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How to Setup Rank Math plugin in WordPress

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Owning a website or blog but not facing enough traffic? Or want to make your website being displayed higher in order regarding Google results? Then what you need to know, is the term called SEO or Search Engine Optimization. Making our website SEO Optimized is a really important step to rank in search engine results. If the website is well optimized for search engines as well as users, it will rank higher at the top position and drive incredible traffic for free.  One of the best ways to make your WordPress site SEO optimized is using the Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin on our site. In this article, we will learn how we can properly set up the Rank Math SEO plugin for your WordPress site. How to setup Rank Math WordPress SEO plugin for blog properly
Installation of the Rank Math Plugin
Rank Math SEO plugin Login to your WordPress Dashboard and navigate to Add New under the Plugins menu. Search for the WordPress SEO Rank Math from the plugin directory and install it. Activate the Plugin and you will be navigated to the Setup Wizard. At first, it will ask for signing up for the Rank Math account, you can skip signing up. But this will limit some of the features available in the plugin. There are two types of wizard setups:
  •     Basic Setup Wizard
  •     Advanced Setup Wizard
Just carefully follow the instructions and apply the desired settings per needs. You can also skip the wizard and apply the SEO settings on the individual settings page. Rank math Plugin Setup Wizard

The Rank Math Dashboard

The dashboard is the homepage within the Rank Math plugin settings which helps in enabling and disabling the modules and features with a toggle button. We can easily manage the entire WordPress SEO from the dashboard page. rankmath dashboard The Dashboard will also give access to re-run the Setup Wizard in-case if it is needed. You can also import/export and create the backup of your existing Rank Math plugin settings from the Dashboard.

Activation of Rank Math SEO Plugin

Click on Setup Wizard, then you will be asked to activate the Rank Math SEO Plugin. Before activating the plugin, it will ask you to create a Free Rank Math Account. Activation of Rank Math SEO Plugin Click on Activate Rank Math, and it will redirect you to their website. You can register through Facebook, Google account, or Email Id. create rank math account After registering, it will authenticate your WordPress website or blog. Click on Ok and it will redirect you to the Wizard for setting up Rank Math SEO Plugin. It will detect the compatibility of your WordPress website or blog on its own. Rank math Plugin Setup Wizard 1 Click on the Start Wizard option that you will see in the blue button, and your setup process begins.

Basic Settings for Rank Math SEO Plugin

This section will ask you about three basic information about your WordPress site.

Selection of Type of Website

Here, we need to choose our Website type viz. personal blog, community blog / News Site, personal portfolio, small business site, webshop, or any other personal/business website. We can select our website category by drop-down menu. selecting website type in rank math Only in the case of Community Blog/News Site, Small Business Site, Webshop, Other Business Website, we will have to fill the Business Type.

Logo for Google

In this section, we need to upload a logo of maximum resolution 1920X1080px, for our WordPress website or blog.

In this section, you simply need to set up a default image for social sharing.

It means if you forget to add a social sharing image on any of your posts or pages, this image will be used as a featured image. So, once you select the image, simply click on “Save & Continue”. your website details setup page in rank math

Setting up the Google Search


You can directly connect to your Rank Math SEO plugin to check the Crawl errors, Keyword statistics, etc. directly in your WordPress dashboard, using this option. Click on “Get Authorization Code”. Rank Math SEARCH CONSOLE Now, sign in to your Google account using the same account that you have used to verify your domain ownership. After logging in, you need to give your permission to allow Rank Math Plugin to collect some data from your Google account. Click on “Allow”. allow permissions to rank math Now, you will be able to see the authorization code, just copy it and close the pop-up window. copy the authorization code generated Paste the code and click on the “Authorize” button. The authorization process is complete, you can now see the verified sites under the “Search Console Profile” drop-down menu. paste authorization code and authorize After setting up the search console profile, click on “Save or Continue”.

Settings of Sitemaps

A sitemap is generally used for indexing your website faster in Google and other search engines or for crawlers to index your website faster. It helps in generating the XML file of your entire WordPress blogs and pages along with updating the frequency and number of images.
There are two options for sitemaps – On and Off. It is recommended to keep it On. all options in sitemap settings
2.Include Images
It is recommended to On the Include Images option in the sitemap. As soon as you include the images in your WordPress website or blog sitemap, Google will rank your images. img option

3.Public Post Types

In this section, we need to select the types of pages and posts we want to index in our search engines.  For example, if you have a blog then select Posts and Pages, if you have a service website then select Services, Clients, and other types of pages. which public post types to include in sitemap

4.Public Taxonomies

This is not a mandatory option to select. It helps in indexing your categories and tags. which public taxonomies to include in sitemap After all the sitemap settings are done, click on Save and Continue.

SEO Tweaks

You should only enable those options in SEO Tweaks which will benefit your WordPress Website or Blog SEO, though you can also leave all the default options as it is Rank Math SEO SEO Tweaks

Noindex Empty Category and Tag Archives

If you want to prevent empty categories & tag archives from getting indexed in any search engine, then leave this option ON. It will also protect your site from Duplicate & Thin Content issues.

