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7 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Your Store in 2021

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WordPress is one of the most popular content management systems and is mostly used for building websites. After the blooming of online blogging in past years, WordPress is even more popular now. But WordPress also allows you to make a brand new and complete e-commerce site or let you turn your WordPress site into a stylish and fully functional online store with the help of WordPress eCommerce plugins. 

By using these plugins, you can easily make your own online store all by yourself. This can benefit the small sellers because you can actually control the number of products and store size. This means you can keep the maintenance fee of your online store to a minimum or at least an amount that will not affect your business profit.  

Now, one might wonder if these plugin-based e-commerce sites will be as powerful as the online stores made with established SaaS (Software as a Service) tools like Shopify and Bigcommerce. Well, there is no need to worry as these WordPress eCommerce plugins are just as good as any SaaS tool and provide every necessary feature to help you built your own online store or e-commerce site.

So, doesn’t matter what you sell — from tissue paper to designer clothes or digital products, you can sell anything on your online e-commerce site easily and start earning money. 

7 Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Your Store

Next, coming to the main topic, what are the best WordPress e-commerce plugins for your store? Currently, there are plenty of eCommerce plugins available online. Many are paid, many are free (the core extension) but you have to pay for additional features and also totally free plugins.

But the compatibility of the plugin also depends on the type of product you want to sell on your online store. For example, if you want to sell products like electronics or clothes, there are many good plugins and hundreds of extensions available but if your store sells only digital products specifically only videos, the options are a little less than the former. 

So, there are many factors and really a lot to choose from. that’s why I will be discussing the best 8 WordPress eCommerce plugins for your online store in 2021 in this post. All these plugins are more than capable of building a completely functional online store and other factors like price and popularity are also considered. So, here you will find all the important details about the best WordPress eCommerce plugins in 2021.   

So, what factors make a plugin good for your eCommerce site?

Pros and Cons of a WordPress Ecommerce Plugin  

If you want to build a good online commerce store using WordPress plugins, you have to consider a few factors to choose the right plugin for your store. 

Besides the features of the plugin, the compatibility can also depend on the type of products you want to sell. As I mentioned before, some plugins are better to sell physical products and some are specially designed to boost the sales of digital products like audiobooks or some mp3 file, videos, pdf or doc files, etc. 

Another thing to notice is how many coding skills do you have? It matters because some plugins allow you to customize it and also you may need to tweak your site a little. If you don’t have any coding skills, you should go for an easy-to-use plugin that has most of the features prebuilt.

But even if you don’t have any web development or coding skills, it will be fine as most of the e-commerce plugins are easy to use and supports customization through a visual editor. 

image 4

Now, you should consider the factors directly related to the plugin and its features. Here are some important features that a good and efficient e-commerce plugin should have. 

  • Design, Features, and customization: When a customer visits your store, the first thing they will notice is the design and presentation of your store. So, the plugin should support plenty of templates and make sure it’s easy to customize. 
  • Payment options: Your store must support all popular payment gateways for the ease of transaction between you and the customer. Even if there are not too many prebuilt payment gateways, it should support extensions that support more payment gateways. 
  • Price and plans: Now there are free e-commerce plugins but they are free to some certain point. If you want to use more advantage, you might be instructed to upgrade to paid pro version or buy a monthly plan. So, obviously, the yearly amount of money you invest in building your e-commerce site should not affect your business profit or in other words, choose a plugin that is cheap but efficient. 
  • Third-party Apps and Integrations Support – It should support a vast amount of extensions, integrations, and third-party apps to add features like email marketing servicesaccounting software, CRM software, etc. These tools will help your eCommerce site grow very efficiently. 
  • Ease of Use: It should be easy to use because you will be investing a lot of time to customize and maintain your online store. I won’t want to waste time optimizing just one plugin for too long.
  • Support options – It should have good support options. A 24×7 customer support is very good and you will be benefitted in the long run. 
  • Popularity and Reviews: Now this is not directly related to the features and structure of Plugins but you still might want to check it. The more popular a software or extension is the less its probability to disappear in the future. Also, it means it might be a good choice as a lot of people are still using it. And you know about the reviews, they give you an understanding of the practical experience of other users which will help you. 

