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How to make a Print-On-Demand shop using WordPress: A Guide

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If you are looking to elevate your current brand value creatively, which will generate you a profit? You can sell t-shirts or any other merchandise that can shake up your brand’s growth and give you an edge. By the end of this article, you will set up your online store without going through the shipping process and run it efficiently.

How to make a Print-on-demand shop in WordPress

Now let’s address the elephant in the room. What is Print on Demand shop, and why WordPress users are using it these days? Print on Demand shop is a concept based entirely on customer’s demand.

To put it simply, you create apparel, bags, cushion covers, etc. for your customers according to their choices. They provide you with all the details and designs. You work as a producer for them. 

The practice of Print on Demand is similar to dropshipping except for customization. All the products are solely made to cater to the needs of the customers.

The biggest advantage of a Print on Demand shop, you don't need to own a warehouse or have hundreds of people at your service to keep producing goods since this isn't a wholesale business. Hence it is a good practice for small businesses. Click To Tweet

Rather you can work at your pace, play around with a bunch of designs and own a “product-based” business without having an inventory or a storehouse.

Print on demand shops is not as money investing schemes as large scale businesses are supposed to be. Indeed, they are suitable for small businesses to kick their tremendous growth and spread their brand’s name. 

There are many Print-on-Demand shops that have generated good revenue for brands like Lulu Express, Teelaunch, SPOD, T-Top, yet the most popular and used is Printful.

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You can read here about more Print on Demand plugins for WordPress.

Printful was founded in 2013 with the aim to make the work of ‘print on demand’ owners easier and provide their customers with all the products in a tireless process. 

If you wish to read why Printful is the market leader currently, enjoy this article.

It is a well-established company with global outreach. In this article, we will understand the process of how to set up a ‘print on demand shop’ with Printful, further, it integrates easily with all your WordPress websites through WooCommerce. Setting up this shop, you can sell over 250 products like coffee mugs, keychains, blankets, clothes, etc. 

Steps to make a Print-on-Demand WordPress Website

1. Creating a Printful account

You need to search for Printful’s official website. Click here to get redirected. 

printful sign up

The first thing you need to do is create a free account on the Printful website by simply clicking on the ‘Start Selling’ button. Printful will ask you many necessary details- name, email address, password, and your purpose of using their website and how you are planning to use it.

Once you have entered all these details and checked the terms and conditions box, you will be able to view the ‘Printful Dashboard’. Alongside this, you need to confirm your email address by clicking on the link you will receive in your mail after a couple of seconds. 

Now you can start your work right away and start setting up your products. You need to click on the ‘New Template’ button found in the ‘Products Templates.’

2. Creating your product

You will be able to view a humongous list of available templates for all the products. 

Product template in printful

You can click on any product to further view the templates. Now, we will be taking an example to create a basic cushion cover. 

When you open a template, it will work like a blank canvas. You can customize it as your customer desires. If you already have a design prepared or you are planning to use any business/customized logo, go ahead and drag it on the website to upload it. 

Further, you can add additional text on the cushion cover. If you feel like altering the size or color of the text/logo, it can be done in the ‘mockup generator.’ You can easily drag it to reposition or resize it.

Printful allows you to add designs/logos on other parts of your product too. If you wish to add something on the hem of the cushion cover or the backside, you can do so by clicking on the tabs on the right upper part of your screen. 

Printful also provides thousands of options in clipart where you can choose and add designs or small art pieces to your product. After you are satisfied with the color, size, and design of your product, click on the red tab ‘continue’ on the bottom left of your screen. 

Now you can save your design, give it a suitable title. If you want to come back and hover over the design or edit it, you will find it in the ‘Product Templates’ column. 

3. Setting up a billing method

You are required to set up a billing method so that your customers can pay you for the products. You will be charged for the shipping of the products. 

Billing Method for printful

To set up, click on ‘Billing’ in the left column and then click on ‘Billing Methods’. Next, you will find a ‘add a new billing method’ on the top right corner. Click on that.

You will be asked to enter either credit card or PayPal account details. You won’t be charged a single penny unless you get something from your account.

4. Connect Printful to your Website

Since you have designed the basic layout for your products and now you have to start selling them. To do that, your products should be visible on your WordPress website. 

Hence, the next step is to connect your Printful account to your WordPress website. For that, it is mandatory to have the WooCommerce plugin installed and activated on your website.

WooCommerce and Printful

To start, you will require the domain name and web hosting for your online store. The domain name is your website’s name that will be visible to your customers, so make sure to keep it simple that your audience can easily remember, yet it should radiate the purpose of your brand. 

Web hosting is where all your files are stored. If you have confusion about Domain name or web hostings, you can learn here how to choose the perfect web hosting for yourself. There are a lot of options out there for you to choose the best web hosting.

Now, finally, to connect Printful to your WordPress website, you are required to enable the Legacy Rest API feature in WooCommerce. You can locate this easily- WordPress Admin area -> WooCommerce -> Settings -> Advanced -> Legacy API.

Check the box in Legacy API and save your settings.  Next you have to install and activate the Printful integration for WooCommerce plugin. 

Legacy REST API in WooCommerce
Connect your store with Printful

5. Adding products to your store

Once it is activated, click on the connect button in the column of your WordPress admin. There will be a bunch of pop-ups and permission grants on your screen, approve them all, and confirm your account.

adding products to your store

Now you are set with your store to go live. All you need to do is, add your products. Go back to your Printful account, then go to Printful templates and click on Add to Store in the top right area. Keep following Printful prompts and in the end, you will land up in the pricing column. 

Printful provides their prices too that are bound to give your profits. Once you are done with pricing, click on ‘Submit to Store’ in the red tab at the bottom. 

Voilà, your product is now live on your website. You have to repeat these steps for every product you wish to add to the store. 

Printful will help you in managing all your products and shipping for you. You can also edit your product like editing the stock/in-stock feature by clicking on products -> All Products in the Dashboard.

Printful gives you the liberty to add as many products you wish to plus you don’t have to spend even a penny unless you get orders. This was a step-by-step tutorial on creating your Print on Demand shop tirelessly and effectively to add the extra zing to your brand. 

We hope you will be able to create your own shop now in no time. 

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