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15 Best WordPress Themes For Medical & Health Websites

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WordPress is the world’s most popular website creator. And for their pages, thousands of medical practitioners, physicians, consultants, and healthcare providers use WordPress., which is a hosted solution, and, which is a self-hosted platform, are 2 types of WordPress websites. You will need for your medical website because it provides you with access to all WordPress functionality and options.

15 best WordPress themes for Medical and health Websites

A domain name and a web hosting account will also be appropriate for you. A domain name is the URL (like of your website, and a hosting account is where your media and web files will be stored.

Our health is vital, and every day we put our trust in a plethora of doctors, nurses, pharmacists, and other medical professionals. It is critical, therefore that the website accurately reflects the degree of faith, compassion, and treatment you provide for your medical practice. It can be hard to know what to look for though, with so many WordPress themes available.

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Let’s have a look at the Best 15 Medical themes for WordPress.

1. Exponent

exponent theme for WordPress

Working in the medical field means that you do not have much time to spare. This can be helped by Exponent, particularly if you have little time to build your website.

There’s a great drag-and-drop page builder built into this theme (not to mention a header builder). The actual selling point, however, is the number of demo templates available, including one specifically for medical sites. The default header of this demo contains basically all a visitor would need to contact you, while they are invited to book an appointment by a straightforward and prominent call to action.

Although Exponent is a multipurpose style, it doesn’t sound like a ‘jack of all trades and master of none’. For building your medical website, it is an especially effective solution, one that is well worth checking out!

2. Mediz

Mediz theme for WordPress

It takes rock-solid integrity to function in medicine. You wouldn’t trust a doctor’s office or a clinic with a website straight out of the last century, but visuals aren’t the only factor. Mediz could be the solution you’re searching for for a subject that tells potential patients your clinic is on the cutting edge.

For hospitals, clinics, and dentist offices, this theme ships with three pre-built demonstrations. In addition, for elements such as contact pages, doctor portfolios, service lists, and more, you even get to play with 12-page layouts. A clean modern interface features every single page, with a clear preference for blue tones. This has been shown to boost confidence in the field of color theory, exactly what a medical website needs.

Mediz looks professional and many tools are also included to help customize the website. They have a page builder for drag-and-drop, support for Google Fonts, and WooCommerce integration, among others.

3. Wellness Pro

Wellness pro theme for wordpress

Wellness Pro is a WordPress premium theme primarily intended for physicians, nurses, medical staff, and hospitals. It is built on top of the Structure of Genesis, which makes this theme extremely flexible.

You may add a welcome message to the homepage with a call-to-action button to include users in the first experience. It has a completely widgetized homepage, so you can professionally display your content and services.

4. Kosmic

Kosmic theme for WordPress websites

Kosmic is the WordPress theme for anything in one solution. It can design every kind of website you can ever think of. With its advanced customizer screen, it will make it possible to turn your dream website into reality. To quickly start your website, there are 9 unique home pages available.

With this theme, you can get different features, such as different header layout, footer settings, built-in shortcodes, mega menu, etc. The theme has support for WooCommerce so that you can build your online store without any problems. With an awesome blog design style, you can ask your clients about your services and products. The topic is SEO-friendly, so you can easily get the highest rankings.

5. Medin

Medin theme for WordPress

There’s one thing you can almost guarantee for the clients when it comes to your medical website. Your platform should streamline the process needed to contact you as much as possible in order to help them out. Fortunately, to help you do that, Medin might just be the theme.

Medin only has three options, unlike other themes with loads of demo templates. These cater to dentists, hospitals, and surgeries. This doesn’t mean, however, that the theme is lacking in features. Especially when you use the bundled WPBakery Page Builder plugin to your advantage, there’s plenty of scopes to create a layout that suits your needs.

With a ‘Quick View’ bar in the header, Medin has another cool trick up his sleeve to help the visitors of your site decide crucial details about your practice. When moused over, this will reveal basically any important details you want, which is a thoughtful touch and takes the versatility of this unique theme further than many of its rivals.

Overall, the feature set of Medin performs admirably. Where it truly shines, though is the user interface approach (UX). As such, it will definitely be your shortlist’s top pick!

6. Ultra

Ultra theme for WordPress

For any website kind, Ultra is a modern WordPress all-purpose theme. For medical and healthcare professionals, it comes with a few ready-made website templates.

The theme features an integrated Themify page builder plugin that you can easily use to customize your website. To add more features and functionality to your site, it also provides premium add-ons.

7. Regina Pro

Regina Pro theme for WordPress

As a highly flexible theme, Regina Pro is ideal for any number of applications within the healthcare industry. Although it is an ambitious goal to try to appeal to an entire market, for the most part, Regina Pro delivers. 

It’s four homepage variants and bundled premium plugins are the theme’s marquee features: Visual Composer, Revolution Slider, TimeTable, and Booked. You have considerable control in selecting both an acceptable design for your specifications and the requisite functionality to back up the visual aesthetic with the above. 

As you can expect from a theme catering to the medical industry, the main design features are visitors should expect a professional and nuanced interface to attract them. Though Regina Pro does not deliver the wow factor, the attention of the developer to detail is noticeable throughout; everything from the slider’s implementation to the subtle CSS effects to the switching of in-page material is highly impressive.

In brief, when walking through the doors of your clinic, Regina Pro will provide your website with exactly the kind of environment a patient will hopefully expect. In addition, it should ensure that your every need is met with its comprehensive versatility and impressive features. Certainly, this theme should be high on your shortlist.