Best WordPress Ecommerce Plugins For Your Store 2021 

#1. WooCommerce

WooCommerce is currently the most popular WordPress eCommerce Plugin with almost every feature you will need to build a fully functional eCommerce store. WooCommerce was invented in 2011 as a fork of Jigoshop and since then it has kept growing and it is now the leading WordPress eCommerce plugin. 

But there is an interesting fact about WooCommerce and its growth history. Do you know who owns Woocommerce now? Its Automattic, which is the same company that owns and operates WordPress. So, the design of WooCommerce is updated such that it works perfectly with WordPress and Compliments its performance. 

WooCommerce WordPress Plugin

Now coming to the features, it provides every support to turn your site into a fully functional eCommerce store capable of displaying thousands of products. Another thing that makes it the best is, it’s free and allows unlimited products and visitors. Also, using WooCommerce is pretty easy and you can make an online store very quickly. 

Besides there lots of integrations and extensions specially made for WooCommerce as it is the most popular WordPress eCommerce Plugins. WooCommerce even has its own extension store. Also, because of the same owner, many WordPress themes are designed such that they would work perfectly with WooCommerce. There are also many third-party apps made for this. 

So, you have great support, an extension store, compatible themes, beautiful product galleries, a customizable shopping cart, and a free plugin. What more a person can ask? That’s why WooCommerce is one of the leading e-commerce plugins available in the market. I am mentioning the key features or the pros and cons of WooCommerce below. 

Pros of WooCommerce 

  • The core plugin is totally free. The themes and extensions are also not that expensive. So for small business owners, it will be a good economical choice. 
  • It’s easy to use. No prior coding skill is required to use it. Also, it has lots of customizable options. 
  • The support and documentation are well equipped with video tutorials, both call, and chat helpdesk, etc. 
  • WooCommerce has huge popularity and a vast number of users and its owner is the same as WordPress. In 2020 WooCommerce powered 21% of the top 1 million sites on the internet and 8% of all eCommerce sites. So, it is not gonna disappear soon and the vast community of developers means it will get frequent updates. 
  • WooCommerce supports all standard payment gateways like Checkout, PayPal, Amazon, etc. This feature comes in built-in. You can also add extensions to add more payment options. 
  • It has its own extension store along with an enormous number of third-party apps and integrations.  
  • Most WordPress themes work perfectly with WooCommerce. All the landing page templates also work well. 
  • WooCommerce lets you sell all kinds of products either it is a physical product or digital product or subscriptions. 

Cons of WooCommerce 

  • WooCommerce works with most of the WordPress themes but some themes don’t work well with WooCommerce and the display may not look good. 
  • If your eCommerce store gets too big, you have to scale your store and move to a managed hosting provider and that is a little expensive. 
  • WooCommerce has a wide range of options and customizations. Now it’s not exactly a problem but beginners might be a little confused or maybe intimidated to a certain extent. 

#2. BigCommerce WordPress Plugin 

You might have heard of BigCommerce for hosting service or as a great content management system but BigCommerce is also a SaaS eCommerce platform and they have launched a complete WordPress eCommerce plugin. Basically, it was created to enter into the WordPress space and attract companies, WordPress site owners, or in other words, increasing its popularity. 


Though the BigCommerce WordPress plugin is in the beta stage, it is quite good. It works well with most of the WordPress themes, has all the required features and you have the combination of the most powerful CMS and the top class selling clout that makes syncing effortless.   

You can manage all the important features from one dashboard. It has a special feature called headless commerce, which frees up space and boosts the speed of gallery display, payment processing, etc in your eCommerce site. I am mentioning the key features or the pros and cons of BigCommerce below. 

