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10 Must-have plugins for an optimized WordPress site

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WordPress has thousands of plugins for its users. With nearly 50,000+ plugins to choose from, picking the right one for your website can be tricky. 

You must know which ones make a difference to your website and which ones are not. Many plugins offer a specific solution to your WordPress website problems.

It doesn’t matter what the central theme of your website is. A versatile plugin will solve most of your problems with an easy installation option.

10 must-have plugins

What is a Plugin?

You must have several apps installed on the mobile phone that assist you to carry out precise tasks. Similarly, for a WordPress website, plugins are additional software that is responsible for performing specific jobs. 

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Why are plugins popular?

Many times WordPress website owners wish to increase traffic on their websites. Sometimes they look for SEO friendly plugin options for a better reach. Contact forms and cache clearing plugins are essential for better performance of the website. To meet all these basic needs of a WordPress website, you will need a plugin.

They handle several tasks and reduce the work pressure on the website developer.

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In this article, we will discuss the best ten must-have WordPress plugins for your WordPress website that will make a difference. Each of these plugins is essential, and you will know-how. Keep reading to find out more!

The 10 Must-have WordPress plugins for any website in 2020

1.Yoast SEO: 

SEO is a powerful tool that helps in getting more visitors to your website via search engines. WordPress is an SEO-friendly platform, but you still might want to increase your website traffic, and for that, you can use SEO boosting plugins.

yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is a popular plugin among users of WordPress. Out of so many SEO plugins available on WordPress for use, it is the most appropriate solution that comes with exceptional features and tools required to improve your page on search engine optimization.

The key highlight features of this plugin are:
  • It connects your website to a Google search console
  • It optimizes your website for social media pages
  • It helps to add meta tags and generate sitemaps
  • Redirect feature that helps in creating 301 redirects
  • The plugin detects the change in URLs and creates auto redirects to prevent any breakage link on your website.

2. OptinMonster: To Increase conversion rates

If you have a business website and want to increase your reach among the right shoppers, you might want to use this plugin. 

It is a comprehensive tool for conversion rate optimization used by business websites. OptinMonster converts abandoning website visitors into customers and subscribers for email. The plugin would help you to gain email subscribers in a short time.

optinmonster plugin
The key features of the plugin that makes it unique are:
  • It has high converting opt-in forms that you can use and easily customize with the drag and drop builder.
  • It allows the display of personalized messages and campaigns for a different user.
  • It is a must-have plugin for eCommerce websites, business websites, and blogging websites.
  • It recovers abandoned cart sales.
  • It grows the subscribers on the email list and converts website visitors into customers.

3. WP Rocket: Best caching plugin

The speed of uploading a website is key to the performance on the technical side. To increase the website speed, you need to improve the caching system for your website.

WP Rocket can solve the speed problem as it is a caching plugin.

WP Rocket plugin
Noteworthy features of WP Rocket are:
  • It automatically sets up the WordPress caching settings like gzip compression, cache preloading, and page cache.
  • The manual settings to turn on lazy loading images, DNS prefetching, CDN support, minification to improve the page loading time.
  • WP rocket automatically builds a website cache that results in a fast upload.
  • Image loading can be a real pain. Hence, WP Rocket offers a tool called Imagify, an image optimization service that loads the images quickly.
  • A beginner-friendly caching plugin that is easy to use
  • It is a paid plugin but the powerful and efficient one.

4. RafflePress

RafflePress is the best WordPress giveaway plugin for WordPress website users. 

It can increase the website reach to legitimate customers. It increases website traffic, improves social media presence, and followers. It rapidly increases email subscribers through engaging contests and gifts.

rafflepress plugin
Some of the amusing features offered by RafflePress are:
  • It is easy to use, offers a drag and drop builder.
  • It comes along with templates for giveaways and attracts the visual attention of website visitors.
  • For a visitor to participate in a giveaway contest, subscribing to your email newsletter can be made mandatory.
  • It offers incentives to users who follow your social media profiles, share the giveaway information with their friends, and get you more entries into the contest. 
  • It is going to affect the number of visitors and ultimately convert them to customers. The sales increase, and eventually a rise in revenue takes place.
  • RafflePress light is a free version of this plugin, however, for its robust features, you need to use RafflePress Pro.

5. LiveChat: Live Chat Support System

24/7 customer support can win you more customers. Communication with customers via live chat can solve most customer doubts.

