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Best WordPress Plugin Detectors of 2021

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Have you ever been jealous after visiting a website? or maybe just impressed by a website’s look and feel? being a WordPress user it is very obvious that you come across the thought that which are the  WordPress plugins and themes used by this website.

You always want to be at the top of the competition and keeping your website updated with all the necessary functionalities that your competitors provide is the key to survive the competition.

best WordPress plugin detectors of 2021

Even the brightest and very techno geeky developer might also miss many features and plugins that are leveraged by any WordPress website by just analyzing the site moreover why does such a donkey work!  When you can detect plugins just by typing the URL of the Website. Yes! detecting plugins and theme is that easy.

To detect plugins used by a WordPress site, many Plugin and theme detectors are available online. These Plugins detectors analyze the website and provide you a list of plugins.

They are not 100% accurate and might miss out on some of the plugins used by the website still, they are a very reliable option. There is also an alternative manual way that can be used to get the job done but of course, it is a laborious task and also has its limitation still, we will have a quick look at that in this post.

Before diving into Plugin, detectors let us first have a quick understanding of  WordPress plugins

What is a WordPress plugin?

WordPress Plug-ins is a piece of code that fits into our self-hosted WordPress website. This can do minor tweaks to the website or maybe it can even change the whole look and feel of the website. The main aim of WordPress plugins is to ease the WordPress developers’ work and increase functionalities of the Website.

The very benefit of using this is that thousands of WP plugins available are developed by private enterprises and so there are a variety of readily available features that can be used at the fingertips of a WordPress developer. 

We can broadly classify them based on their functionalities, however, these are not the only functions for which they are made, there are many specialized plugins for special purposes also.

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Yoast Seo, SEO Framework, SEO press, Rankmath, etc are some of the tools that can help with refining the site’s content, suggesting proper keywords for your content, and natural readability suggestions.
  • Security tools: Security is a very crucial part of any website Malware attacks, Brute force attacks or any attempt of hacking can cause damage to the data on the website, it can cause loss of data of our customers, and also badly hit SEO rankings due to damaged reputation. Security tools like Sucuri, Wordfence, etc. can help you protect your website data. These tools can help you scan your website for threats and protect them using a firewall.
  • PageSpeed Optimization:  Pagespeed is a very important factor that determines the SEO ranking and user experience therefore, it is very essential to maintain the performance of the website at an optimal level. For optimization of any website several tools are used like W3-total Cache which increases speed by using CDN integration, WP super minifies this tool helps in HTML, CSS, and Javascript files for faster loading, WP smush is an image optimizing tool which compresses the image because high-resolution images used on the website often takes more loading time.
  • Page builders: This tool is used for managing different elements and widgets on a page. They provide a drag and drop facility to pick up elements on the page and arrange them as per our need without any coding. Elementor is one of the very popular Page builder widgets.
  • E-commerce: This plugin is specially designed to make a fully functional E-commerce website for small businesses. They provide functionalities like payment gateways, integration of different applications, Inventory management, etc. WooCommerce, Shopify, BigCommerce, etc. are some of the popular E-commerce tools available on WordPress.

This was just the broad classification of WordPress Plugins that can be used to make a great website, many other specialized tools to make forms, perform a 301 redirect, or add a calculator to our website for all these many different plugins are available.

Now after having an understanding of WordPress plugins and the need of detecting these WordPress plugins on any other site, Get ready to become oo7! Time to become a Spy. 

6 WordPress plugins detectors for 2021!

We have selected some of the best tools for you but even these tools might miss out on some of the plugins so it is best to try using a combination of different tools. Some plugins might be detected by one of the tools and miss on another.

1. ScanWP: 

ScanWP is our first tool on the list. It has a very simple user interface with a beautiful design and simple to use. It is actually perceived as a WP theme detector but it manages to scan for different WP plugins also. 


To scan any website we just need to enter the URL of that website and it will provide various information about that website. By just clicking a button ScanpWP can provide the following information for any WP site:

  • Name of the theme used by the website
  • Price of that theme.
  • Active plugins used by that website.
  • Price of theme and direct link for downloading that theme.
  • ScanWP also provides a chrome extension that can be used so that we don’t need to visit the ScanWP every time we wish to analyze any given website.
  • It also allows us to search for different plugins based on the tags used by it.