Pros of BigCommerce 

  • It’s easy to use and separates the eCommerce engine from other content. So, operating your WordPress site becomes easier. 
  • It has almost every feature that you need to build a full-fletched eCommerce site with high performance. Also, it provides enterprise-grade security. 
  • With BigCommerce you can sell products to other platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Amazon, etc. 
  • The headless commerce feature boosts your site speed. 
  • It does not charge you for every single transaction like some other eCommerce plugin. Also, there are many payment options available. 
  • There are lots of extensions available for this plugin. 

Cons of BigCommerce 

  • Its app store is still growing. So, for some apps, you might not find a suitable integration. 
  • BigCommerce has a yearly sales threshold and it depends on your subscription plan. After reaching that threshold, you are automatically upgraded to the next plan. It will increase your business cost and affect net profit. 
  • Most of the BigCommerce free themes have the same design. 

#3. Easy Digital Downloads (EDD) 

Easy Digital Downloads or EDD is another amazing WordPress eCommerce plugin. This is an efficient, easy-to-use but powerful plugin with lots of features and customization options. But the real potential of this plugin is shown when it comes to digital sales as EDD is specially focused on selling digital products and does it perfectly.  

Easy digital Downloads eCommerce plugin for WordPress

So, if you primarily want to sell digital products like audio files, music PDF files, ebooks, any other digital document, and even other software or subscriptions of an online platform, Easy Digital Downloads or EDD is the best choice for you and it might do better than WooCommerce. You can also sell standard physical products and to do that you have to use an extension called simple shipping. 

With EDD you will be able to make stylish galleries from EDD themes. It has many in-built features like a full shopping cart, discount codes, payment gateways, file access control, and a system that sends an email with a download link of the product, to your customers whenever they purchase any product from your site. 

Another thing that makes EDD great that the core plugin is free. But there is the option to upgrade to the paid version or opt for a yearly subscription plan. The subscriptions start from $199 per year and the top pack is $899 per year that unlocks all the access passes. These plans include site licenses, frequent updates, full customer support, and some unique extensions and integration for email marketing and payments. 

Also, there is a vast amount of extensions on EDD’s Extention Library. They are also economical. I am mentioning the key features or the pros and cons of EDD below. 

Pros of Easy Digital Downloads 

  • The core plugin is free and it is very easy to use. 
  • It is excellent in selling digital products with a clean and stylish interface and design. 
  • EDD has its own themes. Also, it works perfectly with WordPress themes. 
  • There are plenty of extensions available for EDD to add different features. 
  • It supports most of the popular gateways like Checkout, PayPal, Amazon, etc. and there are extensions to add more payment options. 
  • EDD provides good support. In the free version, you get an IRC chatroom, support forums, video tutorials, etc. You get more support options when you opt for a yearly plan. 

Cons of Easy Digital Downloads 

  • EDD excels at digital sales but it is not good for non-digital goods or physical products. 
  • If your store is big and there are a lot of products, you might have needed to opt for a yearly plan, and for top features, you have to pay a lot of money. 
  • EDD does not support the adding of external products to your online store. You have to use any third-party app to enable this. 

#4. Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping Cart 

Ecwid Ecommerce Shopping cart is another excellent and popular WordPress eCommerce plugin. Basically, it is similar to WooCommerce when it comes to the design and some features but there are many extra features that Ecwid provides its users.

You can use Ecwid on almost any website regardless of which platform was used to make that site which WooCommerce does not support. For example, Ecwid works with Drupal, Facebook, Tumblr, WordPress, etc. So, it is a little similar to BigCommerce in this case. 

Ecwid WordPress plugin

Also, it is easy to use, works perfectly with most of the WordPress themes and has a clean and stylish interface. Another good thing is, compared to other WordPress eCommerce plugins, it has lots of built-in features depending on your monthly package. For example, the $15 per month pack gives you 2500 products along with the following features– 

  • A Facebook shop. 
  • Mobile responsive shopping cart. 
  • A Mobile point of sale. 
  • A free starter site. 
  • Social media tools. 
  • Discount coupons. 
  • Abandoned cart saver. 
  • Facebook pixel. 
  • Automated tax calculations. 
  • Google Shopping support. 

