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Best 19 WordPress Influencers to Follow in 2020

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WordPress is a platform used by thousands of people. Some are there for expressing their thoughts, while some for motivation. But, every visitor is important. It is a place that can also be used for business stuff. However, it will require you to have high-level connections, a good group of people, and resources. Some of these will have more experience, while some will have better resources. They are called the WordPress influencers because of their achievements in this field. So to get a clear picture of whom to choose you will need some information about them.

top 19 WOrdPress influencers to follow

WordPress is one of the fastest-growing websites with more than 500 new site builds every 5 hours. The average amount of google searches for this one is more than any other blogging site. The current market for WordPress is 32% and is increasing rapidly. To understand more about influencers, let us take a deeper look into who they are and how they work. 

Here are the top 19 influencers you can follow on the social media sites.

  1. Matt Mullenweg
  2. Aaron D. Campbell
  3. Tareq Hassan
  4. Jason Tucker
  5. Ben Pines
  6. Chris Coyier
  7. Chris Lema
  8. Joost de Valk
  9. Adam Preiser
  10. Syed Balkhi
  11. Adii Pienaar
  12. Ahmad Awais
  13. Jean Galea
  14. Nile Flores
  15. Akshat Choudhary
  16. Brian Krogsgard
  17. Jason Cohen
  18. Dan Norris
  19. Andrew Nacin

Matt Mullenweg

Fondly called Matthew Charles is a social media entrepreneur and also works as a web developer. He is known for developing software for WordPress.

Matt Mullenweg WordPress influencer to follow

He has worked for Vault press, Intense debate, poll daddy, and Gravatar. He has also worked with CNET networks from 2004 to 2006. You can follow him on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and his website:

Aaron D. Campbell

Famous for his work in companies like Disney and Yahoo,  Campbell is a motivational speaker who talks about open source advocates and outgoing introverts. He was the security team leader at WordPress and has worked there for more than a decade.

Aaron D. Campbell WordPress influencer to follow

He is currently associated with GoDaddy’s core team. He had an experience of more than a decade in the field of web development. You can find him on Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook, and the website:

Tareq Hassan

A Bangladeshi entrepreneur and web developer, Tareq Hassan is the co-founder of weDevs. Hassan is fond of coding and programming along with WordPress.

Tareq Hasan WordPress influencer to follow

He is available on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn. To know more about him, you can read his blog:

Jason Tucker

Having the experience of more than 10 years and hosted seven WordPress podcasts, Jason Tucker is the developer of the WordPress site. He has worked with the Apple administration team, knows the skills of network monitoring, video streaming, and editing. Also handles social media quite well.

Jason Tucker WordPress influencer to follow

He was a candidate in the Orange County WordPress meetup where his motive was to make people aware of live streaming solutions. You can follow him on Twitter, Youtube, LinkedIn, and his official website:          

Ben Pines

Another web developer with quite a long journey in WordPress, Ben Pines  is currently working with Elementor. He has been keeping an eye on the marketing department of his company for a long time now.

Ben Pines WordPress influencer to follow

He has been appointed as the head of content and evangelist on the elementor team page. To keep yourself updated on the topics of elementor, you should follow him. He is available on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. 

Chris Coyier

He has been working with WordPress for many years now. He is an excellent web designer and has built CSS Tricks and other amazing sites. He has been working on these for over 10 years now and is still going strong. 

Chris Coyier WordPress influencer to follow

Coyier is the co-founder of a code pen, a stage where the process of web development is performed. He is also the second host of the podcast Shop Talk, a show that teaches how to create websites. Coyier has a hobby of writing as well and has written 2 books named ‘Practical SVG and Digging Into WordPress. You can find him on various social media platforms. His official website is

Chris Lema

He is a software programmer and also has been invited on the stage for the same. He has been connected to WordPress closely for five years as he works for the WordPress ecosystem. He helps the companies to refine their software systems for better performance and good quality.

Chris lema WordPress influencer to follow

He is the owner of CaboPress and Vice president of the liquid web. He has a lot of information about WordPress and its workings, so all those who are new and need inspiration can surely contact him. He is available on all social media platforms and his official website is

Joost De Valk

Those who are interested in digital marketing or have been from that background should check out this guy. Joose De Valk works as a company adviser for those who need more knowledge about digital marketing and campaigns. He is the founder and chief officer of Yoast.

Joost de Valk WordPress influencer to follow

He is the master of plugins and SEOs. He has walked on the stages of various talk shows and has spoken about famous events like Expo, Search marketing, etc. You can follow him on social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook. You can also check out his personal blog:

Adam Preiser

One successful businessman and a tech expert, Preiser is mainly known for his online marketing. Even his youtube channel is full of information on “how-to” videos related to WordPress. Marketing, video creation and a lot more can be learned from his talk shows.

Adam preiser

Website programming is his strong point. You can learn a lot about the same in his videos and social media posts. To know more about him, follow him on Twitter and LinkedIn. 

