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13 Best WordPress Translation Plugins (2020)

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Are you an active blogger? And is WordPress your favorite spot? Then you have arrived at your landmark. With thousands of plugin choices, choosing the right ones that meet your needs is a hectic task. There is no need to take the extra pain for searching the right plugin for yourself. We shall make your job easy. Keep reading to know more!

If you operate a WordPress site and wish to translate the content into many languages, you need a translation plugin. We have analyzed several translation plugins, and out of the hundreds out there we’ve narrowed this list down to 13 plugins you should consider looking into for WordPress website translation in 2020. 

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First of all, you must know why you need a translation plugin. Well, it is quite simple to understand that it is required to convey the content in various languages. The Multi Linguistic characteristic of any website helps it to grow. It builds a deeper connection with your readers. More audiences retain your site as they continue to read in their native language: Your piece of writing reaches more users. Hence, we recommend to you some of the advanced Translation plugins available on WordPress for 2020.

How to choose the Best translation plugin for WordPress?

First, you need answers to these fundamental questions. Know if all these answers correctly match your requirements.

  • Is the translation needed? Most readers are familiar with English, however, if you have a global audience then you may need a translation plugin.
  • Does your content need automatic or manual translation? If it is manual, then go for expert translators. But if you are going for fully automatic ones, choose wisely.
  • Does it affect your SEO? If a translated version reduces your reach, the entire idea of translating fails. Hence, choose a plugin that lets you reach more people.

How to search and install the Translation Plugin?

The process of searching and installation of Translation Plugins is very simple and quick.

Step 1: Firstly, you need to visit your site.

wp login area

Step 2: Go to your dashboard

Dashboard wordpress

Step 3: Click on plugins

add plugin in wordpress

Step 4: Click on “Add New” and Search for the type of plugin you want in the search box

add new plugin

In this case, you re looking for a Translation plugin, so type “Translation”. After you have searched for a Translation Plugin, you get a huge list of Plugins. You can go through each one of them and use the list below to find a suitable plugin for yourself.

Step 5: Choose a suitable plugin from this list

choose a translation plugin

Step 6: Click on the “Install” button for the process of installation to start

click on install to add plugin to your wordpress site

Now let’s learn about the 13 Best Translation Plugins available on WordPress.

13 Best Translation Plugins for WordPress for 2020

Once you have identified your needs, just type these plugin names and install them. 


An effective WordPress translation plugin; WPML is worth considering. It is available in 2 versions, first is the Multilingual blog and another is Multilingual CMS. With a single installation, you can easily run a successful multilingual site. It’s unbelievable but it’s true! WPML allows translations in more than 40 languages. With the help of a language editor, you can add your own variants to the languages.

WPML wordpress translation plugin

It is user friendly since the hectic task of editing and uploading files is abandoned here. WPML’s niche lies in developing multilingual WooCommerce sites.

Your sales and reach would gradually increase when WPML would recommend translations needed for effective sales. The localized purchase process would be fun for the people. The string translation interface allows direct translations.

WPML is readily compatible with most of the WordPress themes. It functions very smoothly. WordPress API functions are to be used by you and the rest is carried forward by WPML.

2. TranslatePress

One of the most trusted and well-reviewed Translation Plugins available on WordPress is TranslatePress. It is user friendly and can aid you to go multilingual. The facility to translate the entire page in one go is provided here, directly from the front-end. It also includes shortcodes, page builders, and forms. It is superbly compatible with WooCommerce and various themes and plugins.

Translate press plugin for wordpress

TranslatePress is different from others because it is exclusively made for WordPress. It is a GPL and self-hosted plugin for translations. The translations remain forever with you. The choice to preview the pages as you translate them is possible too.

The good part is it lets you translate manually as well. It integrates with Google Translate and thus enables automatic translation via Google API key. You can enable or disable this feature. With the premium version, you can extend the facilities by including Pro Add-ons.

You can include extra languages, SEO packs, Translator accounts, browse as User role, navigation based on language, automatic User Language detection, DeepL Automatic Translation, and many more.

3. Polylang

Multilingual and bilingual WordPress sites can be created with Polylang. Allows writing blogs, pages, and tags in the preferred language. Many different languages are available for translation. RTL language script is compatible and the language packs are self updated and downloaded. 

polyang translation plugin for wordpress

Polylang supports all the default WordPress widgets. It helps build custom posts, sticky posts, and different post formats. Different domains and subdomains can be used for different languages. Compatible with the themes of WordPress.

4. GTranslate

GTranslate is an ideal WordPress Translation plugin. The reasons are quite obvious: GTranslate automatically translates the WordPress sites via Google Translate and supports over 100 languages.  You can manually translate too.

It also provides Google Analytics that lets you understand the statistical parameters and informs about the customer reach after translations. The plugin comes with many widgets; the pro version is even better. The plugin also provides WooCommerce compatibility.

GTranslate plugin

5. Google Language Translator

Google Language Translator is an amazing translation plugin for WordPress. It is a free Google automatic machine for translation and comes along with a Google Analytics integration.

