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5 Best WordPress Request a Quote Plugins (2021)

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Jack: Are you an Entrepreneur running your business online?

Bob: Yes! What’s new about me? Everyone runs their business online these days.

Jack: That’s the difference everyone’s businesses aren’t alike, they are different in many aspects.

Bob: Can you please explain me! you know I am not good with tech…

Jack: Ya I know that very well so I will keep it simple for you. Suppose a vendor is selling grocery items online then for that vendor price of all the vegetables and fruits is going to fix. If the price of one Kg apple is 10 bucks then it is going to be the same for every customer that is purchasing Apples. No other information is required from the customer to set the price for Apples. (But I know you, Bob, You will sell apples at half the price for someone beautiful haha!).

Best WordPress Request a Quote Plugins

Now your business is different because you are Bob the builder. Your construction and renovation business requires some information from the customer before you can provide quotations. You need information like area of the house, type of work that needs to be done, a period in which work needs to be completed, Locality of the house, etc. And after collecting all the relevant information you can provide your customer with quotations. I am here to simplify your Work with quote request forms and their plugins! 

Why use a Quote request plugin for WordPress?

If you are selling a product or service that is variable and depends the quotation depends on the information collected from the user then quote request plugins can simplify your task. Here are some of the benefits of using quote request plugins over traditional methods like sending quote requests by email or contacting the seller. This all traditional ways not only seems unprofessional but also tedious and you can end up losing a potential customer.

  • Organized and complete data collection:  The problem with the traditional methods was that customer send the quote via email in an unorganized manner where there are chances that he/she might miss out on some important information. Quote, request forms are kind of an inquiry form that has all the relevant fields required and sometimes can provide customers with instant quotes if you have set pricing for all your variable products.
  • Streamlined process: With a quote request form you can simplify the whole process and maintain a record of all your price estimations. Many plugins come with push email notification features that update both the customer and the seller.
  • Clear communication: You want to be very specific about the details of your job. A request quote plugin allows your customer to be specific to the minute details to avoid miscommunication and confusion in the future.
  • Never miss a customer’s request: You can’t be available 24/7 and answer your customer’s request. Adding a quote request form on your website can help you entertain every customer’s price quotations request and boost your sale.

Many companies ask their customer to Email them for further pricing details and queries which can get tedious for customers. This leaves an unprofessional impression on the customer. Some companies provide dynamic and customized pricing charts to estimate the price quotations however, this might get pretty confusing for the users.

The best way is to use quote price plugins and simply add a quote request form with all the relevant information required for the quote process. Later on, you can respond and continue the negotiation process via Emails, or in many cases, you can use the instant quote feature.

Now let’s get started with top plugins that you can use on the WordPress site as per your requirements.

Best 5 WordPress Request a Quote Plugins

1. Request a Quote:

This is a free plugin that can be a perfect option for you if you are new with quote request plugins and trying to get familiars with such plugins. This plugin Double functionality i.e. Request a quote form and information request form. 

Request a Quote Plugin for WordPress

Request a quote form comes helps you automatically create pages and forms for your contacts. Now the key benefit of using this form is that it doesn’t interfere with the main theme of the website. Customers can use these forms to upload files like photos or other necessary documents so the data collection for you becomes much simpler and easier. Both the customer and owner get a notification Email for any update. It allows private quote requests for logged-in users only. It displays quote requests in tabular form on the front end.

There is also a Premium version available for this plugin that provides additional features like searching through the forms, Spam protection, and categorization of forms. 

To get more details on the features provided by the Request a quote plugin visit here.

2. YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote

This plugin is only meant for the users who are already using Woocommerce for their e-commerce business. This plugin helps the consumer to request a quote for any product in the store. Just like there is an add-to-cart button you can add a quote button that will add the product to the quote basket.

YITH WooCommerce Request a Quote plugin for WordPress

There are many unique features with this plugin that make it easy for the consumers and the store owner to easily manage requests. It allows you to hide all the price on the store and replace with quote button, you can add customization to the quote button and edit the text. 

Some of the key and special features of this plugin are listed below:

  • Convert your quote into order after confirmation.
  • Add unlimited fields to the price estimation form.
  • Automatic Email Notification for admin and users.
  • Option to override and customize email templates, quote basket, and quote detail page.
  • You can sort out fields and make them Mandatory or optional as per your need.

This plugin is driven by a rule-based management system where you can set rules based on different constraints like for a visiting customer you can just hide the prices for all your products and display a quote request button instead of add to cart button.

For more details and to understand all the key features provided by this YITH Plugin visit Woocommerce request a quote

3. WooCommerce Quote Request or Enquiry

This is another Woocommerce plugin just like the Yith Woocommerce plugin. This Plugin is also widely used by Admins who are using Woocommerce for their business site.  This plugin provides you the option of converting all your add-to-cart buttons to add to the quote basket.

WooCommerce Quote Request or Enquiry plugin

It helps you switch On and Off the Shop mode. So based on your business strategies you can any time turn of Shop mode and display your product catalog to the users.

This Plugin works very great with Ajax so if your website is built on Ajax and you are looking for a responsive form then this plugin might be the ideal choice for you. woocommerce Quote request plugin also integrates with Contact form 7 which is used by many users on their Woocommerce store. If you want more details of Contact form 7 a widely used plugin to make different kinds of forms then visit: How to set up contact form 7 and its features.

4. WP forms:

This is a plugin that is not solely meant for making request quotes. It is actually a contact form plugin that helps you to build forms. It has a drag-and-drop form builder option to build forms and because of this feature, you can make your form dynamic with different customization options.

WPForms WOrdPress plugin

The WP forms provide readymade templates for quote forms and they can be customized as per the user’s need. It has a conditional logic feature that means on the basis of the user’s input you can ask for further information and one of the very unique features provided by this plugin is the conversational form.

This conversational form is basically like a questionnaire where you collect information by asking questions and hence the user doesn’t get bored while filling up the long Quote form.

So if you are already using WP forms for making different forms then it is surely the best option for you to make a quote form. 

5. Formidable Forms:

Last but not least this is one of the most advanced plugins that you will find among all the quote forms. This plugin provides you a drag and drop interface to easily make custom quotes. However, this is not the feature for which Formidable forms are famous.

Formidable Forms WordPress plugin

It provides you the feature of cost calculator plugins i.e. online conditional calculations, based on the logic designed by you using different pricing functions, and by taking the liberty of large number variables you can add to your form it instantly makes a price estimate for your customer. It can then send notifications to the customers for their inquiries.

So if you are planning to give a discount to your customers who are willing to buy the entire stock of a grocery or charge a premium for the items whose stock is very less you can all set it up using the Formidable forms. Instant quotes somewhere improve the user experience by getting the price estimate instantly.

Hence if you are looking for dynamic pricing this is your best solution. For more details regarding this plugin visit their official site here: Formidable forms


Getting smarter and keeping yourself updated with all the tools and technology is the key to staying on top in such a competitive business environment. Online businesses are flourishing well and to streamline the process of shopping online improving your user experience is a very crucial element. Using Quote requests forms and some other Great Ecommerce plugins can be your next step in taking your online business to great heights. 

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