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12 Best Code editor for editing WordPress files (2020)

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You may wonder to find an appropriate tool to edit the code of WordPress files. There are some very easygoing and handy editing tools available to use. But, there are some specific and multipurpose text editors too. This editing software can help to find and replace words and syntax highlighting.

In this article, we include the most used editors for WordPress files. These are the 12 Best code editors used in 2020 for editing a WordPress file. Let’s get started.

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12 Best code editors used for editing a WordPress file

1. Atom

An excellent choice for editing the WordPress file is Atom.

atom code editor for wordpress

Created by GitHub developers, Atom’s interface is beginner-friendly. If you want to save your time as an editor for WordPress, you should rely on this editing application. It consists of all the basic features editing applications have: find and replace, auto-completion, system browsers, etc.

It is open-source. It is compatible with almost all Operating Systems. Since it is customizable and extensible, it is quite popular among developers. It also provides design themes that can create some stunning pages. Atom is free to use.  

2. ATPad

ATPad is similar to Notepad with many general features. 

ATpad WordPress file code editor

However, ATPad has more features than Notepad. The basic editing options remain the same. It provides the features to add line numbering, add bookmarks, and find and replace words from various lines.

The best feature of the editor is it can be used online. It does not need to be installed on computer systems. It supports text snippets and windows cascading. It supports all the basic languages only and lacks advanced editing features.

3. BBEdit

If you use Mac for code editing then BBEdit can be the right choice to do so.

BBEdit code editor in WordPress

People who want high performance and great editing experience can go for this one. For WordPress developers who edit on Mac, it provides innumerable features.

BBEdit enables users to write specialized codes for a website. It provides the essential features of writing, editing, finds and replace pattern matching, and many more.

Extensive support to Mac users only is one of the key highlights of this program. It also supports FTP and SFTP functions along with Applescript, Mac OS X scripting, and HTML Markup tools. The trial version is free after that you can avail of the services on a monthly subscription.

4. Brackets

Brackets is a quality product from Adobe for code editing in WordPress. It is open-source which means it is free to use.

Brackets code editor for WordPress

This product is as good as any other Adobe products such as Photoshop or Illustrator. It is embedded with all the essential features.

It provides extensive customization. For HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and PHP code writing, Brackets can be used. Bugs are fixed with regular updates. It supports integration with the creative cloud. The auto-completion mode is not found here. External plugins aren’t supported either.

5. CoffeeCup

CoffeeCup is a user-friendly application for HTML and CSS coding for beginners and advanced users alike.

CoffeeCup code editor WordPress

It offers an easy to use interface with several advanced features to make the coding process seamless. It allows auto-updates, SEO optimization, page preview, tag reference, etc.

CoffeeCup supports HTML, CSS, and PHP coding. It can access files from any server and open it. Most importantly, it supports all the platforms. The application can be used at a fair price of the subscription. 

6. Coda

Coda is a popular application for Mac users.

Coda code editor WordPress

It is known for the user-friendly interface and ease in using features. It exhibits the feature to preview the page, auto-completion, highlighting, debugging, find and replace, drag and drop, etc.

It extensively supports the gradients and appearance in different colors as per need. It is an amazing management program that helps in using FTP, WebDav, and SFTP. It supports the queries of MySQL. It is not a free application. It is available as a subscription. However, large files are difficult to handle.

7. Espresso

An espresso is an efficient tool for web development in Mac devices.

It has tools for CSS editing. Espresso is embedded with powerful visual features. It supports many programming languages such as python, ruby, PHP, CSS, HTML, JavaScript.

Espresso code editor WprdPress

It is the best tool for Mac users for web development. The program is not free. A paid subscription can give you access to much more enhanced features.

8. Komodo Edit

WordPress code editor files can be edited on Komodo Edit. This edited file is fast and works on all major operating systems.

Komodo edit code editor

It is open-source. It has a user-friendly interface. The paid version allows teamwork. The subscription price is higher though. It comes along with editing features such as syntax highlighting, code coloring, toolbox, managing projects, etc. Worth the price you pay.

9. Light Table

Light Table

Light Table is lightweight with a clean user interface. The golden feature of the Light table program is the ability to preview the results of the coding instantly via instant feedback option.

It also provides the facility for fuzzy file searching, syntax highlighting, debugging, etc. It is open-source and is compatible with almost all operating system platforms. The editor is free to use.

However, it lacks many advanced features that other editors provide. If you are looking for a free editor then you can go for this one. 

10. Notepad ++

Notepad++ is all that you need for your Windows Operating System.

NotePad++ code editor WordPress

It is simple and lightweight. It is also very user friendly. It supports direct connectivity with a server through an FTP. It supports external plugins efficiently and allows multiple features to get launched via these plugins.

It is open-source and is compatible with Mac, Linux, and Unix platforms. The interface is however very simple and it requires an upgrade to meet the current demands. Additional software named Wine is needed for running Notepad++ on a different Operating System. It is freely accessible. 

11. Vim

A very bold and powerful code editing application is Vim. Vim works on several Operating systems such as Windows, DOS, and Mac.

Vim code editor for WordPress file

It is open-source. Vim is customizable and meets WordPress needs effectively. Some of the key highlight features it possesses are syntax highlight, find and replace, and many other similar editing commands.

The user interface is very integrated and supports more than 150 languages. It is expandable too. A tool for proficient coders. Beginners might struggle to operate it smoothly.

12. WeBuilder

A great editor for WordPress coding, WeBuilder can support several languages.

weBuilder WordPress code editor

The trial version is free, however, the paid version has more features. Some of the best features associated with this application include syntax highlighting, code suggestions, find and replace, navigation, etc.

The editors are dedicated to editing HTML, CSS, PHP, and JavaScript files. It supports many validation tools etc. It debugs too.

Wrapping up! 

This writeup on WordPress editors includes the 12 best editing applications, and have been shortlisted from at least 50 editing applications.

Some of the editors are beginner-friendly and have a smooth user interface. Some applications are a bit complex with programming and editing requirements.

phenomenal with extended use of powerful editing tools. The paid versions are known to be better in performance and results. The plugins integrate well with the WordPress site. 

An important tip: Always remember the needs of your site. If you have a simple blogging site or photography site, you can go for simpler and free versions of editing applications.

For commercial websites that have lots of databases and several integrated web pages, you can go for advanced editors. 

Hope you like this article. For more articles on WordPress check out our blog

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