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10 Top Affiliate Marketing Tools and Plugins for WordPress

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WordPress is one of the most used website builders by bloggers and affiliate marketers. It not only helps to share your thoughts, ideas, hacks, knowledge with the world, but you can also earn or monetize your website while performing all these activities.

Affiliate tools for WordPress

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Affiliate marketing is a term you might have heard often in the WordPress community. It seldom plays with the beginners’ minds, and some claim that it intimidates them and finds it a complicated process.

Affiliate Marketing is easy, doable in a few clicks, and profitable practice. It is an entire process where you earn money while promoting products from other companies on your blog. 

If you mention a link called Affiliate link on your blog and someone from your audience buys that product through your link, then you earn a commission. 

All you have to do, mention the tracking link/affiliate link in your blog. It can be any product or service that you are personally recommending. Add the name and uses/features/functions of the product you are promoting.

Affiliate Marketing can help you build a passive income with little efforts. All you need is to find a niche and make a website! Click To Tweet

Hence, you receive revenue just by mentioning the link, and the company whose product/service you promoted makes money too! It’s a two-way win situation!

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Why is Affiliate Marketing so popular these days?

Chances are very high; you have heard or read how many bloggers/ WordPress users practice Affiliate Marketing.

Indeed, it has innumerable advantages and benefits. Foremost, you can connect with other organizations/ websites/ companies, which, in return, spreads your blog’s name too. Affiliate Marketing is an easy yet cost-effective to perform and attracts traffic in large numbers, and nowadays, it is considered necessary.

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All this information might come to you as a wonder. Wait, there’s more to come. You don’t require any kind of specific unique marketing tool or expertise needed. Basic knowledge is more than enough to get you through.

Best WordPress plugins and tools for Affiliate Marketing:

1. Thirsty Affiliates:

Thirsty Affiliates is a link management plugin that is necessary to keep in mind while starting with Affiliate Marketing. It is one of the best plugins for bloggers who are looking to monetize their blogs. 

ThirstyAffiliates plugin for WordPress

Thirsty Affiliates automatically fix the outdated links and offer secured link management, smart unlocking, and 14 days money back if you are not satisfied. 

Thirsty Affiliates allows you to organize all your links cleanly in categories hence managing your affiliate partners. There are an inbuilt proactive link fixer and Amazon API importing. 

For link segmentation, this plugin comes with hierarchical categorization plus offers advanced link picker tools. Further, Thirsty Affiliates offers CVS export/ import and automatic affiliate disclosure. 

All this is packed for $49, making it an economical deal and should be considered by beginners. 

2. Pretty Links

Pretty Links has proved to be one of the most useful and efficient plugins and costs for $49. It is currently working for over 200,000 websites on WordPress. Pretty Links allows you to send emails directly through your WordPress admin without creating any index or follow-up links.

Pretty links plugin for WordPress

You can quickly test, organize, and share links on your website, create short and memorable URLs for any kind of content you are considering to share- podcasts, social media, cloak affiliate links, etc.  

Pretty links display a detailed analysis of each link you have shared on your website in the WordPress dashboard plus; it allows you to set up redirects if the affiliate link returns error 404. 

3. WP AdCenter:

WP AdCenter is a powerful advanced WordPress Ads Plugin. It is compatible with all the Popular Page Builders and Gutenberg. WP AdCenter allows you to place multiple banners on the website you want to further you can rotate them. 

WP adcenter advertising plugin for WordPress

WP AdCenter has proven to be a powerful plugin. It can give detailed statistics, where you can view and analyze the gross total of impressions, detailed graphs, and clicks you would have received for each campaign. Further, all the advertisers working for you can also access the stats for your campaign.

WP AdCenter allows you to show advertisements on your website automatically, and that is possible without adding AdSense code to your website. Click here to know how to add Google AdSense to your WordPress Website

WP AdCenter also offers Geo-Targeting. It enables you to make your ads more relevant to your audience. Geo-Targeting gives your visitors a better experience and further elevates your click rate, making it a necessary feature. 

It stands differently for additional, more advanced features. WP AdCenter allows you to take complete control over your advertisements. You can manage every detail of your ads on display and hence makes it an easy-to-use plugins interface. Further, you can design and set up as many Ad-zones on your website as you wish for the Ads domain. You can also add code into theme files.  

WP AdCenter offers 3 plans- Personal ($19), Pro ($59) and Agencies ($79). 

4. Monster Insights:

Trusted by over 2 million websites, Monster Insights is one of the best Google Analytics plugins. It tells you all the real-time stats about who all are on your website, where the users are coming from, which of your articles are doing the best, and what your audience does while surfing through your website.

MonsterInsights plugin for WordPress

Monster Insights is considered a powerful plugin for its highly advanced features like ‘Scroll Tracking.’ It enables you to do scroll-depth tracking- analyze at which part of your website your audience loses interest; hence you can optimize that piece of content. 

Further, you can also track which of your files are the most downloaded to least downloaded from which countries, pages, etc. It showed you all the web analytics, actionable insights, and detailed analytics reports, all packed within your WordPress dashboard. 

Monster Insights provides enhanced eCommerce tracking for WooCommerce, Yoast, and other plugins, functional in just one click. You can also customize the speed, rate, and other advanced features called ‘Optimize for A/B testing.’