2. WordPress theme detector: 

This WordPress theme detector is just named as a theme detector however functions of WPTD are just not limited to the theme detector, It works very well as a Plugin detector.


WPTD works just like IMDB for movies, WPTD shows all metadata related to any theme, it shows its popularity and price. It also provides the link for purchasing any theme.

plugins used by a website using WPTD

WPTD’s unique thing is its result page. It has a very neat and clean design and an easily surfable result page that helps in proper insights of any website. 

3. IsItWP :

This website is more than what we are looking for, as the name suggests it is mainly used to identify whether any website is a WordPress site or not. This tool also has a very simple user interface and we just need to paste the URL and click the button to analyze it.


It provides a lot of information, firstly it helps us identify if any website is a WordPress website. Next, it functions as a WordPress Theme detector, after that you will be able to view information on different plugins used by the website along with a link to read reviews for that plugin and a link to purchase that plugin.

IsItWP provides additional hosting information on the website.

4. WordPress theme detector and plugins Detector.

This is yet another robust and widely used online tool. It is actually a chrome extension that can be installed on the browser, Being a Chrome extension we just need to click on the extension to analyze any given webpage.

WordPress theme detector and plugins detector

Again it helps to detect both themes and plugins, it provides detailed information about all the themes and plugins used by that site. it must be noted that there are chances that it can miss out on some WordPress themes.

Once you click on the chrome extension it can take few seconds to load the results as all the processing is done on a cloud server and results are displayed on the browser.

5.  What WordPress theme is that?

Again this is a simple and easy-to-use theme detector tool, it just needs a URL to analyze the website.

The website also has a plugin detector but the results of the plugin detector are not up to the mark, it can identify very popular plugins but does not provide all the required results.

what wordpress theme is that

The reason behind suggesting this tool is it is totally hassle-free as it does not contain any ads or pop-ups that can be annoying to the users.

6. Built with:

This tool is just not any high-quality WordPress theme detector or Plugin detector it is actually a website profiler, that provides a wide range of technical information related to the website.

built with

Along with themes and plugins, it provides extra information like Javascript libraries, frameworks, hosting providers, CDNs (content delivery network) used by the website.

This tool can be of great use for SEO and marketing as it also provides features like keyword analysis and market analysis all this can help to improve  SERP rankings and customer engagement.

Built with provides fairly accurate results when it is to be used as a Theme or plugin detector. It is a tool that must be used if you really want to explore extra features provided by it as the UI can get a bit complex due to added features.

How to Detect Plugins and Themes Manually?

Have you tried using all different WP theme detectors and plugin detectors but still not able to feel like you are missing out on some important plugins that the website might be using?

Try out this last method and it might work out for you. This is a manual method and doesn’t involve any tools. This method might be time-consuming and tedious for many users if you don’t have the proper technical knowledge, having said that still, a newbie can give it a try.

This method works on inspecting the webpage from the client-side i.e. from the browser. Follow the given steps:

  • Step 1: Open the wWordPress site you wish to analyze.
  • Step 2: Right-click on any empty space on the web page and click on inspect OR use the shortcut  Ctrl + shift + I to inspect the webpage.
  • Step 3: Click on sources and search for the directory named wp-content.
results of plugins used
  • Step 4: Inside the wp-content directory you can view themes and plugins that are used by the given website.

This method only shows plugins and themes that are loaded on the client-side and doesn’t display any plugins that are executed on the server-side, So if you are not able to view any plugins in the directory then there may be no server-side loading plugins used by the WordPress site.


Plugins and themes are building blocks of any WP website. To sustain in the competition and stay ahead of your competitors it is very much necessary to keep track of your competitors.

We hope that this post helps you analyze other WordPress website and let you identify key Plugin and themes you might wish to replicate on your WordPress Website.

Now, just replicating features of any other website doesn’t help you also need to maintain and fine-tune those features according to your requirement. Maintenance and constantly updating the WP site is a crucial component to stay ahead of your competitors.

We at WP-Uber provide you all types of WordPress site maintenance services. From hosting your website to looking after the security of your data, From updating plugins and themes to cleaning up your website for malware and trojans.

We are your WordPress site Care-taker choose a plan that best suits you and then you just need to relax.

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