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12 Best Newspaper Themes in WordPress (2020)

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Newspapers are a major source of information even in today’s era full of technology. This form of media can never be old fashioned or just fade away. Newspapers have come a long way to make an impression in the mind of its readers, “a place to know what is happening around the world”. When you upload your write up on WordPress, themes are something that will make it attractive. Especially when you create a news site, the design is important. 

Readers will not always appreciate you choosing fancy and bright themes because they do not want any distractions while they are looking for any particular write-ups. Therefore it is important to choose the themes wisely. Newspaper backgrounds and themes always look good as they are elegant and classy. Also makes the article look powerful. WordPress offers you different features and themes to apply on and give a simple yet attractive look.                                             

Newspaper 9 wordpress theme for news websites

While picking a new theme, the features are likely to vary from site to site. But the ideal theme to choose would be one that prioritizes comprehensiveness and is easy to navigate. You will need to keep your standards high in choosing the correct themes in the matter of the fact that all kinds of designs are available at different search stations, therefore yours has to be a unique one which is not openly available anywhere. In case you plan to use your site for monetary advantages, it allows you to have easy support for ads. 

As we have discussed a lot about newspaper themes, let us help you find some awesome designs which will make your columns look attractive. 

Here are the top 12 news WordPress themes that you will fall in love with.

1. MH Magazine

It is important to have a very tidy looking theme which creates a good impression among the readers. Having white space between the content and organizing everything properly giving it a magazine look attracts quite a lot of audience. The theme is just more than the theme as it allows access to 26+ widget locations. It also offers some flexible layouts, an attractive front page, and various sections for advertisements. The widgets help you in taking your site forward for advertising and can be visible in your social media accounts. 

MH Magazine wordpress theme for news websites

Many other features like customization are offered which connects your style of content to brands, using colors, templates, fonts, and logos. Those who are in search of some simple and clean designs should go for MH Magazine to check out new layouts and fresh updates daily.                                    

2. Newspaper

How cool is it to have a theme matching your content perfectly? Pretty cool right. A newspaper theme is a theme made only and only for news and magazine edits. It is highly popular among the writers as it attracts the attention of the audience very quickly. They have got over 85,000 regular consumers and it keeps on increasing day by day. It is a very familiar theme among the people that even the new subscribers of WordPress choose to go with. A newspaper surely prioritizes the power and performance of huge write-ups and images.            

NewsPaper wordpress theme for news websites

It has got over 50 demos on how to create your layouts. Besides, it offers widgets that can be used regularly such as weather updates, stock exchange stuff, and also social media upgrades. It is fully optimized and efficient enough to detect ads and answer them immediately.                         

This modern and classic theme has so much more to offer. Very trendy, newspapers are a must-try.       

3. Gillio

Giving your content a very trendy look, makes it look nice. Gillion theme brings out simplicity with so much ease in your article giving maximum importance to the write-up. It is mainly used while typing the content of magazines, publishing, and other stuff. It comes with a lot of fascinating features and demos to give you an easy start to your site. It provides you with different sections to organize your work in column arrangements so that you always know where to find your articles in the future.     

Gillion wordpress theme for news websites

Other pros of this theme are, it provides blog features as well. Very carefully designed, blog features use attractive colors and catchy headings for anyone to fall for it.                  

Gillion takes the help of the WPBakery page builder for its opening page parallelly working on SEO improvements. It comes with plenty of storage space for piling up the documents. Besides, other characteristics offered by Gillion are a bunch of different colors, multiple formats to choose from, and various social icons. This theme is a must-try with a lot of new stuff and customizations.  

4. Soledad

This theme works great for newspaper websites. Soledad WordPress theme assures you many innovative features including designs, colors, formats, patterns, etc. that can surely impress any reader. You can connect your site with any electronic devices, as Soledad is highly responsive to smartphones, tablets, and PCs.      

Soledad wordpress theme for news websites

It is highly popular among regular users because it offers a variety of options to craft a perfect model for any newspaper site.          

Soledad hosts an amazing gallery to store photos and makes it easier to showcase all your creative content. It offers 100+ sliders and layout combinations. It also includes a lot of header variations, unlimited colors, 100s of variations. You can customize it according to your taste. Further, it has 6 personalized slide bars for every page and post. Soledad gets support from the WooCommerce plugin for those who want to sell their merchandise. If you want to use the website for business, then you won’t regret trying it.   

5. The Gem

When you work on any news website, the challenge you face is how to organize the stuff with a lot of content to write. Having “The Gem theme” makes the work easy by offering a layout that looks classy and clean. You will find a combination of modern and stylish features. It also permits customization, where you can create and innovate your layouts the way you want.        


The Gem wordpress theme for news websites

The gem is not at all difficult to handle as it is supported by WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for amazing designs. It includes demo layouts and creative options for a powerful interface and attracts the readers. If you are looking for something that is made for high performance and offers creativity, then The Gem should be on your list.                                   