Additional custom features offered by MonsterInsights are:
  • PDF Exports- Customized logos
  • Console Report- Your website’s ranking on SERP
  • Headline Analyser- Suggests SEO- friendly headlines.
  • Date ranges: Run reports on custom date ranges

Monster Insights is one of the costliest plugins but provided all the features and its reputation in the market; the prices are worth it.

They offer three plans- Plus version for $199, Pro for $399, and Agency costs for $799. 

5. Ama Links Pro

Ama Links Pro is an Amazon WordPress affiliate link plugin for WordPress for Pro users. It is a mighty beautiful plugin for marketing your blog. 

AmaLinks Pro plugin to monetize blogging

Since it is Amazon’s product, it displays all the product information, ratings, images, reviews, and links in a box that uses data from Amazon API- 100% aligned with all Amazon’s policies. 

Within a few clicks, Ama Links Pro allows you to design and edit Amazon-affiliate text/image links on your website without ever leaving WordPress.

Another beautiful feature of Ama Links Pro- it allows you to create ‘Buy on Amazon’ buttons, increasing your click-through rates; additionally, you can set up your custom buttons. 

Ama Links Pro is compatible with all the major and trending WordPress page builder plugins, making it a useful plugin by Amazon. It is a very well documented plugin and has multiple video tutorials with responsive elements and tables. 

It costs $69.

6. RafflePress

If you are looking to garner good original traffic by giveaways and contests on your website without hiring a developer, then RafflePress is one of the best plugins on the market for you. 

rafflepress plugin for WordPress

With such viral giveaways and contests, you can increase your social media followers as it is integrated with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, etc. Further, your email list will see a surge. 

You can create these events within a couple of clicks- drag and drop builder. RafflePress enables you to run these promotional and seasonal giveaways, which you can easily promote with affiliate products. 

They also offer a Giveaway Landing Page which is ‘distraction-free’ and is highly optimized for giveaways and hence claims to give the best results. RafflePress is a highly responsive plugin: works on phones, tablets, and Personal Computers.

Other features offered by RafflePress are: 
  • Marketing and CRM integrations
  • Tracking and Retargeting
  • Fraud Protection
  • Supercharged Growth assured

RafflePress costs $49 per year.

7. Constant Contact:

When your visitors leave your website, seldom, they leave no trace. In simple words, you won’t track your visitors or offer them your services or products. 

Constant Contact email marketing

Constant Contact one of the best email marketing services on the market. It is a drag-and-drop editor, tireless to use. Even after your visitors have left your website, you can stay in touch with them.

Constant Contact allows you to design a beautiful newsletter which is very useful and efficient to keep your audience updated about your upcoming ventures. Further bloggers use it to promote the affiliate products via the newsletter. 

More useful features of Constant Contact are:
  • Easy process to create events.
  • Numerous survey tools are included.
  • Simple contact management 
  • Allows running A/B tests
  • Provides detailed stats of progress
Constant Contact offers two pricing plans: 
  • Email ($20/month)
  • Email Plus ($45/month)

8. OptionMonster:

OptionMonster is one of the most powerful conversion toolkits for optimization. It allows you to choose from over 75 pre-made templates and customize according to your preferences.

OptinMonster for WordPress

To show the best offers to your online visitors, it allows you to set up the best OnSite retargeting and personalized settings.  

Traffic redirection is an essential activity for website owners. OptionMonster makes it easy to send your traffic on your web pages, further increasing your views and sales. 

It is one of the best kits in the market for its advanced features:
  • A/B testing feature will remove all your work based on guessing. You can check all the layouts, headlines, and titles.
  • You can add additional features like popups, sidebars, floating bars- powerful, useful conversion tools in a few clicks.
  • Hyper segmentation of leads. 
  • Significant and meaningful stats. Compare and learn which page converts the best and to elevate your game. 
  • It costs $9.

9. We Can Track:

We Can Track is a sophisticated marketing tool that keeps your data in a dashboard integrated with your other devices. Now you don’t have to log in to every affiliate account to check your stats.

we can track marketing tool

It lets you keep your focus on other essential things like improvement of your marketing and campaign performances. We Can Track integrated all the converted data into Zappier, Microsoft Ads, BigQuery, and Google Analytics. It can be easily installed from JavaScript, backend installation, or WordPress Plugin.

Some of the critical features of We can Track:
  • Full Data Attribution
  • All the conversions are aggregated. 
  • Gives an overview of the decline rates
  • Collects data as close to real-time
  • A/B tests with sales
There are additional features for the advanced user:
  • Custom Data Trafficking
  • Custom Sorting based on performance
  • Automatic Link Cloaking
  • We can Track costs for $117.

10. SEMRush:

Creators and bloggers often lookout for the best SEO tool in the market with economical price plans. Unarguably, SEMRush has to be the best tool for SEO. It is a handy tool for affiliate marketers.


SEMRush has one of the most vital features of high efficient keyword searches. It looks up the most useful keywords for your website and gives the ranking of each word.

You can use the same tool and practice to find out which affiliate products are performing the best. Further, this can help you find new niche products to promote or find new affiliate products. 

Some of the critical features of SEMRush are:
  • Gives ideas for engaging and efficient SEO ideas
  • Permits to unlock ‘not provided’ keywords
  • Allows to analyze your competitor’s SEO strategy
  • Gives a detailed analysis of any domain’s backlink profile
  • You can run a technical SEO audit on any website.
  • SEMRush costs $199. 


This was a detailed list of the top 10 affiliate marketing tools and plugins for WordPress. We hope this gave you an idea of most of the top tools available, and you were able to decide on your tool/plugin. 

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