The Live chat plugin can solve most communication gaps. It is a helpful tool that can help increase customer trust.

livechat plugin for wordpress
Some of the best features of the LiveChat plugin are:
  • The tool is easy to use and can be added to the website on WordPress quickly.
  • It comes with a lot of customization options and a mobile application so that you can provide support anytime. 
  • The plugin integrates with the existing support system, email marketing, and CRM.
  • It loads fast and offers a great user experience.
  • Live chat and can be employed together to ensure a quick response with artificial intelligence and human intelligence.

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6. WooCommerce: Best eCommerce plugin

WooCommerce is the most popular plugin for eCommerce websites on WordPress. 

It comes with a lot of powerful features such as:
  • WooCommerce comes with dedicated hosting themes and special commerce plugins.
  • The platform is free, flexible, and offers you to retain ownership of stores, content, and data forever.
  • It also provides an SEO advantage.
  • The built-in tools offer operations like payment mode, the configuration of shipping options, and simplification of sales tax.
  • You can manage the store from anywhere with the help of the free mobile app available on android and iOS.

7. WPML: Best Multilingual Plugin

Language should never be a barrier to connect with your website visitors. Hence, you can use a versatile plugin for language management of your WordPress websites, such as WPML.

You can easily download and integrate the plugin with your WordPress website.

WPML plugin
Some of the key features of the plugin are:
  • It is highly stable, reliable, and secure since millions of websites use WPML. Safety and security are never compromised.
  • Provides full optimization for your website for SEO in multiple languages
  • It gives you control over how URLs look.
  • You can manually set SEO metadata for translations.
  • The translations are linked.
  • Sitemaps include the pages and pass the Google webmasters validation.
  • The search engine understands the structure of your website and drives the traffic to the right language.
  • It comes with a 30-day trial period, and later on, you can refund on dissatisfaction. However, you will not regret purchasing this plugin.

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8. SeedProd: Best Landing page plugin

You can build powerful landing pages with the help of the SeedProd plugin. An all-in-one plugin to develop any website. It is appropriate for websites with high traffic and frequent visitors. 

SeedProd plugin
The features that make SeedProd wonderful are:
  • The drag and drop page builder option helps you to set up layouts on the landing page within minutes quickly. No coding knowledge is required.
  • It manages the subscribers for your email without the intervention of a third party. You can see comprehensible visual data on the number of subscribers and new subscribers.
  • Sections are designed nicely for headers, tasks, etc. 
  • Pages look beautiful on devices, whether it is a mobile phone or desktop size of the screen doesn’t interrupt browsing.
  • It protects the pages from spam frauds and bots.
  • It helps in obtaining leads that prosper your business.

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9. PushEngage: Best web push notifications plugin

This plugin offers easy to use web notification for your website. Most search engines like Firefox, Opera, Microsoft edge, chrome, UC browser, and Samsung internet on mobile phones and desktop support it.

Within a few minutes of installation, you can integrate the push notification on your website.

pushengage plugin
The remarkable features of this plugin are:
  • Multiple browsing websites support it.
  • Highly customizable. You can choose from 7 types of subscription models.
  • The auto push option sends a notification to the subscribers whenever you post a new article.
  • It also offers analytics on data. You can see how the website performs on each notification. Observe the best results, and act accordingly to make changes in strategy.

10. MonsterInsights: Best plugin for Google analytics

Setting up a WordPress website can be easy, but the page’s maintenance and growth must be measured to analyze the performance. For this task, you need a specialized plugin to properly analyze and give you reports on traffic, growth, and revenues.

MonsterInsights plugin is essential since it connects your website with Google Analytics to see how people use your website.

MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress
The features that make it the best plugin are:
  • It comes with a Google analytics dashboard for WordPress that displays the action’s analytic report
  • It eliminates unnecessary data and includes the essential stats
  • It is both an easy-to-use and powerful analytics plugin
  • Just after a few clicks and settings, you can see the insights in 15 minutes
  • The reports obtained on the following attributes are: 
    • The audience and their behavior
    • Content visits report
    •  E-Commerce reports 
    • Form reports
    • Search console reports
    • Custom dimension reports 

Final thoughts

This article gives you a detailed description of the 10 Best and must-have plugins for WordPress websites. With the help of these tools, you can build efficient and successful WordPress websites.

I would recommend you to use WooCommerce and MonsterInsights for optimum growth. Both are amazing plugins. One would help you grow your website while the other can assist in analyzing the amount of development. 

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments section below. And make sure you follow WP Uber for the latest updates on themes and plugins. 

WP Uber is a WordPress management agency that provides detailed site health reports and customized security solutions for WordPress sites.

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