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5 best WordPress Proposal Plugins and Tools Designed to Help You Win Projects

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Proposals! Be it a Proposal for marriage or be it project proposals to an important client there is always this inherent fear of being rejected. So it is best if we are prepared before any kind of proposals. Today we are going to help you not with but a marriage proposal but for writing project proposals.

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Don’t worry if you are new in this area and don’t have any idea about what this article is talking about we have got you all covered. In this article we will discuss the following:

  • Introduction to project proposals and their importance to WordPress developers.
  • Things to include in Project proposals.
  • WordPress plugins that can help you write a project proposal and impress your potential clients to win projects.
  • Conclusion

As a freelancer searching for potential projects and winning that project is a constant hardship faced by you. Only by constantly getting projects you can keep the revenue flowing and earn money. Read to till the end and surely you will find new ways how you can convert more prospective clients to your customer.

Introduction to project proposals and their importance to WordPress developers.

Have you ever been to a showroom for purchasing a car? If you have been to one then you will be aware that the salesman at the showroom provides you all the details regarding the car’s features, cost of the car, Features provided with a particular model and its extra cost, past performance of the car, the current trend in the market, and also estimated delivery time for the same So, in a way salesman tries to convince you for purchasing that car and provides a brochure for the same.

Similarly, a project proposal is the same as a car brochure it has all the necessary details of what might be included in any given project and in one way tries to convince the client to select you for his/her development projects. 

When it comes to WordPress developers Project Proposal is a very good tool that can impress prospective clients, this document generally gives an idea of what might be the cost of the whole project, specification related to the project, and also the timeline of the project development cycle. Now the question why a project proposal? we can just send an estimate via E-mail,  To understand this better let us continue with the above example.

You are planning to buy a particular car model for which you visit two different showrooms, at the first showroom they show you the car and tell you the prize without providing any details and you get a bit annoyed. Now, you visit the second Showroom they first show you the car, provide each and every detail related to it, they also provide you proper details regarding the Service that the company will provide you after your purchase and in other words, they try to earn your trust and along with that showcase their goodwill in the market. Now even if the second showroom charges you more for that car you will want to purchase it from them and not from the first showroom owner. 

So in the same way writing a project proposal is the first and the most important step for a WordPress developer to showcase your abilities, qualifications, and your commitment towards work. In today’s competitive environment sending estimates via E-mail leaves a very dull impression on the client and as it is said “The first impression is the last impression”, you would surely want to strike bold by making an amazing project proposal to make sure the client urges you to take up their project! 

Things to include in Project proposals:

As we said earlier, we have got you covered. So here is the section where we will clarify all your doubts relating to the content of a project proposal. This document must have some specific information that the client will be looking forward to and sometimes missing out on such details will look very unprofessional that can give a negative impression to clients. So here are some of the very basics and important information that any Project proposal must include: 

  • Project overview:  After meeting your client and understanding the client’s requirement, the first step is to prepare a project overview. Now you might ask why we need to explain the project details to the client he/she already knows what his/her project is about. presenting the project overview i.e. explaining the problem, providing details about how you think of arriving at the solution, and also providing new viewpoints that the client might not be aware of and can be seen as an opportunity. Providing these details earns your client trust by knowing that you really understand your customer’s needs and also willing to improvise their ideas for better solutions.
  • Deliverables: Now as a freelancer or any website developer it is very important that you unambiguously define your project work to avoid disputes in the future. This is very essential in Development proposals for Eg: If you are developing a website for any manufacturing company at the end the company might ask you to write a mission and vision, About page, etc. so all this content writing is not your job as a developer hence, it becomes necessary to mention your project work in a project proposal so that the client will have a clear picture of your work. This section is more about what will be excluded rather than what will be included.
  • Project scheduling: It is necessary to provide a rough timeline to the client. You must mention the amount of time required in different phases of project development, the final date of completion along with terms and conditions due to which the provided timeline might deviate. The delivery schedule is a very important factor that any client would consider before giving a project.
  • Budget or Cost of the project: The prize is a very crucial factor before making any business decision.  In this section, you need to clearly mention the estimated cost for the project development. Cost not only includes your service charge but also includes the cost of premium plugins and themes along with any website hosting cost if required must be mentioned separately. 
  • Personal qualifications and experience: This section is a deal-breaker. Why should the client select you? This is where you answer it. Here, you need to mention your professional qualifications and any relevant training that you have received which is related to the project at hand. You can also include brief details about your past projects. This shows your qualification, your experience, and your talent and strongly pitches to your client for awarding you the project.
  • Call to action: Once you have clarified every detail regarding your project what next? if the customer is willing to award you the project or maybe clarify some points mentioned in the project proposal you must provide details for the same. You can mention your contract and terms of service clearly so that the prospective client will have a clear understanding of what he/she is getting into and further mention details to accept a proposal or contact for contacting you for a discussion.

5 WP Proposals Plugins and tools to help you with your project:

Writing down a proposal from scratch can be a very tedious process and time-consuming and your client might not have the patience to wait for days waiting for you. Several tools can help you with your freelancing business and investing in such a tool can be a very good option as it quickens your work and also improves the quality of your WP proposals.

Luckily there are many WP plugins available for WP Proposals we have identified some good plugins for you that can be easy to use and provide great results.

WP Proposals

This is the first plugin on our list, It allows you to create quickly and stunningly amazing proposals. This plugin helps you streamline the process of designing and editing to invoicing. This tool is a bit unique from other tools that work online, this tool can be directly accessed from the WordPress dashboard and therefore it gives the comfort of working on the whole project from a single window.

