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How to Add Instagram Shoppable Images in WordPress

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In a world where everyone has their phone in their hands for most of the day, surfing through Instagram has become an integral part of people’s lives.

Hence, getting your product/ services out there and promoting it on Instagram can be an efficient booster. 

A good chunk of people who use online shopping tend to use Instagram too. 

The app not only allows you to create your brand page, reach out to your audience, create new leads, but you can also invite your visitor directly from an image on your Instagram feed to your website. 

Adding Instagram Shoppable images on WordPress is a powerful way to showcase all your products/services and drive additional sales from Instagram. 

How to Add Instagram Shoppable Images in WordPress

You have to create an Instagram feed of each photo/video/reel on your feed that links to your website. 

Simultaneously, it also gives your visitors a chance to discover your Instagram account.

You can also send your traffic to individual pages for each product in WooCommerce. 

In the beginning, creating Instagram shoppable feed sounds intimidating, especially to beginners and even old WordPress users, as Shoppable Instagram Feed is a newbie in the market of ‘Online Shopping.’

Worry not. This step-by-step tutorial will walk you through each step in detail and help you create one of your own.


The first and the foremost step is to start uploading the images on your Instagram feed and add the direct relevant URL link to your website under each image in the caption of that specific post on your Instagram feed. 

An example is shown in the screenshot below.

Instagram feed URL link


 For making such a process, generally, it is highly encouraged to install a plugin and proceed further. 

There are hundreds of plugins available for Instagram WordPress like Raffle Press, Soliloquy, Envira Gallery. Yet, we will be using Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro for this tutorial. It is easy to activate and use Instagram WordPress Plugin- such plugins allow you to add your Instagram photos to your WordPress Website. 

Learn how to install and activate Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro Plugin 

(Below are the snippets that will help you to install and activate the plugin ‘Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro’)

download if plugin 1

upload plugin

choose file

Activate plugin

insta feed lincense

After successfully setting the Smash Plugin in your WordPress admin area, visit the License page in your Instagram feed and enter your license key, then save the changes. (As shown in the below image)

license key

Finally, you have to connect your WordPress website to your Instagram Account by Configure > Click on ‘Connect an Instagram Account.’

connect insta acc

 A popup will pop on your screen asking if it’s a business profile or a personal one. 

You have to choose Personal(User feeds only) and then click on ‘Connect.’ Within a couple of minutes, you will be asked to grant the plugin to gain access to your website. 

Simply click on ‘Authorize,’ as shown in the image below. 

insta authorize e1611210881571

After authorizing, connect your profile, and this step will add your account under the plugin settings and Voila, you have successfully connected your WordPress site to your Instagram account.

Now you will be able to see your profile listed, where you can connect more accounts manually too. 

connect more accounts manually


Within a few clicks, you can easily display your Instagram photos on your WordPress blog and even choose the position them. 

The plugin you set up earlier, Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro, makes it very easy for you. 

Let’s get started and follow the steps along. 

To add images on your WordPress blog, Post Edit Screen > (+) Button > Add a new block > Insert Instagram Feed block. 

add instagram feed block

These steps will automatically show a preview on your editor and load your Instagram Feed. 

If your visitor is willing to buy any product or service, they can click on the URL which pops up when they click on the image.

URL which pops up

You can notice a small Instagram logo in the snippet shown above. If your visitor is interested further, they can check out your Instagram Feed too, and if they are pleased enough with your feed and products, you may gain a potential follower!

Further on growing your Instagram following count or visitors, Smash Plugin allows you to display your Instagram feed in your site’s sidebar. 

Follow Appearance> Widgets > Add Instagram Feed widget to your sidebar> Save Changes. 

add instagram widget to WordPress

And you are done here! You have your WordPress website linked to your Instagram Feed and your Instagram handle in your WordPress site’s sidebar. 

You can go ahead and customize the layouts, styles, etc. with the help of Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Pro Plugin by following: 

Instagram Feed > Customize, you can easily edit and adjust the width/ height of your feed, background color, layout (a bunch of default options available), buttons (example- follow, load more) > save changes.

latest arrivals page

You can now see your profiles with the new changes, and launch your online shop, share it with your friends and family, and ask them to share the word further. 

We hope you were able to follow each step, add Instagram Shoppable Images, and you were successfully able to deck up your online shop. 

If you are just starting in the WordPress World or online shopping store owner, it is highly recommended to throw articles and videos online thoroughly and gain all the relevant knowledge. You will get the hang of it in a couple of weeks!

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