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An Auto-Update in All In One SEO WordPress Plugin Causes Issue

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The latest case in the Auto-Update issue with WordPress is here. Auto-update is a prominent feature Introduced by WordPress recently has faced many backlashes. This Update was made with keeping in mind the time spent by publishers and WordPress users to keep track of updates.

the shocking update

This feature comes in handy when you are sure that your website will not break with updates and can backfire if you have no idea about the changes.

It can even leave you clueless as to what might have broken your WordPress site. With all this, WordPress made sure that a publisher has the option to switch auto-update on and off according to his/her needs.

But an update in ALL in One SEO Plugin made a special case because it enabled auto-update without any consent of WordPress users.

The Issue with All in One SEO Plugin

The common practice of updating WordPress themes and Plugins is to take a backup first. This makes sure that a website owner has the latest copy to restore if something goes wrong.

But making auto-update enabled by default has caused outrage amongst the All in One SEO plugin users. Apart from that, the plugin’s developers have published more than 10 updates from November 14th, 2020.

These one-after-the-other updates had to be made as the plugin was shifting from version 3.7 to 4.x. And all the updates after 4.x were made to fix issues caused by previous updates.

This has resulted in decreasing popularity of the said plugin and upsetting reviews and posts on social media.

The Backlash due to auto-update

Though the auto-update was mentioned in the changelog, it conincided with a major update. resulting in publishers updating the plugin as soon as possible.

Many users considered this move as violation of privacy and it must be a user’s right to enable or disable the auto-updates.

This is what some users had to say:

“Multiple sites have updated to 4.0.11 without my permission and while all auto-updates are disabled.

Your once-reliable plugin has destroyed hundreds of pages of social metadata on multiple sites, broken layout (and this after I fixed the problems and told you last week, I will be disabling all updates).

How dare you update my websites without my permission

For everyone reading this, this plugin has come to the end of its life as we know/knew it.

Migrate everything you have now, while you still can.”

One of the user wrote this upsetting review:

“After nearly 10 years, I have to say goodbye.

This recent series of almost daily updates since version 4 was released really shows that the new owners of AIOSEO have no clue at all about SEO…

…I don’t have the time to invest in being a beta tester for a plugin that has 2 million users but now doesn’t work… because it is so full of bugs.”

An All in One SEO user from twitter had this to say:

“I do not like to automatically update WordPress plugins, and I especially don’t like plugin software authors to try to force automatic updates on the marketplace. So much so, I will look to replace such software if I can. Please stop.”


With all this Going on, is it right to turn on the auto-update feature by default? All in One SEO developers have issued a public apology for this change. But is this enough to revive the old reputation?

What do you think?

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Tim Michaels
I am into WordPress and web development for the last 10 years. I use my experience to help people just starting with WordPress. Follow my blog at WP Uber for everything related to WordPress.
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