Coming to the price segment, there is a free plan available for everyone though it has some restrictions like a limit of 10 products. But there are also some very economic plans. The premium plans start from $15 and go up to $99 Unlimited monthly Plan. So, it is quite an economical choice for small sellers. 

Pros of Ecwid eCommerce Shopping cart 

  • Ecwid is easy to use, has a clean interface, and supports most of the WordPress themes to give a good user experience. 
  • It can be integrated with most of the CMSs and website building platforms. Also having more selling points means more traffic to your site. 
  • Ecwid has a generally powerful free plan and the paid plans are also quite affordable. 
  • Also, it has lots of in-built features so, you don’t have to spend a lot of money on add-ons. 
  • It has an automatic upgrade feature so you don’t have to manually update it every time. 
  • Supports top payment gateways. 
  • It PCI-DCC certified as Ecwid hosts its own stores to give you a safer service. 
  • Ecwid has good support options with both calling and chat support. 

Cons of Ecwid eCommerce Shopping cart 

  • It does not have many good extensions available and also some of the WordPress themes might not work properly with Ecwid. 
  • The customization sometimes gets expensive with Ecwid. 
  • The front design templates are limited for Ecwid. 
  • If you have a big business or lots of products in your online shop, you will have to opt for the unlimited products pack which is quite expensive on a yearly term. 

#5 WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store 

WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store or WP eCommerce is a good WordPress eCommerce plugin and recently gaining popularity for its extremely easy-to-use interface and customization options. Though its workings are similar to a SaaS tool, it can turn your site into a completely functional eCommerce site with a few clicks.  

The prime target audience of WP eCommerce is small business owners. It has all the essential features, supports a wide range of add-ons, has free integrations for TaxCloud and ShipStation, email marketing integration for MailChimp, supports all kind of products from standard retail items to subscriptions and digital products, and on top of that there is a powerful free plan for everyone.

What more can a small business owner ask for, right? Well, if you consider the fact that no prior knowledge about building an online store (not talking about javascript or CSS, it does not require any technical knowledge in this field) is required to use it, WP eCommerce might even surpass WooCommerce. 

easycart wordpress plugin

Now, coming to the price section, there is a free version of the WP eCommerce store with features like advanced product variants,  live shipping calculators, unlimited products, etc. There are paid options like $69 per year plan and the highest plan is $99 per year which includes all the feature access,, Video tutorials, customer support, online forums, and many more. Each of these plans comes with a 14 days trial period. So, if you are a small business owner, this is the perfect choice for you. 

Pros of WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store 

  • EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store or WP eCommerce is probably the easiest to use eCommerce plugin with a clean and simplest interface. 
  • There are lots of WordPress themes available for Wp eCommerce. Same for the extensions, there is a vast number of choices. 
  • The free version is already quite advanced for a normal small store. The premium plans are also not very expensive. 
  • All the features deliver top-quality performance and there is no product limit. 
  • The customer support is top-notch with video tutorials, both chat and call helpdesk features, etc. 
  • Supports all the top payment Gateways like Checkout, Stripe, PayPal, Amazon, etc. 

Cons of WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store 

  • It mainly focuses on small business owners. Big stores might face some inconvenience. 
  • You have to use third-party apps to handle bulk orders. 

#6 Cart66 Cloud 

Cart66 Cloud is an excellent WordPress eCommerce plugin for all types of people. The key point of this plugin is that Cart66 Cloud comes with most of the important features prebuilt so you don’t have to rely on addons too much. That means it will also save your money. 

It works well with WordPress themes, Supports extensions, and all top payment gateways. The plugin is fast and gives a good performance. Also, the customer service is very good. You can sell all sorts of products, both physical and digital.  

cart 66 wordpress ecommerce plugin

Another unique feature is, Cart66 has its own online marketplace. Now, the Cart66 marketplace is not that popular among people but the more options you have the better the chances of selling products and growing your online business.  

