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5 Best Chatbots for your WordPress website in 2020

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You might wonder what a Chatbot is! If you know about the live chat option on WordPress, you may have a slight idea about a Chatbot. In actual terms, a Chatbot is a live chatting widget where visitors can communicate with the website.

Best chatbots for your WordPress website

WordPress provides you the opportunity to install the Chatbot builder plugin for your website. You can easily install any of the builders and customize it with your questions and suitable responses. A Chatbot can help your website to grow drastically. To know more about it, keep reading till the end.

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What is the difference between a Chatbot and live chat?

A Chatbot and live chat are both different from each other. A Chatbot is like a robot with a robotic name that responds quickly to the visitor. It poses multiple answers to one question and asks the visitor to choose one answer. Upon the response by the visitor, the Chatbot poses similar multiple-choice questions until you find the right option to solve the problem.

There are many kinds of Chatbots available for carrying out the task of representing a website. The three main types of Chatbots are- Basic Chatbots, Social Media Chatbots, and Artificial Intelligence Chatbots.

Live chat is like a real human figure available for communication. It has a name and a picture. There is a response within a few minutes. It is like a normal conversation, and the chat representative remains in communication until resolution.

Chatbots are preferred nowadays because: 

  • They have programmed software 
  • Faster response
  • They are cheaper than human resources
  • It makes live chat more efficient
  • 24/7 technical support 
  • Reduce website friction
  • Improved profit margins 

WordPress enables users to install and use Chatbot builders for their websites. Out of so many available choices, we present the best 5 Chatbots builders for your WordPress website.

5 Best ChatBots for WordPress Websites

1. Botsify

One of the most famous and supremely easy-to-use Chatbot builder applications is Botsify.

Botsify chatbot
Features of Botsify are:
  • A free trial for 14 days is available with credit card details
  • To continue the use of Chatbot, a monthly fee is charged
  • Intuitively designed with several steps for clearing the purpose of Chatbot its appearance and many more
  • Customization is available such as questions the Chatbot would ask visitors and selection of colors and icon on the chat module
  • Customize the question carefully since the bot is sensitive to responses by the user
  • For a simple Chatbot that collects user information, Botsify could be a great choice

2. Flow XO

If you want to build an advanced Chatbot for your WordPress website then you can give it a try. However, this is complex and difficult to use Chatbot builder. It requires setting up the builder and manually coding it into your WordPress site.

FLow XO chatbot
The features of Flow XO are:
  • It is a time taking builder and requires coding skills
  • Robust and comprehensive but requires lots of documentation
  • Premium subscription allows access and downloading of chat transcripts to find lead keywords.
  • High customization options such as accepting payments, entertaining welcome to visitors, gathering client information, simple support, etc.
  • You can choose a bot name, provide a welcome message, choose colors, and record conversations with clients to update the program


An efficient bot builder tool that provides the facility to build experiences on the conversation.
The features of the tool are:
  • It provides a free trial version before you can pay for the premium version
  • The integration of a Chatbot with Google Analytics, Slack, and Zapier is possible during the free trial
  • The interface to build the Chatbot is simple since it uses blocks and lines for designing
  • The range of customization is diverse. You can design a specific message for the first time, second time, and subsequent visitors.
  • You can add custom CSS, personalized fonts, and fields.

4. IBM Watson Assistant

This Chatbot has earned popularity due to the interesting features it exhibits. You can use it for your WordPress website for Chatbot building.

IBM watson assistant
The features of the IBM Watson Assistant tool are:
  • Integration of slack and messenger with the Chatbot
  • Connection with the internet of things devices is possible
  • The advanced machine learning capabilities of this tool improves assistance over time
  • Simple interface for building a Chatbot
  • It can integrate with WordPress using a plugin

5. Messenger bots

You must be aware of this Chatbot if you have ever come across Facebook Messenger. This bot is mostly used for regular life support and e-commerce assistance.
Messenger bots new

The features of the Messenger bot tool are:
  • To build an advanced Chatbot and handle multiple complex questions this tool can be very helpful
  • You can integrate the Chatbot with WordPress using a plugin
  • The process of building a Chatbot can be simplified using a third-party bot builder
  • The boat can be connected to multiple social media pages like Facebook
  • To use a messenger bot for free you need to set up a Facebook page and app for your WordPress website

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Final thoughts

Chatbots have replaced customer support through telephonic conversations in today’s time. Most of the users are relying on this updated way of communication since it saves everyone’s time.

I would recommend you to use Botsify if you want to develop a simple Chatbot for your WordPress website. However, if you want a better and complex Chatting system, you should go for for developing your Chatbot for WordPress websites.

We hope you enjoyed reading this article. If you wish to read similar content on WordPress site development and management, visit our page. 

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