It translates the pages and posts in no time; tags, categories, widgets, menus, themes, and plugins, all can be translated quickly and accurately. WooCommerce shops can be translated too. If you go for the pro version, you will be flooded with additional features.

The Multilingual SEO feature would be a major advantage.

Google language translator plugin for wordpress

Along with that advanced translations, techniques would be applied for a human-level understanding of translation. The page traffic increases along with AdSense revenue. Compatibility with Yoast SEO and WooCommerce is also provided, there is also the option of manual translations.

6. Multilanguage

Multilanguage is an effective way to translate WordPress sites. Multilanguage comes in with the feature of manually translating the pages, posts, tags, categories, menus, and so on; over  80 languages are installed and more languages can be added in the future.

Multilanguage plugin for wordpress website translation

You can choose the default language for translation; it also includes widgets and navigation menus.  It displays translation availability for your posts. The settings are easy to handle and understand and the pro features are much more advanced. The language gets switched automatically depending on the user’s IP address.

7. Transposh

Transposh is another noteworthy translation plugin for WordPress. It includes RTL/LTR layouts. Drag and drop interface is provided for choosing between translatable and viewable languages. The multiple options for widget appearance are also given.

transposh wordpress translation

No PO and MO files are needed for translating external plugins and the translation is quick and professional. The RSS feeds get translated too. The translation can be triggered when readers demand a particular language from the other end.

The RSS feeds are translated: Tags, contents, and titles, everything is translated into the preferred language. 

8. Loco Translate

Loco Translate is as good as any other translation plugin for WordPress. It provides automatic translation services along with browser editing of WordPress translation files. Google APIs and Microsoft APIs are integrated too.

It is very feasible to create and update the files directly in any theme or plugin of your choice. It has in-built WordPress locale codes. It supports the PO features that include comments and references. Custom translations can be saved via a protected language directory. 

loco translate

9. MultilingualPress

MultilingualPress allows WordPress users to translate the page. This plugin is unique since it provides unlimited connections between sites. You can set up a single language as the main language, create connections between sites, and start to write in your own language.

The choice to create linked posts is provided on all the connected sites automatically. The Editor screen lets you switch back and forth. Even when the plugin is off, the other connected sites remain unaffected by it. 

multilingualpress plugin for wordpress

It has more than 170 languages available for translations. It is very SEO friendly. It supports custom posts. It can also create duplicate sites, where one can be used as a template and the other one gets copied. The choice of adding links to the language is also there.

Quicklinks allow access to alternative language posts. The premium version provides direct support from the developers of this plugin. The support rises and so does your website reach.

10. Weglot

Weglot would surprise you with boundless features as a translation plugin for WordPress. It is one of the best and easiest to use translation plugins. It helps you to go multilingual in no time.

It translates the entire page in one go and provides an editing dashboard to edit translations. To ensure that you translate to an optimum understanding of men, you can seek professional help too. It is compatible with SEO.

weglot translate your wordpress website

It translates cleanly with distinct source codes of translated web pages. It is excessively used by eCommerce sites, blogs, mobile apps and so much more. More than 100 Translation languages are available here.

The updates are quick. Automatic detection of words to be translated is possible via advanced techniques. 

11. My WP Translate

My WP Translate is yet another translation plugin for WordPress. It is an excellent plugin and compatible with many other plugins or themes. Coding is not needed; the import and export of translated strings are cloud-based very simple too.

The team is 24*7 supportive and professional services can also be availed on My WP Translate.

my wp translate plugin

12. Simple Slug Translate

Simple Slug Translate can translate your posts and blogs in more than 30 languages. A user-friendly plugin, it is also compatible with other WordPress plugins. It saves a lot of time since conversions are very fast and allow manual and automatic translations. 

simple slug translate for wordpress

13. Lingotek Translation

Lingotek Translation is a cloud-based localized translation plugin for WordPress. It is extremely convenient to use. It simplifies the process of translation and updating your multi-language sites. The translation workflow is customizable.

The plugin is cost-effective. It saves a lot of time in translation. The quality of translated text and pages is optimum for the readers. The Lintotek plugin works in coordination with Polylang.

It allows users to create multilingual and bilingual WordPress sites. Widgets, menus, posts, pages, tags, and many more similar domains can be translated. RSS feeds and WordPress widgets are supported too. 

lingotek the translation network

Summing up!

WordPress is a global platform. People from various linguistic backgrounds use the platform as readers or publishers. Translation Plugins are a medium to remove the language barrier. Not only are they easy to install but convenient to use as well. With the help of a translation plugin, you can create a website in any language you want. 

In this article, we have given you an insight into the 13 Best Translation plugins available on WordPress. These 13 are worthy of performing their tasks on several parameters. They are fast and provide the opportunity to translate in many languages. 

Out of all, we recommend TranslatePress to you. This plugin is a winner among all due to the integration feature with Google Translate API. It works on every WordPress theme. You can fully rely on the plugin for automated translations. 

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