get confused about which one to buy.

The Reviewer makes the work easy for you. It has the features that can present a review box as well as a comparison box, where you can compare the brands and the product. All you need to do is add a heading and a product score you feel is correct.

Reviewer Plugin WordPress

You can also compare the products by adding advantages and disadvantages, photos, and previews. You can also email feedback forms to customers through the email id that will appear when they sign up. Customizations and widgets are available with plenty of themes, colors, and fonts to play with.

Also, keeps all saved site user information confidential. The plugin is available at 28$ for 12 months.

9. WP Review Pro

One of the best review plugins anybody could have with almost 19 types of snippets supporting them, WP Review Pro includes review themes for books, movies, and paintings. Customization is a strong point of this tool.

You can get various themes, colors, and also the designs of the rating such as:
  1. Stars
  2. Smiley
  3. circles
  4. Percentage
  5. Points
  6. Colors
WP review Pro Plugin for WordPress

The plugin also allows you to connect with Facebook, Yelp, and Google for you to increase your credibility and connect with your customers.

You can also notify them about their pending reviews and any recent product updates. The plugin is available at 67$ that is accompanied by 24/7 customer help service.

10. Site Reviews

Site Reviews work on the star rating method where you have to rate the product or the service from 1-5 stars. This plugin supports all the Asian languages that are supported by WordPress.

Many reviews are not appropriate either in language or the way it is written. For that problem, site reviews provide blocking systems and shortcodes.

To engage users,  you can pin the positive user reviews so that they appear first, and the visitor gains the confidence to use the tool frequently. Regular visitors can keep themselves logged in to write reviews about every product and service.

site review plugin for WordPress

Customization and widgets make the plugin more interesting. You can also send notifications about new submissions. The schema used here is JSON-LD that shows all the reviews and ratings on the SERP.

Shortcodes are required before posting any of your reviews on the search engine. It also comes with slack integration. It is not as costly as the other plugins and gives you a variety of features. Try it out today.

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We come to an end of our list of best WordPress review plugins. Reviews play a major role in building a great website that is not only engaging but also trustworthy for visitors. We have discussed the 10 best review plugins and all of them are quite interesting and easy to use. Some might seem a little costly, but trust me they all are worth it. 

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments section below. And make sure you follow WP Uber for the latest updates on themes and plugins.

WP Uber is a WordPress management agency that provides detailed site health reports and customized security solutions for WordPress sites.

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