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Best 3 WordPress Security plugins in 2020

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Before you move onto the list of the best security plugins for a WordPress website in 2020, you need to realize the need for boosting the safety and patching the vulnerabilities of your website.

The massive array of features and the easy-to-use interface that WordPress offers has made it the most popular platform for people looking to create their website. WordPress has grown into the most successful web development and content management system online. Renowned for its usability and ease of access, a WordPress website is also an attractive target for bad actors and attackers looking for a soft target.

If your site becomes the target of such a malicious attack, it can cause irreparable damage to your business. Hackers can gain access to WordPress sites and use it as a launching platform for further illicit activities. Meanwhile, you end up losing all the time and money that you have spent in developing content for your audience and the customers that you have secured. 

Google may end up banning your website for phishing or malware, and your business will never completely recover from such a ban. Hackers may also end up stealing your company’s and customer’s data and sell it to a third party. 

Best WordPress Security plugins of 2020

Why do you need a Security Plugin?

There are many points of vulnerabilities on a WordPress website and it is not possible for a user to tackle all the issues manually. Protecting your WordPress website and the data of your users from hackers should be an active concern for any online business.  Google blacklists around 10000 websites every day for malware and around 50000 every week for phishing. 

If your site gets black-flagged by Google, then it will take years to reach its original search ranking. By that time customers will have moved on and your business will take a tremendous loss.

There is also a threat of a hacker gaining access to your website or obtaining the login credentials using a brute-force attack. They may end up locking you out of your website. This would be the worst-case scenario and you will be forced to pay a ransom to the hackers to gain access back to your website.

A Security Plugin comes with a variety of features to protect various aspects of your website. From Strong Password Reinforcement and Two-Factor Authentication to deal with login security to Firewalls, File Scans and Virus Scans to deal with malware, a security plugin is essential for a safe WordPress website.

Top Three WordPress Security Plugins in 2020

  • iThemes Security
  • BulletProof Security
  • Ninja Scanner – Virus and Malware Scan

An online business can vanish without its website, and you stand to lose everything you’ve built if you choose the wrong security plugin. You need to secure your WordPress website from the beginning, and this is an investment that is necessary for the future and success of your business. Fortunately, WordPress has many great plugins that rely on creating an environment of minimum risk for your online business. 

These security plugins come loaded with a bunch of features and protect your website from a range of malware attacks and common hacking attempts. They have the option of both a free and a premium plan. The following security plugins are the best in the market in 2020:-

iThemes Security

The iThemes Security plugin is one of the most popular and well-known plugins on the market with over 30 different features to protect your site from malware and hacks. They focus primarily on identifying login vulnerabilities, compromised files, and obsolete elements on your website. It also comes with strong password enforcement and data backup, among other features.

IThemes Security Plugin Review

While the plugin has a free version, you can upgrade to iThemes Security Pro at a reasonable cost of $80/year. This unlocks the 30+ security features making iThemes one of the best budget options on the market. 

What makes the Pro version of iThemes Security great:-

  • Your WordPress files can be a vulnerable point of entry, and the security plugin scans your files for manipulation and malware. It also compares the WordPress core files with the current WordPress version. This is useful because it takes an expert to detect whether a file has been tampered with, and iThemes does the job for free.
  • It works on login vulnerabilities by strictly enforcing strong passwords and enabling two-factor authentication. You can also limit login attempts using iThemes.
  • The security plugin comes with an “Away Mode” that allows you to lock all users out of your WordPress Dashboard when you’re not making updates to your website.
  • It scans plugins and themes for obsolete bits of code and also performs 404 detections.

The iThemes development team was also behind the famous BackUpBuddy Plugin, among other plugins and themes.

BulletProof Security

BulletProof Security is an advanced security plugin that may be considered overkill for the average website. Security professionals use it, and the premium version is still being developed and updated with new features being added and tested. It doesn’t have the best user interface, but the free version comes packed with enough features to handle your website’s security. 

BulletProof Security Review

Some of the features of the free version of BulletProof Security are:-

  • Regular Data Backup and Recovery Options.
  • A maintenance mode that secures your site when the core plugin is being updated.
  • Anti-spam and Anti-hacking tools.
  • A security log that records login attempts and suspicious activity.
  • The MScan Malware Scanner

The premium version of BulletProof Security costs a one-time payment of $69.95. The company offers a 30-day money-back guarantee, and it has multiple unique features that are not available anywhere else on the market. These include features like cURL scans, an online Base64 decoder, and encrypting and intrusion detection tools. The premium version is suited for experts who want advanced features and customized settings.

NinjaScanner- Virus & Malware Scan

The official description of NinjaScanner describes the plugin as a lightweight and fast malware scanner which scans your blog for virus and malware. It has a range of features that secure your site against multiple types of viruses and malware. 

The free version includes most of the features, and NinjaScanner offers a variety of discounts based on the number of domains you want to use it on. The premium plan for a single domain costs $19.50 per year.

Ninja Scanner Plugin Review

Some of the best features of NinjaScanner security plugin include:-

  • A File Integrity Checker compares the core WordPress files and the theme and plugin core files to their original package. It shows you any changes and modifications in the files, and you can restore corrupted files with a single click.
  • NinjaScanner has virtually no impact on the performance of your site and is a very lightweight plugin. It saves the scan data and logs on the hard disk and comes with a Garbage Collector, which empties its cache.
  • The Background Scanning feature allows you to start a scan and keep working on your blog as usual as it performs the scan in the background. You can even log out of the WordPress Dashboard while a scan is running.
  • The premium version allows you to set custom scheduled scans that can run daily, weekly, or even twice a day.
  • It comes with a Snapshot feature that shows you which files and posts were edited or deleted between two scans by comparing the old list with the new one.


Securing your WordPress site is an important step towards building a secure foundation for your business. These are three of the best security plugins on the market and come loaded with many features to make a safe WordPress website. They are reasonably priced and come from trustworthy developers. 

You must take great care to secure not only your WordPress website but also your WordPress login, files, and folders and the data and privacy of everyone on your site.WP Uber has picked out the nest security plugins of 2020 and will help you in not only setting up a secure WordPress website but will work with you to absolve any security issues and address concerns that you may have, Check out WP Uber today.

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