Nofollow External Links

You can leave this option OFF, as it is recommended not to add rel=”nofollow” to every outbound link.

Open External Links in New Tab/Window

Suppose you link out to any external site and when your visitors will click on that link, it will simply open up their site in a new tab. This option provides you with this facility. So, its basic job is to retain your visitors on your site. After all the steps are done in SEO Tweaks, click on Save and Continue. Now you will see a message “Your Site is Ready”. ready So, with this, it comes to the basic settings. We need to go to the WordPress Admin Dashboard for the Advanced Settings.

Setting up of Advanced Options in Rank Math SEO Plugin

Set up of advanced options is also easy. I am going to show you the advanced options of the Rank Math SEO Plugin.

404 Monitor

One of the most known errors of a blog or any site is the 404 error which usually appears when someone visits any of your pages or post that is removed or deleted. 404 errors can drastically affect your site. This option will help you to monitor all the 404 pages of your site so you can recreate the pages/posts or simply redirect those pages/posts to any relevant pages/posts.


This option simply redirects all those pages/posts (throwing 404 error) to any relevant page/post. You can leave it OFF because it’s not a good practice to redirect any posts/pages to any random pages on the site. redirection module and 404 monitor

Schema Markup

This option helps you to add Schema on your site and posts. To enable this option, switch it ON and select the “Schema Type for Your Posts & Pages”. After it is done, click on “Save and Continue”. schema markup page in rank math Now you will be redirected to Rank Math SEO Plugin Dashboard for some additional settings. Hover on the “Rank Math” on the left panel and click on “General Settings”.

General Settings


In this section, you can make modifications to the behavior of the links of your site. rank math settings link
  • Strip Category Base: This option will strip the category from all the URLs. So keeping it OFF is for better navigation on your site.
  • Redirect Attachments: It helps to redirect attachments, you can easily redirect the URL of your attachment to the post that is associated with images. Though, it restricts your images on sitemap for Image SEO.
  • Redirect Orphan Attachments: Orphan media refers to the images and attachments that are not associated with any post. You can put the Orphan Media Link for redirection to the Website Homepage URL.
  • Remove Stop Words from Permalinks: This option will remove the stop words such as A, An, The, etc. from the auto-generated URLs. But it is recommended to turn Off this setting.
  • Nofollow External Links: It will nofollow all the external links is not a good practice, so it is recommended to turn Off this setting because Google will not consider you an authority website.
stopword list setting appears
  • Nofollow Image File Link: It is recommended to enable the Nofollow Image File Link as it will make nofollow only the links that are associated with images. You will also see Nofollow Domains and Nofollow Exclude Domain.
  • Open External Links in New Tab: If you enable this option then the user will see your external links in the new tab and helps us to increase the dwell time and doesn’t let our visitors leave our site.


Add missing ALT attributes: Enabling this option will lead to automatically adding an ALT tag in your images where there is no ALT tag available. So it is recommended to turn On this option. Gernal setting images
  • ALT attribute format: After turning ON the Add missing ALT attributes, then it will ask you the ALT Attribute Format. Put %title% in this section. It means that your image should be related to any title as Rank Math supports many variables to create a useful format.
  • Add missing Title attributes: Title Attribute is nothing to do with SEO. It provides additional information to the users whenever they hover over any HTML element with the added Title Attribute. It increases CTR. So, indirectly it influences the SEO.
Click on “Save Changes” and it’s done.


This setting is used for those sites that have lots of pages & posts, for better navigation and to enhance how our users find their way around our site. You need to enable the breadcrumbs function, choose a separator function, keep the “show homepage link” turn ON to enhance the breadcrumbs functionalities, and keep all the other options to their default state. choose separator character

Webmaster Tools

It gives you several options to verify your site and one of the most famous options is pasting an HTML Tag between&without editing your themes. Get their verification codes of the third-party tools and paste those codes here to verify your domain ownership. web master tool

Rank Math Title and Meta Settings

This is one of the important parts of any ON-Page SEO for ranking the website. all settings in global meta settings Titles basically is the headline of any page or post including the blog’s home and image title. This is basically the first thing that anyone searching online will recognize and read to understand what is the content or article is all about. We can customize the titles to include/exclude the site name, date/year, etc. or can even override the title settings using the Metabox available under each post or page that we publish online. Meta is basically the additional set of information useful for the search engine to categories and identify what is content all about. It includes the details like  modified date, category, rich schema type, published date, author, etc. The meta box also helps in customizing the social media open graphs as well as add the robot information for search engines whether to index or noindex the page. The Rank Math has the ability to customize the meta and title at every scale. You can carefully go through each aspect and settings to have the best usability and SEO ranking.

Site-wise SEO Analysis

The Site-wide SEO Analysis displays the entire website SEO status which has been tested with 70+ ranking parameters. The Analysis report also shows the areas of improvements as well as the parameters that have passed the test. On complete authorization, you’ll be able to run the Site-wide SEO Analysis and get the report based on current WordPress SEO settings along with the areas of improvements on-page. The Rank Math SEO Plugin is one of the best plugins for SEO analysis and if used properly, can give you great benefits in uplifting traffic in your sites. You can find more useful blogs at Blog –
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