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Import Demo Data In WordPress Quickly (2020)

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Imagine that you are lost in a jungle and are trying to find a way out. For the longest time, you are not able to, and suddenly, you bump into someone who guides you out of it. What a relief, right? Well, something similar happens with WordPress when you install it for the first time.

When you log into WordPress for the first time, you will find no write up there. But, what if you have demo data to guide you with all the steps? Pretty interesting, right? So let’s get started on how to import demo content in WordPress.  

How to import demo data content in wordpress

When you install WordPress, knowing that the themes are just great, you are excited to check the same. When you open it, they will look raw and nothing like the one you saw in the demo content. You need to add a write up to know how your content will look with the themes and all.

In this article, you will read about how to install demo content in WordPress through steps and how it works.The following steps do not work if you already have posted content on your WordPress website.                                                   

How to Import demo content on WordPress

Step 1: Theme Installation

The very initial step is to have WordPress. Create an account, and download a theme for your website. We have some collection of the best themes according to our WP experts. You can check them out here.

add theme to wordpress

Step 2: Import demo data

Once you are through with the above step, you are required to install the Theme Demo content. The content of the data will not be the same, as shown in the demo. It may vary due to copyright infringement. Pictures might also not be included.

A .zip file on your device is important as the demo content would appear in it. Later, you can copy and paste the same on WordPress through a .xml file. If you want to add pictures to your post, you can always find them in Pixabay listed under creative commons.

import demo data from theme

Step 3: Activate demo content

Next, you will have to retrieve the content from the XML file. If you want to add features and widgets to play with, you need to download them separately, as they are not included in the file.

Here are the steps to activate the demo content:

1. Firstly, go to the admin dashboard and select the options of tools. You will find tools, and after clicking the same, you will find an import option on the left menu.

2. After selecting the given options, you will find WordPress listed under the same. Click on that.

3. Set up your plugin and start the importer.                                         

4. The next step is to upload the .xml file on the WordPress site.

5. Next, you will be required to map the users on the blog by either selecting the current user or creating an account and logging in to the new account. You can download the files and add the images to your post.

6. You are almost done. Now the process will take a little time to complete. You will be notified by the message of “all done” when it’s done.


If you are facing the problem of importing the file, then download the file attachments again by increasing the PHP memory or contacting the host and asking them to do so.

Step 4: Improvising the demo content

Not a lot of work has to be done here. You just need to replace the dummy content with your own. Also, add the demo pages in the draft mode so that google does not pick them up in the search results.

edit the demo data in wordpress

You also need to edit the post slug, i.e., the URL below the title. You can do the same through a quick edit button at the end of your content.                    

Step 5: Theme set-up

Once you are through with the above steps, you need to set up your WordPress theme. You will not be able to find the same in the demo file setup option, and therefore you will need to go through the theme documentation. You will find a basic setup guide.

wordpress theme documentation


Here we come to an end. Having demo content on the site is important for beginners and regular visitors. So go ahead and install one on your WordPress as well.

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