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Best 7 Backup And Restore Plugins you may be missing out on (2020)

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You might have been through a situation where you spend a lot of hours building up your WordPress site and just in a blink of an eye it is all gone. It does feel like a nightmare, right? Many times, due to all technical issues, hackers can find an easy way to slide in and erase all your data. You need not worry now, as there are various places where all your data can be restored. If anything bad happens, or in case you delete your data by mistake, a WordPress plugin can save the day.

Now, one easy way to handle backups is to let a knowledgeable WordPress maintenance service take up your account. The client support will be there 24×7 to help you with all the setbacks you face. Also, they will constantly be monitoring the activities so that they can restore the data during any problem that occurred. They will get into action immediately as they get notifications of any kind of fatal errors.

Another way is to try a fully managed WordPress hosting who can do this job for you. You may also get other cheap hosting options as well. However, using a plugin would give the same or probably a far better result.

Just backing up your data won’t work. Make sure that you choose the proper server to save your data as well as the site. The main question that would have popped up in your mind is “What to look for in a backup and restore plugin”.

Here are a few considerations that are must-haves in your plugin:

Cloud backups-

Some plugins are supported by cloud storage services like Dropbox, google drive, etc. automatically. They let your photos, videos, and documents be stored in your respective account.

Automatic plugins-

Always choose a plugin that allows you to schedule the backup automatically, or else you may have to do it quite frequently. Try and schedule them to run at certain intervals.

Site plugins-

You need to choose a plugin that can handle your site as well. Many of them can work well with the smaller sites but cause problems in handling huge ones. The speed of the plugin reduces and therefore, you need to choose a plugin that is designed to work well with all kinds of sites.

Consider migrations-

The migration of sites is a good alternative to backup and restoration. It is a lot different from the latter one as it requires you to change the domain name. If you go for that option, then replacing all the documents should be considered. 

To find the best backup and restore plugins, make sure your plugins covers these features.

Top 7 plugins for Backup and Restore in WordPress:


A cost-friendly plugin, Updraftplus has a premium version that can create automatic backups for better functionality. You get the option of either saving them on your web or send them to cloud storage like Google drive, dropbox, Rackspace cloud, etc. Also, a good thing is that if you want to restore, it helps you with restoring both your database and the site. And if it is a huge file, then the Updraftplus splits it into two parts and stores the data as archives which makes the process more reliable.

The premium version will cost you around 70$ which gives you even more cloud storage along with restoring the sites created by other backup plugins. In case, you go with the migrating option, then this site allows you to search and run on your database in phpMyAdmin to make it easy.

UpdraftPlus backup and Restore


This one is a free backup plugin that includes WordPress backup, restore, and migration. It is automated to connect with all the backup sites like Google Drive, Dropbox, Amazon S3, and others. It comes with various other features that work as a helping hand in creating the backups successfully with web hosting.

The best thing is that all these features are free. The premium version of this platform offers you a lot of customization options to let you customize almost everything that needs to restored. This plugin will cost you around 149$ including the pro version and advanced options.    

WPVivid backup and Restore

Backup Buddy-

Backup Buddy is one of the popular plugins which works in support of iThemes. This backup way can cover all kinds of WordPress emergencies. 

You can have all your data back, change themes, widgets, and plugins as well. They also provide you with 1 GB of free storage and a private support channel. Like the other plugins, this one also connects with cloud storage services. It includes a backup stash service that helps you manage all the data in your cloud.           

BackupBuddy backup and Restore

Backup buddy also works in sync of your local computers which is a crucial part of a proper backup strategy. It includes the tool required to restore and migrate your site. It also includes this really awesome non-backup feature involved in the developer package that creates a staging site to test out changes before actually logging in, which means you need not restore from the backup. You can buy the plugin for around 80$- 197$. It is worth buying as the reviews for the same are really good.                                                       

Blog Vault-

A very popular plugin that is trusted by over 300,000+ sites without taking a lot of your storage on the server. It is a trusted website and has reliable WordPress backup solutions. You can restore huge files of around 300 GB without creating a lot of chaos on your server.

