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Best 15 Online Business Ideas You Can Start Tomorrow

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Many people think of starting their own business. Either the motivation is better earnings or the desire to be your boss or just like business and passionate about it, the thought of becoming an entrepreneur has crossed their minds at some point in their life. 

But most people end up losing hope as people think a business needs lots of investment, manpower, dedication, and time.  Well, it is partly true because many business ideas don’t need a huge investment or a lot of time. If you have the required skills and proper equipment, you can start your business tomorrow. 

Amazon also started as a small book delivery service in a garage. Same with YouTube and many other big techs today. And now with a better network connection, it is more comfortable for entrepreneurs to get started with new ideas.

In this post, I am going to discuss the best 15 online business ideas that you can start tomorrow with minimal investments. I am not putting them according to any ranking. So, choose the idea which you are passionate about.

Best 15 Online business to start 

1. SEO Consultant

Google is always updating their algorithms and that means it can affect your site’s ranking on a particular title search if your site or content perform less than other competitors on certain parameters.

That’s why it is important to have good knowledge of SEO or Search Engine Optimization. But most business owners don’t have in-depth SEO knowledge. And here comes the need for SEO consultants as business owners often hire an SEO expert or take the service of an agency expert in SEO.

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So, if you have in-depth knowledge about SEO and want to start a quick business with minimal economic investment, an SEO consultant is a good fit for you. 

For starters, you can make your website and focus on finding potential clients. You have to educate small business owners about the importance of SEO using solid analytic data, strategy and analysis, logic, and potential for high growth.

Also, use your marketing skills and promote your site through ads and email marketing. Knowledge of related topics like WordPress and other CMS or platforms like Shopify is also helpful in this sector. Regularly educate yourself about the latest algorithm updates of Google and SEO.

Slowly but steadily you will get more clients and after that, you can hire more SEO experts and start your know-how agency with a valid certificate.

2. Web Designer or Web Developer

Web designing or Web development is a very popular choice among freelancers and aspiring entrepreneurs. It has great demand, scope, and a decent amount of stability. Of course, beginners or small web designers will struggle for a while but if you have excellent skills and optimize it smartly, it will surely push you towards a bright future.

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Coming to the skills part, if you like and passionate about forming the layout, themes, fonts, the background of a site, web design will be the right choice for you.

On the other hand, if you have good coding skills and mastery in CSS, HTML, JS, etc, web development is perfect for you. You can express your passion and creativity by building wonderful websites. 

3. Social Media Consultant:

Social media marketing is very important to run a successful business. Most big companies have a whole team to handle their social media accounts. But when it comes to small business owners, they usually do it by themselves, mostly because of a lack of awareness about the importance of social media marketing or lack of money to hire a full-time employee to handle social media accounts.

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So, if you have social media marketing skills, photography skills, and the know-how to attract an audience, you should consider social media consultant as a career option. You can educate small business owners about the importance of social media and how much more reach can be gained with associating platforms like Facebook, Twitter, tumbler, Instagram, etc.

Use various strategies, analytic data to help the owner reach more customers. After some experience, you can start your agency which provides SM marketing services at an affordable price and you will start gaining more clients and may become a big player in the field like “Viral Nation”.

4. Blogger 

Blogging is really popular and almost every e-commerce site or online business owner has a blog page to grow their online businesses. It is a very good way to draw more traffic to your site along with earning from the ads you can set on your blogging page. The costs related to building the site and maintaining it are also not huge.

img 607440bc94f6c

But there is a lot of competition because there are a lot of blogging pages but don’t be discouraged. The key is consistency and quality content.

Once you get enough visitors, you can start selling various products on your site. In case you need an e-commerce website where you can sell retail goods, digital products, etc. 

To start a blogging page you have to build a blogging site. You can use platforms like WordPress or you can hire a web developer to build your site. After that, you have to deliver continuous quality content. Increase your site traffic using online marketing and other strategies.

5. Niche Market Ecommerce Retailer

Another good and popular business idea is a niche market e-commerce retailer. All you need to start is a web hosting service and eCommerce site with a cart feature or simply create an account as a seller on sites like Amazon and start selling products to customers.

You can take help from vendors to simplify the shipping process. It may also reduce the shipping cost.

img 607440be67809

Now, it also has competition and it varies on which niche you are choosing. There are customers for all sorts of things. So, to distinguish yourself from other retailers, you can start selling unique products with high quality and affordability.

Creating trust between customers and seller is also important and that’s why you have to maintain the credibility of your brand. Some examples are Handmade jewelry, CBD products, Wooden doll, Beard oil, Vegan products, etc. It is a plus if you have an interest in the products you are selling as you will have to gain knowledge of that product.

6. Virtual Assistant

Most small to medium business owners hire virtual assistants to manage their daily schedule, appointments, travel arrangements, data entry, business meetings, etc.

You need good organizational skills and task management ability to be a good virtual assistant. It is a profitable career choice and you can manage all your work from a remote location.

img 607440bfc0f13

If you are interested, you can take the help of sites like, Task rabbit, Zirtual, etc to find a job. if you have no experience in the field, you can start by finding an internship to gain real-world experience. Platforms like Internshala and Linkedin are preferable for finding internships.

7. Affiliate Marketing Business 

Affiliated marketing business is a very popular and profitable business idea. The basic concept is, you promote the products or brand through your content or reviews and getting commissions from the seller or brand owner.

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People with a large social media following or a big online presence, can easily start affiliate marketing and make another source of income aside from their content. Big YouTubers or social media influencers are good examples of this. So, it is not that complicated and the limit of your commission is decided on how well you promoted that product or how many visitors you attract.

The pay is mostly done in three ways and the amount of earnings is also dependent on some factors. 