The core plugin is free but you will get more features on premium versions. The standard pack is $49 per month and the highest pack goes up to $99 per month. Each of the plans has 14 days trial period. 

So, it has all the elements to be a top WordPress eCommerce plugin but why it is ranked so below in the list? The only reason is, it is not currently excepting new users. Yes, if you can’t use it, what is the benefit of its existence? Well, hopefully, they will fix it and soon start accepting new accounts. 

Pros of Cart66 Cloud 

  • Easy to use, doesn’t need coding skills, has a clean interface. 
  • In Cart66 Cloud, most of the required features come built-in. so, no need to spend extra money on extensions. Also, it supports many integrations. 
  • The free plan is pretty powerful and the premium plans are also at a reasonable price. 
  • You can sell both physical and digital products here.  
  • Cart66 Cloud customer support is one of the best available in the market. The documentation is also top-notch.  
  • There are 100 built-in payment gateways, so you will probably never require to use any payment service extension. 
  • The Cart66 marketplace is a plus that can increase traffic on your website. 

Cons of Cart66 Cloud 

  • It is not accepting new accounts currently. 
  • The themes provided by Cart66 are limited so you have to use WordPress themes. 
  • There are very few extensions available for Cart66. Though it has most of the features prebuilt, you might face problems if you want to add any unique feature to your online store. 
#7 SendinBlue 

SendinBlue is one of the most effective WordPress eCommerce plugins when it comes to connecting with your target audience or customers and marketing the product. It also focuses on regular sales and attracting previous customers. So, it specializes in the features that nurture the relationship of the customer with your store like email marketing, campaign update, real-time sales reports, etc. 

Another good thing about SendinBlue is that it is easy to use, no coding skills required. Its drag and drop editor is similar to WordPress visual editor which makes it easier to operate. With this, you can build your own custom subscription form within minutes. In other words, it makes sure that your newsletter reaches a vast target audience and improves your branding. 

sendinblue wordpress plugin for ecommerce

Though there are not many prebuilt features like other eCommerce platforms have, it has a lot of extensions and third-party app support. So, if you want to add an additional feature to your online store, you have lots of options. 

There is a free version of SendinBlue available for all though it has an email quota of 300 emails per day. The premium plans start from $25 per month and the highest plan costs $66 per month which includes all essential features with Facebook ads and 120000 emails per month. 

Cons of SendinBlue 

  • It gives real-time reports of sales, customer preferences, visiting time, etc which helps your online store grow. 
  • There are lots of extensions available for SendinBlue and it works well with many WordPress themes. 
  • It supports most of the top payment gateways like Checkout, PayPal, Stripe, Amazon, etc. 
  • It easy to use and have a clean dashboard and smart interface. 
  • The plans are available besides the free plan. 
  • You can create personalized campaigns with SendinBlue. 

Cons of SendinBlue 

  • There are not many features prebuilt here. So, you have to add extensions and it might be costly at a point. Also, the extension library is still growing. 
  • The customer support is not that good with this plugin. 
  • Some people might find the initial setup process difficult. 

Conclusion – What is the Best WordPress eCommerce Plugin for you? 

Well, that was our list of best WordPress eCommerce plugins in 2021. Now, in conclusion, we will suggest choosing based on your priority. 

If you want an all-rounder solution with balanced flexibility, features, and control, choose WooCommerce. 

Now, If you want to sell primarily digital products, EDD will be the best choice for you and if you want to sell both physical and digital products, go for Cart66 Cloud. 

On the other hand, if don’t want to handle everything by yourself, you can choose BigCommerce. If you want to sell products on multiple platforms from the same site, choose Ecwid. 

If you are a small business owner and want a balanced economical solution, WP EasyCart Shopping Cart and eCommerce Store will be the best choice. It will maximize your profits 

Now, if you want to focus on marketing and capturing more customers, go with SendinBlue. 

Hope this article helped you and answered your queries. If you like this article, leave a comment and don’t forget to share. Have a nice day. 

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