Installing this plugin is just like installing any other WordPress plugin, just go to the Plugins tab in your WordPress dashboard and search for WP Proposals and install the plugin.

wp proposal plugin in wordpress
Here are some of the features of WP proposals that make it the first on our list:
  • Having all the features of online tools and also being a WordPress plugin it is still totally free to use.
  • This tool allows you to completely customize your proposal. It gives us the freedom to add our branding and marketing content like customized designs, Logo and images free of cost. It also has a similar feature like paint wherein you can include background colors of your choice and have a variety of different fonts to make your proposals attractive.
  • You have sent your WP proposals but don’t know your client’s reactions? Don’t worry WP proposals help you monitor the progress. It helps us to monitor if the client has opened your Project proposal also keeps a count on the number of views. The number of views helps you to decide if you need to send some follow-up emails.
wp proposal plugin
  • Another important feature of WP Proposals  is that it allows you to send branded templates via email and notifies you whenever your offer is accepted along with this information it gives the detail like by whom, when and for how much is your offer accepted.
wp proposal plugin wordpress
  • Last but not least It also helps you collect the E-signature of the client whenever your offer is accepted.

Better Proposals:

Unlike WP proposals this is an online tool that comes with a wide range of templates for creating your WP proposal. This tool is also available in many different languages and hence is suitable for freelancers working with clients from different countries and requires language support other than English.

Here are some of  the features of Better Proposal:
  • Support for around 22 different languages gives a developer comfort of working with international clients.
  • Ready-made templates for different types of proposals like for Website development or for an E-commerce website that has been proven successful in the past with a readily customizable service contract which helps you save your time in drafting one.
  • Performance tracking like sales overview, revenue by the product, etc. that helps the sales team for better management.
  • Payment Option directly from the proposal to streamline the whole process.
better proposal plugin wordpress


Qwilr is another online tool that helps you create stunningly beautiful proposals. Its robust design and modular building blocks make it easy to use. you don’t require any designer for building your web proposals. It also have some unique features which can be of great utility for your web proposals let’s have a look at different features provided by Qwilr:

  • With Qwilr it is easy to embed videos, Google maps, Google sheets, type in forms, and many other widgets that can make your Web proposals dynamic and lively.
  • Web-proposals made on qwilr have responsive design and hence it doesn’t matter what kind of device your potential client might be using, Even if he/she uses a tablet or mobile phone Design proposals will not be altered and the template layout will remain the same.
  • With Qwilr there is a ready-made template that can be used to start with your WP proposal, Design Proposal, or any web-development proposal. It also provides you modular blocks that can be used in a drag and drop fashion to customize your template.
  • It decreases the checkout time for your potential client and helps in hassle-free business by providing all closing options like selecting plans, accepting the contract, e-signature, and payment at one go.
  • Analytics feature helps you identify how the client is interacting with your document. In a Proposal process analyzing your old design proposals is a vital part of getting success. Based on the past results you can keep updating your design proposal template and get ahead of the competition.

WP client:

WP client comes down in our list for two reasons one because it is not solely meant for writing proposals and second. After all, it is a bit costly compared to other tools. WP client is an all one solution business plugin or a project management tool. It helps you manage all the client support activities and easily manage your communications with clients.

Today we are going to keep the focus on the features that help us in fetching new clients and making proposal templates for prospective clients.

Wp client wordpress plugin
  • Estimates and invoicing: This feature helps you create branded estimates and invoices that can be viewed online, paid online, or even converted to a pdf and send via E-mail.
  • Private messaging:  This is a good communication feature that helps to stay in touch with clients and also maintains integrity. Messages are sent to a verified contact and also a chain of records is maintained.
  • Project feedback component: This is a very professional and unique feature that helps the site administrator to send detailed project proposal reports embedding different documents and images. The client can leave comments on the proposals for further review. These updates are sent to both client and administrator via Email notifications.
  • Client login alerts: The administrator is alerted whenever the client logins to his/her portal and we can review the activity on the estimates and proposals and take further follow-up.


Last but not least! When it comes to writing proposals can’t miss this tool. Proposify is widely used for making Proposals and tracking them. However, it can be used for writing quotes, estimates, closing contracts, and collecting e-signatures. It provides complete support from designing a proposal to signing the deal. let’s have a look at some of the features provided by Proposify:

proposify wordpress plugin
  • Provides cloud storage for saving your old designed templates and also helps the administrators put controls on the documentation so that before sending it to the client it is approved to maintain consistency.
  • Analytics and tracking feature notifies you whenever the client opens the proposals and also provides you with the metrics of the amount of time spent on each section of the document. This helps you improve your design process and approach to proposal writing. It also gives us a hint of when is the exact time to make a follow-up.
  • You can also set up automated follow-up messages for the client and stay in touch even if you are away.
  • Proposify can connect with various business apps like zapier, salesforce, Stripe, etc., and helps you import contacts, link deals, create projects, and generate invoices.


Being professional and up to the mark is very necessary in today’s competitive arena of the tech world. Providing a perfect solution in a short time is very essential, using these tools can surely decrease your workload and help you work more efficiently.

If you are a freelancer then it becomes difficult managing the WordPress website for your clients we at Wpuber provide a complete solution for maintaining a WordPress website from marketing to providing security. Collaborations and partnerships are the keys to the sustainable development of individuals! See you soon.

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