Pay-per-sale: People click the link affiliated with your content and buy the products. The more products bought by customers using your link, the more you get the commission.

Pay-per-lead: People click the link affiliated with your content and visit the merchant’s website and create an account or use the free trial etc. The more people sign in the more revenue you get.

Pay-per-click: You get paid when people click the link affiliated with your content to visit the merchant’s website.

So, if done correctly, you can earn lots of money this way.

8. Remote Tech Support

If you are very familiar with computers and essential electronics and have good knowledge of technical topics, you can start your career as a remote tech supporter.

Many small business owners find it troublesome to handle all the technical aspects of their online businesses as they can’t afford a full-time IT employee or a technical support team.

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So, if you help them with your service at an affordable price, they can grow their business and you will keep getting more clients. Eventually, you may make your agency and start to provide technical support to the larger audience.

9. App Developer

Nowadays everyone has a mobile phone and with the increasing popularity of mobile phones, there is also a high demand for mobile applications.

There is a need for an application for every type of purpose like Social media, messaging, food delivery, health care, online classes, dating, meditation guide, etc.

img 607440c3ad645

So, if you have good programming skills and a passion for creating applications for android and IOS devices, you can become an app developer. Generally, you have to be knowledgeable about the core coding languages like Java, Python, SQL, Ruby on Rails, Krotin, etc but you can also take the help of other aspiring app developers or hire software developers to assist you.

Once you gain enough experience, skill and become familiar with the ins and outs of app development and the industry, you can start your agency or become a freelancing app developer.

When it comes to income, there are many options.

Paid apps: Users have to buy the app from the play store (or any other AppStore) or purchase a subscription to use the App.

In-app Premium paid services: These apps are free to download and users can use many features for free but you have to pay money for some advanced features.

Advertising revenue: These apps are free. Your earnings come from the advertisements shown through your apps to the users.

Freelancing App Developer: You make apps for clients as per requirements given and get paid based on that.

You should also consider getting trademark and copyright protection along with the local business licenses to prevent piracy-related issues.

10. Online Tutoring Business

With the progress of new technology and increased reach of the internet, online tutoring is more popular than ever. Whether it is one on one tutoring or teaching a bunch of students there is a lot of demand for online tutoring as many learners face problems understanding topics in their classes or books. 

img 607440c4d2984

So, if you have in-depth knowledge of certain subjects and are good at explaining things, you can start an online tutoring business.

You can use video calling software like Skype or Zoom or Google meet for connecting with your students. You can also use a collaborative online whiteboard like BitPaper for the ease of explaining things.

11. Online Courses or Digital Courses

It is similar to online tutoring and a very good online business idea. If you have good knowledge of a topic and can explain every aspect of that topic nicely, you can start an online course business.

Lots of people are benefited from these digital courses as it is easy to access and you can learn whenever and wherever you want.

img 607440c61e151

You can record your video teaching the topics and upload them as online courses or digital courses on concerned platforms like Udemy or Coursera. You can also add assignments and tests to assess your students. There will be a subscription price or time price for your course. So, whenever people buy your course, you will get paid. 

12. YouTube Channel

Youtube is one of the most popular video-sharing platforms. You can make quite a big amount of money by making videos on youtube. You might have heard about some big YouTubers like piewdipie, Mrbeast, etc.

img 607440c7764a0

Well, they all started their youtube carrier as small content creators with little necessary investment costs like camera, computer, and stuff related to the content.

And it is still a good platform for newcomers as there is an audience for every kind of content, the key is quality content with consistency.

There are many genres for your content. If you like to share knowledge, you can make educational videos and upload them on your channel. If you have acting skills, you can make comedy skits or make short films.

Vlogging is also very famous nowadays. You can also be a gaming streamer and do live streams. If you have any other special skills, you can make content that highlights them.

The earning will depend on the views and ad revenue. For live streams, people will donate to their favorite content creator. There are also affiliated link earnings as a passive income for affiliate marketers.

13. Wedding Photographer 

If you are interested in photography and have good portrait or abstract photography skills, you may consider becoming a wedding photographer. Believe me, you can earn more than enough money for a decent living by capturing valuable moments of wedding couples.

img 607440c8b3431

The pro photographers in this field take about $3000 to $10000 per wedding or more which is quite impressive.

So, if you start a wedding photography business, you should first gain enough experience by working under any wedding photography agency and making a good background. Later you can start your agency and expand your business.

14. Language Translator

Are you fluent in multiple languages and speak flawlessly in those languages? If yes, you should try working as a language translator. It is an easy concept, the pay is good but mostly depends on your skill and the situation.

img 607440ca278ea

Generally, there is always a demand for language translators as many companies often move to different countries or regions for business purposes and engage in conversations with local or international clients. Not everyone knows English. So, a translator converts the local language to English or any other language the employer understands. Besides English, languages like Japanese, Korean, German, Russian, etc are often required for a translator. The pay is in most cases counted per word used.

15. Graphic Designer

Graphic designing is a very popular and well-demanded business idea. Most companies need a graphic designing team for presentations, logo designing, and other stuff.

Not only in the corporate world, but there is also a huge demand for good graphic designers. So, if you have the required skills like excellent Photoshop, Illustrator & InDesign, UI/UX design, HTML, etc, graphic design is a good career option for you.

img 607440cb7dbc8

If you have any formal degree in graphic design, it is a plus for the design business. Try to gain experience through voluntary works, internships, and freelancing.

Once you have sharpened your skills, you can get a full-time job according to it or if you want to continue as a freelancer, it will be fine as a good reputation will bring you lots of clients and you can charge them accordingly.

If you liked the article, leave a comment below, and don’t forget to share. Take care, have a nice day.

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