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How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast

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WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast is one of the most recommended and used plugins. 

It is a powerful plugin and helps optimize your website with its comprehensive set of tools.

How to Install and Setup WordPress SEO Plugin by Yoast


WordPress SEO by Yoast is a mega-popular plugin. Stand-alone, WordPress doesn’t allow you to manage your website on the micro-level for the SEO domain, such as domains, sitemaps, meta tags, etc.  

This plugin makes your work easy and allows you to manage your website’s SEO efficiently. 

This is a step-by-step tutorial on how to install and set up the WordPress SEO Plugin from scratch.



Yoast SEO offers a bunch of intermediate and advanced features. Some of them have been covered below:

  1. Google search result’s previews are provided. 
  2. Keyword testing is focused on SEO.
  3. XML News Sitemaps with images.
  4. Meta and title description support for tags and categories.
  5. RSS footer and head configured. 

Some advanced features are provided in the premium version:

  1. Exports focus on keywords.
  2. Each feature of the Yoast SEO is explained with the help of video tutorials. 
  3. Suggestions on internal linking.
  4. Redirection is made more accessible with the Redirect Manager.


  1. In your dashboard, go to plugins and select add new. 
  2. Search for WordPress SEO by Yoast and click on ‘Install Now.’

yoast wordpress seo tutorial screen 1

  1. Check all the boxes that pop up on your screen.
  2. In a couple of seconds, the plugin will be downloaded and installed.
  3. Next, click on Activate Plugin.

yoast wordpress seo tutorial screen 2


Setting up the plugin can be a tiresome process, especially for beginners. 


If you are an experienced or an old WordPress user, you might have some data already built and saved by you, which would be handled by some other plugin at this moment. 

To use and activate the new plugin- Yoast SEO, you have to transfer your old data with SEO Data Transfer.


Users generally miss out on adding their general/ personal information. You mustn’t miss out on this.

It should be used wisely in a properly structured and compact format.

You can set your information here: 

Dashboard>SEO>Metas and Titles>Home

The description should be tailored so that it is sustainable.

Here is a sample for the same:

yoast wordpress home

And for the final page, you will be asked to check a bunch of boxes. This is the recommended sample.

yoast wordpress seo tutorial screen 11


It is no secret, YOAST SEO comes with numerous features. 

By default, all the features in this plugin are switched on, but no need to worry. 

You can customize and bend all the features. 


These are the basic features displayed above. They show analysis of your website, creates XML sitemaps, display the YOAST SEO Menu in the admin toolbar, etc.


In the general category of YOAST SEO, you will find Webmaster Tools. 

Top search engines allow website developers to add their websites too. Here is when Webmaster Tools come in for your help. 

You have to register for the webmaster tools program for every search engine you aim to get added.

webmaster tools

YOAST SEO will ask you to verify your website’s details and verify your website’s ownership. 

Add the meta tag and the meta code that was sent to you by the specific search engine. 



YOAST SEO integrates with all the major social media applications like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest. 

You can add all the URLs of your profiles in the accounts tab under Social- Yoast SEO.

accounts yoastseo social

You just need to verify all your accounts, and Pinterest and Facebook use Open Graph MetaData.

After entering the necessary information and verification, click on Save Changes for each tab. 




This feature is created to connect Google Search Console to your WordPress Website. 

You can simply find the Search Console tab in SEO. Further, you have to authorize by giving the code in the plugin settings.

This will help YOAST SEO to collect and display all your search console data. 



You can take over 100% control over your website’s appearance- archive, content type, RSS, taxonomies, etc.

search appearance

You can quickly locate these settings in SEO under the Search Appearance tab. 

Under these settings, you can add the meta titles and tags by the default options or even set them up for your website manually.

You can control the date snippets too.


The taxonomies tab is pretty useful. It will help you configure your titles and meta and gives you a bunch of options for the same. 

The taxonomies tab is pretty useful. It will help you configure your titles and meta and gives you a bunch of options for the same. 

author archives

The second last tab, Breadcrumbs, is an essential one for internal linking. As suggested by its name, it depicts the path of your website in an organized manner. 

You can customize all the prefixes and even the type of separators used in your website’s breadcrumbs. 

You can reveal the above settings once you click on “enable.”

setup breadcrumbs

The last tab, RSS, allows other people to scrape content from your website. 

You can customize the content which you want to put before and after each post. 

Further, you can also add the author link, blog link and description which can eventually add advertisement to your RSS feed. 

Learn here more about Taxonomies and RSS.

rss settings


All the above steps might be overwhelming at first especially if you are trying it out for the first them, but a good span of attention to all the details and time will be enough for you to get experienced. 

All the steps have descriptive features alongside making ut tireless for the users. 

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