6. The Issue

If you have an account on WordPress, it is more than obvious that you will keep your readers updated. Therefore it is important to have a theme that is both easy to use and flexible. The issue is a theme having it all. It is a complete package having a range of demos, templates, and designs with insane speed. It includes compartments to organize all your work documents properly.   

The Issue wordpress theme for news websites

The issue has a lot more to offer than just flexibility. It plays a vital role in social media integration. It allows you to share your work all over the social media sites. Just like other themes, The Issue offers customization for all creative minds and helps you create interesting news and magazine sites for your readers. This theme is particularly designed for all those who love detailed designing, a little stylish and innovative backgrounds. You all should check out this one.    

7. Smart Mag

Smart Mag is one of the most responsive WordPress themes and a multipurpose one. All those who are new to the website, and want to create a magazine from scratch should check this out. Bloggers can also work through Smart Mag as it is very flexible and easy to handle. A bundle of layouts, colors, and designs are provided along with customization as an option.

SMart magazine theme for WordPress news websites

The front page is built using a drag and drop page builder that simplifies the whole process of customization. It provides some awesome widgets with amazing features where no coding is required for successful results. 

Creating a magazine through Smart mag creates a long-lasting impression on the readers, because of its simple yet modern design and perfect layouts and formats. Have a look at smart mag today.             

8. Goodlife

If you are looking for something more than perfect for a news site, then Goodlife theme is the one. It ensures you to make web development easier than ever. It works on all kinds of devices and is compatible with others. There are multiple pre demos available with some unique layouts. It also includes galleries to save all your pictures and videos. Also, different compartments are allotted to categorize all your documents.

Goodlife theme for wordpress Website

The readers are always impressed by clean slides. Goodlife has been providing the designs that attract the eyes of the readers immediately. The structure of the page is also simplified. The front page has been developed through WPBaker Page Builder Plugin. Working on Goodlife gives one great experience. Try it now.                

9. Pen News

Creating a homepage for any kind of website is important. Especially when structuring a news website. Pen news theme can create a website including a homepage. It is designed with the help of the drag and drop option of the WPBacker plugin. It also gets support from the Convert plug plugin to assemble all your emails in your subscriber’s list.

Pen News Theme for news wordpress websites

Pen news is a little different from other themes as it completely works on customization. It has a feature in which you can write your content in block style or grid layout, according to your needs.               

Pen news comes along with different widgets and it focuses on various segments of the website. You can use the site for your monetary works as well. This theme should be shortlisted.             

10. Jannah

A theme that completely stands out from others, Jannah works on the journalistic front. It supports the reporting of news on various platforms, where speed and visuals are everything. The theme is a package of demos and templates to make your site prettier. However, the power is given to customization so that the workers can put up their ideas according to the taste of their readers.

jannah news theme for wordpress sites

Jannah has introduced some new features such as erasing all kinds of duplicate content, SEO optimization, and desktop notifications so that people won’t have to search for your article.

Also, Jannah has got some stylish designs to choose from. It also adds various backgrounds to its collection, based on festivals or any important events. Jannah should be added up to your list right away.            

11. Buzz stone

Who doesn’t want their content to go viral? Everybody wants it. Buzz stone is a theme that can make your content go viral in just a few minutes. Basically, it focuses more on newspaper and magazine articles. For the people who want to start from the beginning should check out this one, as it has so much to offer.

Buzzstone WOrdpress theme for newspaper website

The theme includes some awesome and modern designs and has 100+ formats to choose from. Various layouts are also included.             

The main layout of this theme is different from others, as it uses the box format which looks very neat and makes it easier for the readers to locate your write up. The gallery is allotted for attaching pictures and videos. It uses a unique shade of colors, patterns, and also offers customization. This theme is particularly designed for all those magazine freaks. You should surely check the theme out.

12. Voice

Elegance perfectly defined in this theme, Voice is a mixture of the flat and boxy design. It uses dark colors and creates magic on the platform. This theme focuses more on colors than designs. It gets support from the manual slider with CSS3 effects. The homepage is created in a way that catches the attention of the viewers immediately using stories and visual effects.

Voice newspaper theme in WordPress

However, one disadvantage is the typography, because not all the news themes would be as good as one would expect. If we ignore the minor con, then Voice has a lot more to offer. The fonts, designs, patterns, and of course the color scheme is just another level. This one is worth trying once.           

So here we come to the end of our list. Every theme discussed has its own identity because one way or another they are all perfect in their ways. Of course, each of them has minor disabilities which can be overcome if you try to.

Newspaper WordPress Themes are awesome because of their simplicity, boldness, and modernity. All the themes are smooth running with awesome graphics and huge storage space for arranging all your documents perfectly in a particular place. You should try them at least once for an experience like never before.

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