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Backup & Restore: The Step by Step Guide to WordPress backups in 2020

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Almost every 4th business online is on WordPress. These websites have thousands of users. 

At the same time, there are some issues and threats that can hurt your websites.

It is very important to protect your website and data. The user’s personal information and site data are is sensitive information. 

If a hacker tries to change the content of your website or takes control, they can destroy your content. But this can also happen with an outdated plugin or a site update. 

All your hard work can be destroyed in minutes. 

Why are backups important?

Backups are important. Every website owner should create copies of their site.

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It makes sure that all your files, databases, users’ confidential information is safe and when you lose it, there is always a backup to restore immediately.

With that out of the way,  we’ll move on to how to backup your sites and the many ways to do it. And the different ways to restore one if your website crashes.

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WordPress Cloud Backup

How to backup your sites. 

There are many ways to backup your websites.

Which ever method you use, your important files should always be safe. Nobody should get their hands on your data.

They should also be accessible when you need them.

The 3 main ways are:-

1. Manual backup:– 

One way is to manually backup your site files & databases. 

This is done by the administrator of the website so nobody can access them. 

These files belong to the owner of the website. 

However, one disadvantage of a manual backup is automated scheduling isn’t  possible without scripts. Automated backups save you time and this involves several    backend scripts. It can take time to run a script if you’re a WP beginner. 

Humans make mistakes too. Your site administrator can make a mistake while writing these scripts. And if this happens you can end up with corrupted files.

2. Plugins:- 

Plugins are popular. 

The reason behind this is many of them are easily available on the plugins page of your WP site. 

They can be easily added to your WordPress website at a click. Installation is easy.

The entire process of saving your data is done by the plugin. You just have to set what data you want to backup, when you want it and where you want to keep it so that it is easily available when you need it. 

But one disadvantage of installing or adding plugins to your website is there are thousands of plugins available.

And sometimes malicious plugins are installed by users which steal data and act as ransomware. This can give access to an unauthorized person to your website. And they can take over full control of your website. 

So make sure you download or install plugins from a reliable source or buy them.  

There are many plugins that are available. Some of the plugins are Backup,  Duplicator, Backup Buddy, VaultPress Premium, UpdraftPlus. 

These plugins are mostly used for backup, they are still free open source so there are many vulnerabilities that can arise from it and can also damage your site. 

So make sure you’re using well developed and updated plugins to create backups of your site. 

3. Third-party apps:- 

The last source that can be used for backing up your data is to use third-party apps that backup your data and information on the website is stored on their server.

These are hosting services that create & keep your backups so that when your websites are down or there is a need for data they can restore our site immediately.

The thing you have to make sure is how often they are backing up your data. This also    includes real-time changes to your site files.  

To confirm that your hosting services or third-party apps are backing up your data you can easily download the zip files from their server and check for yourself what data is backed up and where it is saved and where you can restore it from.

Now that your backups are done, let’s see how we can restore one during a crash. 


Step and measures for Restoration

data recovery from bad sector server database with some hardware tools with team people modern flat style isometric 82472 153

data recovery
As backing up data is a very important process the next step you should focus on is restoring your website data from different methods in the time of a crash. 

Restoring your data properly is a very crucial process that needs to be done carefully. 

The 3 methods you can use to restore-

1. Manually:- 

Many website owners backup their website manually. 

Website administrators take care of this. But the important thing is to keep backup files secure and safe, so they’re not damaged or destroyed. 

2. Plugins:- 

Using a plugin to restore your data is much easier.

The first step is to first download and install a plugin to your website. Then configure your website and schedule the interval at which you want your backups. 

Finally, when you need to restore your data, depending on the plugin you use you must click on a button inside your account or import a .zip folder.

This will reinstall all your data to the website, each and every file will be installed like it was never lost or damaged. 

Plugins and Third-party apps are easier (and safer) to use when you’re a beginner.

Final thoughts on why it is important to backup your data and how easy it is to restore

Backing up your data is important.  

It keeps your data safe and secure. And when you have a crash, you’ll be relieved that you can restore your site instantly. 

With WP Uber backing up multiple sites is reliable and you can always restore them at a click. Try WP Uber for free today. 

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