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The 10 Best PDF viewers plugins for WordPress (2020)

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PDF’s are everywhere. They’re used by business entities, educational institutions, and corporations around the world. A lot of important documents are exchanged in the form of a PDF. And with many PDF’s, you need a PDF viewer plugin. With a plugin, you can convert your posts and write-ups into PDFs. By just clicking on “add media” you will see features like PDFs appear on your screen. These plugins give access to a lot of options while working on the PDF files.

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A PDF viewer is not a tool that can always be used, and you might be thinking, when should we use it. Here is a list of points to go through on what and when to use a PDF viewer. 

  • For a lengthy post (that would not attract an audience) if it is simply posted as a blog or a write-up.
  • A final report or outcome of your post, where no editing is required, can be converted into a PDF. You can edit the content after turning it into PDF as well but that might be a long process.
  • A PDF is required when the content undergoes the process of checking and is supposed to be signed by various people.
  • While creating e-books, a PDF is important to keep, as it is organized and is easier for skimming.

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As we have discussed the various areas where PDFs can be used, let’s move on and check out the best WordPress PDF viewer plugins.

The 10 Best PDF viewers plugins for WordPress.

1. Embed PDF viewer

A very simple PDF viewer that does not take a lot of storage space is the Embed PDF viewer. Upload a PDF file from your media gallery or can import it from oEmbed into Google Docs Viewer. For all those who do not want a lot of chaos on their website should give Embed a try. Make sure that the URL you use while surfing should be a reachable link.

Embed PDF Viewer

2. DK PDF Generator

DK PDF Generator helps you implement the PDF form of your posts which can generate the traffic through PDF sharing groups. 

DK PDF generator plugin

This one is a little different from others as it lets you turn the website into a PDF rather than a few posts. It provides you features that can make the sharing of files easier and also has the option of customization where you can create a high-quality file-sharing system. 

3. Gravity PDF

Gravity is popular with WordPress users for various reasons like creating content and collecting information. With some awesome features, Gravity completely stands out from the rest of the PDF viewers. It allows you to collect information from other informative and relevant PDF files.

Gravity PDF

Security is one strong point of this viewer as it gives you some easy options to safeguard your personal information and password. Customization is one option available for you to make the PDF as creative as you want. 

4. Flowpaper

Flowpaper is a unique PDF viewer that allows you to stock magazines, brochures and catalogues into one and present it as a digital flip book. You can surf the site on any browser having the storage upto 15 megabytes or less, as per the PDFs that are not uploaded on Flowpaper’s cloud.  

FLowPaper plugin WOrdPress

The customization option is also available and it supports both dark and light themes. It is upon you to choose the theme according to your write up.

5. PDF Viewer for WordPress

One of the most powerful plugins with all the features required and more, PDF viewer for WordPress is something you need to look out for in the market. The PDF documents are properly placed on each of your devices without cluttering your website. It is easy to use and every newcomer should give it a try.

PDF Viewer for WOrdPress

The plugin supports over 100 languages, and a tracker is inserted in the PDF which is supported by Google Analytics that lets you know how many people have read your content. Other features like bookmarks and links are available for you whenever needed. Check this one out and I am sure you won’t be disappointed. 

6. WP Booklet

WP booklet has chosen a very interesting and formal theme of the magazine which gives it an interesting look. All the features give it a real 3D book effect which is loved by many. The only thing is that you need not pay for the same.

WP Booklet

It supports both documents as well as photos to make it more interesting. Beginners can also enjoy working on this as it comes with a guide and a help template. It can clear the traffic even if you upload tons of images and content. Interesting right? So go and check it out right now.

7. Vanilla PDF Embed

Vanilla PDF Embed is simple and beginner-friendly. The plugin includes helpful features like searching, zooming, editing, and printing all in one place. The plugin supports mobile browsers and this plugin uses shortcodes that are easy to handle.

Vanilla PDF embed WOrdPress plugin

Readers can have a great time here with all the widgets and books. Quite a lot of information can be surfed in here. One disadvantage of this viewer is that the upload button does not appear quickly. 

8. WP Advanced PDF

PDFs are widely used by educators as reading material for students, i.e. for educational purposes. WP Advanced PDF plugin makes it easy for students to convert the pages into PDF automatically and can access it offline as well. It also makes the process of printing and copying easy with all the features and widgets.

WP Advanced PDF

You can also change the font of the write-up. Customizations are available for the same. You can add watermarks and links to the content and make it more enjoyable in every way possible. It is easy to use and can be handled by beginners as well. 

9. PDF.js Viewer

If shortcodes are your thing, then PDF.js Viewer is for you. All you need to do is upload the post as a PDF and wait till it gets embedded. The way the whole plugin is designed is unique and stands out from the rest of them. Interestingly, the layouts are new and give an elegant touch to your PDF.

PDF.JS viewer

The plugin is open for customizations. Putting your creativity at work, you can bring out the best of this viewer. The fact is that this one is used by the WordPress team quite often and has been rated 4 stars by those who have experienced it. There is no harm in trying anything new, so go and check it out.

10. Send PDF for Contact Form 7

If you are looking for something that can capture all your information in one, then Contact Form 7 is always at your service. Versatility is at the core of this plugin and it comes with a lot of features and widgets to play with.

Send PDF for contact form 7 plugin WordPress

It is completely supported by WordPress and makes sure that no work of yours stays in the backlog. The submission can be easily done by adding watermarks and links to it. In case your data gets erased, it will be backed up directly in the plugging of form 7. Layouts and fonts are provided and the good thing is that it is pocket friendly. You should try it today without fail.

So here we come to an end of our list of Best WordPress PDF viewer plugins. Each of them is worth trying. Most of these plugins have free versions and you can enjoy all the features without paying a single penny. All of them are beginner friendly and easy to use. So go and sign up for them today.

If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments section below. And make sure you follow WP Uber for the latest updates on themes and plugins. 

WP Uber is a WordPress management agency that provides detailed site health reports and customized security solutions for WordPress sites. 

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