Syed Balkhi

This Pakistani businessman is an inspiration for many. He is the co-founder of very famous websites such as Optinmonster and WPForms. He introduced IsItWP in 2007. It is a WordPress tool that gives you an indication of themes and plugins. 

Syed Balkhi

He is the scholar of plugins and has the largest SMTP plugin. He has a huge following of people on different platforms (over 1 million followers). In 2018, he was recognized by Google Analytics Dashboard. To know more about him, you need to read his blogs on

Adii Pienaar

One of the very famous themes named woothemes is co-founded by Pienaar. He has a lot to share about plugins as he is the genius of plugins. He is currently associated with Conversio, his company which was founded in 2014. Pienaar has been to a lot of talk shows and has made people aware of plugins and other mechanical stuff. He also writes about many technical things and is liked by many of his fans.

adii pienaar

Pienaar has been given recognition by many huge companies. He can be followed on various platforms and his blog

Ahmad Awais

Ahmad Awais is a processor at and has quite a good experience of building DevTools. He is a full-time web programmer at WordPress and also writes some inspiring blogs. He also has experience in open source development and has also got awards for the same. He was a member of WordPress’ core team for development and new themes.

Ahmad Awais wordpress influencer to follow

His product is being used by over 60000 top companies and he has been given many recognitions for that. He is available on Twitter and Linked on. To read his blogs, check out

Jean Galea

He is an investor and an entrepreneur with some good sense of technical terms. He had his own WordPress agency and was a blogger himself. He is well known for creating new plugins which are aggregators. He is the president of WP Mayor and has hosted several shows, one of them is the, which was a podcast about technical pieces of stuff of WordPress.

Jean Galea

He is one of the huge businessmen who work on connection to WordPress. To get more information about him, follow him on Instagram and Facebook. His blogs could be read on

Nile Flores

One of the very few female web developers, Flores is a graphic designer and is associated with WordPress to make all the designs and themes more beautiful. She has done a lot of public speaking based on her experience and more. She posts her work on her pages pixelled nail and polishes happy. 

Nile flores

You will see, that she has dedicated a lot of herself to designing and graphic detailing. She also holds a degree in website designing. To follow her work, follow her on Twitter and Facebook. She also blogs at and GoDaddy’s Blog.

Akshat Choudhary

He is the CEO of BlogVault and Malcare. He mainly looks after the security (IT security) of WordPress. He has been in this job for years together now. He also works as the director at migrating guru. Choudhary keeps an eye on all activities related to safety issues and makes sure that no hackers are invited or they ruin the system.

Akshat choudhary

He has been a part of many talk shows and public speaking, which gave him more popularity. To know more about his journey and work, follow his youtube channel. He is also available on Facebook and other social media sites.

Brian Krogsgard

A very talented writer and entrepreneur, Brian Krogsgard have been connected with WordPress for a long time now. He is the editor of Post Status, a website that provides news for the professionals. It’s a website used only by the members of WordPress. His website has been serving more than 800 members every year.

Brian Krogsgard

He is associated with the info team of the site, where he delivers news and other important information through a newsletter. The Ledger Status is also run by him, where his main focus is to produce educational content, more about cryptocurrency. He can be followed on social media sites and has his blog:

Jason Cohen

Cohen is the chief of CTO at the WP engine where he works as a technology developer. He has experience of more than 20 years and is still going strong. He entered this field with a start-up to now, over $1 billion as annual revenue.

Jason Cohen

Cohen is well known for his WordPress hosting. He is one of the main members of Capital Factory along with being the founder of IT WatchDogs. He was recognized as the Entrepreneur Of The Year in 2017. To know more about him, check out his social media pages, also follow his blog:

Dan Norris

One of the best entrepreneurs, Dan Norris, is connected to WordPress and is famous for his write-ups. He likes to address the audience about WordPress services named WP Curve. It was invented by him in 2013 and sold the same to Godaddy in 2016.

dan norris

However, currently, he is not active on the services, nor does much of public speaking at various talk shows and events. To know more about his work and him, you’ll need to follow him on Twitter and Facebook. To read about his write-ups, his blog is

Andrew Nacin

He is a part of the main team of WordPress. He is a developer and works as a web programmer in the U.S. Digital Services. He and his team have been working on the same at the white house for tackling the government’s major technical problems, especially the ones affecting the people directly.

Andrew Nacin

His interest and knowledge about WordPress technical stuff is way too much and also been to many talk-shows to give information about the same to other people as well. You should get to know more about him and for that, you need to check out his page on different public platforms. His blog is

So here we come to the end of our list of famous WordPress influencers. There is a lot to learn from each one as each one has specialization in different fields. To know more about them, listen to them on different talk shows available on youtube and also follow them on different platforms to know more about how they are connected to WordPress, their journey, and other WordPress services. Go and check their pages now.

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