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Creators often wish to put up videos or animations on their websites to engage their audience, increase retention, and reduce bounce rate. You can easily add music files from your gallery. WordPress supports numerous formats. If you are unable to do so, learn how-to here.

WordPress allows you to add audio to your website through plugins. Further, they will enable your audience to create playlists and customize. There are plenty of plugins available, and it may get a little overwhelming for beginners to pick the right one. We have created a list of the top 13 audio plugins for WordPress that are trending and highly efficient.

While going through the list, it will come to your notice that some of the Audio Plugins come with a Layout Builder. A layout builder helps you customize your plugin further to enhance the user experience. Most of the plugins are free and support major browsers.

Top Audio Play plugin for WordPress Site:

Blubrry PowerPress:

PowerPress podcasting plugin by bluberry for WordPress

Experienced WordPress users readily claim PowerPress as one of the best audio plugins designed. 

It is easy to use and free to install. This plugin is created by the podcasters for the podcasters, which support Stitcher, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, TuneIn completely. 

Blubrry PowerPress gives the multiple options of podcasting SEO features, various A/V options, sidebar widgets, ‘subscribe to podcast page’ embedments, and comes with 2 modes: simple and advanced to categorize the features for the users.

It is one of the most and trusted plugin in the market, currently and its developers update the website in, timely.

Compact WP Audio Player:  

compact audio player plugin for WordPress

No doubt, default WordPress audio plugins are beautiful and provide good quality, but by default WordPress, audio players will take up all the possible space in your post area. 

Compact WP Audio Player solves this issue by stacking a small audio player; it takes up only the necessary area. HTML5 playback is used as the default option by this plugin. Compact WP Audio Player is fully responsive. 

Even if you wish to use a more comprehensive interface, it adjusts itself without any instructions. It will fit the screen size of the user. 

Smart Podcast Player:

Smart Podcast player plugin

Specially designed for podcasts, SPP is a high-end audio product for WordPress. If you are looking for an audio plugin that will be highly enjoyed and favored by the audience, Smart Podcast should be your pick.

Your audience can binge your entire library. Further, the Smart Track Player that comes with SPP gives the same functionality as a whole show to a single track. 

In this way, you can put it in use for podcasts, music, or even snippets that your audience will be able to download. Its additional and useful features justify the high demand and usage of SPP.

You can save the email addresses of your listeners. This can help you to add them to your mailing list and hence increase your brand by marketing.

HTML5 jQuery Audio Player:

HTML5 jQuery audio player plugin for WordPress

jQuery Audio Player’s most fancy feature has to be, it allows you to even sell your digital content with the help of Easy Digital Downloads. It allows you to customize your audio player’s interface and make it look trendy. 

Album art and metadata are shown beautifully with the help of this plugin and will certainly doll up your website with a beautiful aesthetic touch. 

Plus, your visitors will be able to rate the music without leaving the page.

SoundCloud is Gold:

sound cloud is gold audio player Plugin for WordPress

SoundCloud is Gold, as the name suggests, specially designed for SoundCloud and helps you to manage all your audio files hosted on SoundCloud. 

This stunning plugin grants your website visitors the ease to subscribe to your podcasts quite nimbly.

Not only this, the best part is yet to come!

SoundCloud is Gold allows you to manage all your files and edit your posts, pages and add/delete albums, playlists on the fly.

Simple Audio Player:

Simple Audio Player plugin

Simple Audio Player is easy to surf through a comprehensive audio plugin that uses flash as the default playback option instead of HTML5, rather uses HTML5 as the fallback.

The plugin makes it to this list for its further glorifying features.

Simple Audio Player gives you more accessible options to alter the color and size of the Media Player, plus lets you enter the tracks and audio playlists with the help of a shortcode.

If you are wondering what shortcodes are and how to put them to your best use, click here to understand them. 

Music Player for Woocommerce:

WOocommerce plugin music player

You might fantasize about having your live musical gigs, yet if you are new to the industry, it might be hard to crack in.

Here is when an audio plugin will help you out. Sounds quite far-fetched, right? Read ahead.

Music Player for WooCommerce works like iTunes and other music selling platforms. 

It allows your users to download your music; in turn, you can sell your music and earn money. 

Instead of selling it on some alien websites, you can sell your music on the platform you are already comfortable with usage, i.e., WooCommerce using shortcodes.

Audio Album:

audio album Plugin for WordPress

Experienced WordPress users who use Audio Plugins quite often will raise the point of Audio Album being the prettiest Audio Plugin currently in the market.

Audio Album’s purpose is to display audio albums, playlists using the built-in WordPress functionality. It is known for its package with shortcodes that offer plenty of easy options.

Audio Album offers highly customizable options- from editing the size or style of the player to adding the artist’s, album’s title; you can perform countless edits.

Further, it can add single tracks, a feature not available in most of the Audio plugins.

CP Media Player:

CP media player for WordPress

CP Media Player is considered to offer the most beautiful skins and appearance options.

It is one of the most responsive audio plugins and hence works on all the possible devices. CM Media Player supports AV files:  MP4, OGG, WebM, WMV, MP3, WAV, WMA, FLV, and WebSRT subtitle files. It is a beautiful AV Player for WordPress, plus, CM Media Player can display the subtitles using the WEbSRT format.

Many creators prefer this plugin due to its support to all the popular browsers of the web like Firefox, Safari, Chrome, Opera, Internet Explorer.

Audio Dock:

Audio Dock themify plugin

Audio Dock is one of the most used and powerful Audio Plugins, feature-rich for your WordPress Website.

It allows you to add an unlimited number of tracks, customize the titles, alter the colors for the track and bar, and much more; plus Audio Dock is completely free, so you won’t be missing out on anything!

If you are a new musician or artist, or even an experienced one and looking for online exposure, Audio Dock is a perfect plugin for you.


t-player audio plugin for WordPress

Again, one of the most powerful Audio Plugins, which is highly customizable and offers numerous unique front-end alterations, your users can listen to auto-curated playlists, for example, “Top 20 songs of the week,” and can add the audio player to any page/page as a widget.

t-Player has no limits. You can create as many playlists you wish to fill them with an unlimited number of tracks.

This audio plugin can be installed on any WordPress theme and supports all the major browsers. 

MP3 Sticky Media Player:

MP3 sticky player 7 plugin

Compatible with YouTube videos and MP4, MP3 Sticky Player is mobile-ready and works on all popular browsers. 

Creates a beautiful audio playback experience for your website’s visitors, plus your visitors can browse through other websites while listening to your audio, which will function on a separate window. 

Top-notch features like share buttons, deep linking, live streaming, etc., are compatible with this audio plugin.


These were a few of the top and most trendy Audio Plugins for your WordPress website.

If you want to dig in for the Best WordPress themes, these articles will help you:

Nonetheless, there are many more audio plugins that have not been included, like Hero, which supports radio streaming, Fullwidth Audio Player, which allows you to add an audio player anywhere on the page, etc.

So many options can certainly put you in an uphill position. To start, choose the free plugins, watch their tutorials, surf through its features and advantages while keeping the disadvantages in mind. 

The Audio Plugin that matches most with your checklist of needs and website goals should be your choice. If you found this article helpful, let us know in the comments section below. And make sure you follow WP Uber for the latest updates on themes and plugins.

WP Uber is a WordPress management agency that provides detailed site health reports and customized security solutions for WordPress sites.

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