It has one of the speediest site restoring tools that take less than 5 mins to do the job. They have also enabled the merging tool to test the whole process without a new setup. You can also test the website through this tool. They also give a powerful authority to migrating tools for web hosts such as WP Engine, Flywheel, Liquid web, etc. for the smooth running of your websites. Blog vault allows automatic backups that can also be scheduled according to your convenience and can also take up the manual option of backup, whenever you need it.                                    

BlogVault backup and Restore

Blog vault offers many different features that can store most of your data and keep the backups very much up to date. If there are huge files to be stored, then it activates the incremental backup facility to keep it organized. Just like other servers, this one also connects with cloud services such as Amazon S3, Google Drive, or Dropbox and can also download it on your computer. Blog vault has the ability to access the data from around 300+ days and you can choose to restore any data you want. This particular website is fast and stacked up and has got great reviews. You should definitely try it. It will cost you between 7.40$ – 149$ based on the premium versions.                                      

Duplicator Pro-

So far, one of the most adjustable plugins out there is the duplicator pro.  It lets you create templates of your whole WordPress site. Those templates can be stored as piles in your backup stores and use or migrate them whenever you want. Just use a new domain name to migrate. Duplicate Pro also lets you schedule your backups, as well as manual options, in case you need it anytime.

Duplicator Pro backup and Restore

It comes with various different options for storing your backups, including the cloud storage and API options. The reviews for the following are really good and it is worth giving a try. Duplicator Pro is available for 59$ – 359$.

Vault Press-

This fully automatic version of backups handles all your data with such ease and above all it is rapid. Vault press uses its own cloud storage which has both pros and cons. The advantage is that it makes the whole process of restoration very easy and quick whereas the disadvantage is that you completely rely on this one source. However, there can be various mistakes made even though it is automatic.

VaultPress backup and Restore

Vault press comes along with a jetpack plugin, but you will need to pay for it. There are two plans available on this site, one is the basic and the other one is the pro. To activate your account, you need to subscribe to the basic plan and then go to premium ones. It also offers you daily security scans.


A trustworthy option for backup and restoration, BackWPup is a very much cost friendly plugin. It does include a premium version, but the basic version is more than enough for all WordPress users. It provides you with the option of scheduling your backup and the website. Offers the option of choosing external services like Google Drive and Dropbox by downloading it on your computer itself. Importing all your data in a file is one quick way to restore all your data in case you ever need to.

BackWPup backup and Restore

BackWPup can automatically repair all the database through phpMyAdmin backups. It works smoothly and avoids all the chaos while in the process of doing so. Getting a premium version has one advantage that it gives you access to more cloud storage and a few more backup options for a better performance of the site. The premium version of BackWPup is cost-friendly and easily available. However, you might not need one as most of the job could be done through the free version itself.                                                    

Any site, if not handled properly may cause some serious damage to the data present in it. Therefore, it is always better to go with the strategies for proper functioning. Even WordPress has a backup strategy. To always be able to run through your backups, you need to make sure that you follow the rule of 3-2-1.

The 3-2-1 strategy refers to being able to have access to 3 total backups of your site, out of which 2 needs to be local and 1 should be offsite. This rule particularly includes:

  • Your computer- Always have one copy of your data saved in the computer as even if it is erased from any other site you still have the access to it.
  • An external drive/USB- One of the safe places to keep your database safe and unharmed as it will always be with you.
  • Cloud storage- Places like the Dropbox and Google drive are also safe. It can hold all your documents for more than 300+ days as a backup.

You may think that this is just too much, but having a copy of your data at different places will lessen the chances of any disasters. If not all three, then at least you’ll have access to one of the viable backups.

I conclude by saying that now you have got to know all the sources of WordPress backups and restore plugins and therefore will be securing all your database properly using the strategies. You can always use any of the 7 services listed above as they all are worth giving a try. They will all help the system to run smoothly without creating any problem. Now you can write your blogs without any worries.

Happy Blogging!

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