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How to earn by adding Google Ads to your WordPress website

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Your WordPress website can help you earn a staggering amount of money every month with this fabulous and easy way. You must have heard of Google Ads! And even seen colorful, vibrant ads pop up on big and famous websites. Yes, Google Ads are a mind-blowing way to monetize your website. You can effectively utilize this method on your WordPress site and earn revenues. 

In this article, we shall discuss the methods of adding a Google Ad on a WordPress site in multiple ways. 

But firstly, you must know what a Google Ad is and how you can use them on your WordPress websites. 

How to add Google AdSense to WordPress

What is Google AdSense?

Google AdSense is a network of running ads across various websites by Google. Google manages the companies that wish to display ads and the websites which advertise them. The Google agency collects payment from the companies. After taking a small amount as a maintenance fee, the rest of the money gets transferred to the advertisers. 

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This method is fruitful. There is no direct contact with the company. The money is offered based on Cost-per-click (CPC). The money is for the number of clicks on the ad on the advertiser’s website. The more the clicks on Ad, the more you earn. However, the payment also depends on different factors. 

Sign up for Google AdSense account

First of all, you must have a Google AdSense account to start advertising. For this, you must sign up for the Google AdSense account. Use your general google mail account to do it. 

Once you have made the request online, the review team of Google shall go through your application. Within a few hours to a week or two, you shall hear of your approval from them. 

After approval, they shall allow you to access the AdSense account. From there, you will get the Google Ad code. You can merely copy this code and paste it on your website to display relevant Ads. 

There are two methods for placing a Google Ad code on your website. 

First, you can manually choose the locations on your website for the ads. 

Another method is automatic. You can paste a part of the code on your website, and then Google algorithmically displays the ads. Google decides the number of ads, positions, and timings to project them.

Given below is the detailed description of these two methods. You should start with the manual process to know how it works. Once you know it, then switch to automatic mode for different results. You can compare these methods after you go through both of them.

Methods to place Google ad Code on a WordPress Website

Method 1: Manually place Google AdSense Ad Code in WordPress

On the left-hand side of your Google AdSense panel, there is the Ads menu. Click on the “Ads” option. Now You will see two options in the center, the “By site” and the “By ad unit” options. 

Click on the “By ad Unit” tab, click on “Create new ad.”

You should begin with the choice of displaying ads; hence click on the “Display ads” option.

google adsense display adds
create ad

Provide a name, type, and size of this ad, as shown above. Name the Ad the way you want since it is only for personal usage. 

Next, you have to choose the Ad size to choose from the recommended size offered by Google. You can pick any from the Google list for size. Choose the Ad size, and done. 

Choos if your Ad should be responsive or fixed. The responsive Ads are better since they adjust to any screen size. Click on the “Create” option to generate the Ad. 

Now AdSense produces a unique ad code for you. This ad code has two parts- Ad unit ID and the Publisher ID.

GOogle ads code

You can copy the code for AMP pages if your website can also work on the Google AMP version. The generated code must be copied and pasted in a text editor software-Notepad or TextEdit. 

Adding Google AdSense to the WordPress website

Now you have to choose a suitable location on your website to display the ads. You might have seen most Ads popping in the sidebars or at the top flag position. You can also choose similar sites. For adding the sidebar Ads, you need a WordPress widget.

On the WordPress Admin page, go to Appearance->Click on Widgets. Choose the “Custom HTML option/widget” and drag and drop it into the widget area. Paste the code for Ads in this widget now.

WordPress dashboard

Method 2: Automatic addition of AdSense Code in WordPress

This method of adding AdSense to your website is automatic and less time taking. Advertisers who do not want to fall into the technicalities of placing Ads by hand can go for this option. The beginners can also try this option who have less idea about the best places for placing ads. 

Google Auto-ads figures out the best location, size, and type of the ad. All you have to do is add a code fragment to the site, and AdSense would handle the rest of the job.

Follow these steps to start using this automatic ad feature.
  • First, log in to your Google AdSense accounts that you created by following the steps above. 
  • Click on the “Ads tab.”
  • Click on the “Get code.”
  • It would generate an auto-ad code. 
  • AdSense produces a code and publisher ID. Copy and paste the code into a text editor.
Get code
google ads code to add in head of Website
Adding AdSense Auto-Ads code to the WordPress website

You can add Ads anywhere on your website with the help of this method. With a single code snippet, you can do this. Add the code to all those pages you want to display the ad. You can do this task in two ways. 

First, add the code on your WordPress website theme file named header.php. As you update or change the theme, the ad would not appear anymore. You will have to repeat this step every time you bring any change in the theme file. 

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Second, you can use the Insert Headers and Footers plugin. Install the plugin on your WordPress site and then activate the plugin. You must be aware of how to install the WordPress plugin.

adding script in header

Go to Settings-> Insert Headers and Footers page. Paste the code in the header section, shown below. Save the setup by clicking on the “save button.” All the new changes would be saved. Ads would be displayed on the website.

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By following these simple steps, you can incorporate the Ads on your website. 

Final thoughts

We would like to give you some tips and tricks on AdSense ads:

  • Keep the Ad size between 336*280 and 300*250. This size is ideal. It fits nicely on almost every screen size. These size ads are paid sufficiently too.
  • Placing the ads at the appropriate positions can be a tricky business. You must choose the best places for maximum clicks on the ads from the visitors. The most prominent areas on the website are the top positions. 
  • The floating ads are also intriguing, but you cannot use it since it violates the Google terms and services. You can even get banned from using an AdSense.
  • Do not click on your ads nor ask your families to do it. Google reads the IP addresses doing it. In the case of fake clicks, the deal is canceled. You will be ban from posting ads again.
  • Revenue per Mille(RPM) is the revenue per 1000 impressions on an Ad. The better the RPM, the better is the revenue collection.
  • Click-through-rates are a parameter for judging the website performance for Ads. It depends on many factors. Optimize your website in accordance to improve the ad revenue.
  • To avoid getting rejected for an AdSense program, meet up with all the fundamental guidelines and requirements.

We hope this article has helped you to understand the AdSense ads and methods to add them to your WordPress website-manually and automatically. 

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