8. Kallyas

Kallyas theme for WordPress websites

Kallyas is a popular and innovative multipurpose WordPress theme. There are 70+ pre-built templates included in this theme, so you just need to export your favorite template to build an awesome website. 

The well-known builder combines with this theme, and it is Zion Builder. It includes various attractive models, such as health, dental, yoga, etc. 10+ homepage templates for various purposes come with this theme. In any language, it is ready for translation. In addition, for an online website, there are many reasons to use the Kallyas theme, since many features and integrations are available. It’s worth using!

9. ApexClinic

ApexClinic Theme for WordPress website

You may not assume that your website is central to operating your medical center, but that you would be incorrect. In reality, the first place many potential patients will go to is your site. With that in mind, it’s sound practice to ensure your website is in top shape with a theme like ApexClinic.

With this theme, which offers just the right visual style for a clinic or health center, you can find straight lines in abundance. You will also be able to reliably display what you do, regardless of your particular emphasis, with six sample templates on hand. Each layout, such as button slides and rollover effects, provides smooth ‘micro-interactions’ and can be installed with one click.

ApexClinic also has you covered there if you want to carry out any cosmetic improvements of your own. It includes a dedicated panel of theme options, offering a wide range of choices for customization. To better fit the branding and other specific requirements, there are also many typography and header choices.

With this theme, there’s plenty more on offer, but we just don’t have the room to cover it all here. In a nutshell, with extensive customization choices and plenty of features under the hood, ApexClinic is a powerful theme for any medical facility.

10. HealthFlex

HelathFlex theme for WordPress

Healthflex is an awesome and versatile theme for WordPress. It is ideal for medical clinics, seminars, dentists, hospitals, clinics, doctors, fitness coaches, medical websites, and many other items.

This theme comes with 5+ multipage demonstrations that are exclusive. It is really compatible with the WooCommerce plugin, so if your clients or customers can also set up a seamless experience. This theme is a theme that is completely sensitive and shows seamlessly throughout all modern websites. It comes with nearly all the features required by a medical site.

Compared to other themes on this list, HealthFlex looks special. The font choices are gross, and the default color scheme is easy but effective. Layouts are built with a bundled version of the Visual Composer plugin, and a range of quirky animations and section separators providing a comfortable but professional vibe is also included in the theme.

Overall, HealthFlex is a friendly-looking motif that can be found in its different components without a hint of stuffiness, suitable for medical institutions that want to put the minds of patients at ease.

11. Physio

Physio theme for Health WordPress websites

When attending a medical institution, the last thing people want is for their environment to feel impersonal. It’s a sure-fire way to raise the anxiety that many already have about visiting their doctor. Fortunately, your website will deliver a friendly vibe to put your patients at ease with a theme like Physio.

Physio dials down other themes’ sober introduction and pumps up the friendliness. The default color scheme utilizes a unique purple accent for a start, a million miles away from the blue and black color schemes of most themes. If you’re after a different look, Physio offers a range of customization options inside the WordPress Theme Customizer, and a dashboard drag-and-drop page builder can be used to design layouts.

Physio also bundles the Booked premium plugin, allowing patients to schedule appointments using a calendar interface that is easy to navigate. It’s a wonderful addition that really gives you virtually everything you’ll need to develop your website.

A medical practice should not have to forsake integrity for friendliness in a nutshell, and Physio is a strong theme for organizations who want to use a personal approach to the design of their website.

12. MediCenter

Medicenter theme for WordPress

MediCenter is a responsive theme appropriate for initiatives or companies relevant to medicine and health. The theme, with strong color accents, is built in a minimalist and modern style. It comes with large and boxed designs that can be divided into 20 distinct combinations.

 The slider revolution and visual composer plugin that improve the functionality of your website are compatible with this theme. It has a scheduling tool that lets you build doctors’ or other professionals’ divisions and databases. There are several content layout choices for this theme, so choose the right one that looks best on your website. Therefore the most popular WordPress theme for the medical sector is MediCenter.

13. HealthCoach

HealthCoach theme for Health website on WordPress

For health coaching linked to company websites, Health Coach is a great solution. It is a powerful theme of reactive design that shows elegantly across all platforms. The Health Coach is a great WordPress theme if you want a feature-packed website with full booking and payment integration. This theme has parallax and video history, 800+ Google fonts, support for WPML localization, WooCommerce plugin compatibility, and many more.

14. Sirona

Sirona theme for WordPress websites

Typically, medical websites need to provide a wealth of information for your patients, including the services you provide and how they can reach you. With Sirona, from the ground up, you get a theme built to help you complete all those things, which might make it a valuable addition to your practice.

Sirona is a vibrant style that has ‘pop’ bold headings, icons, and buttons. These elements make the theme especially easy to navigate on mobile devices. Intuitive accordion parts are included in Sirona that allows you to give an on-site FAQ, booking forms that are easy to use, and more. Sirona also provides a lot of custom elements for your posts if you are trying to run an authority page, useful for catching publicity.

15. Yogi

Yogi theme for WordPress website

For any fitness, wellbeing, and wellness-related training websites, Yogi is a delightful and elegant WordPress style. This theme includes 3+ distinct types of custom posts, and it is class, coach, testimonial, event, and loads of other shortcodes and widgets. This style is in addition, consistent with MINDBODY. MINDBODY is also a famous and popular online registration and payment app for yoga. It comes with three exciting homepage demonstrations with the latest update as well. With so many versatile choices, it is a fantastic theme. 


I hope that you get the most suitable and best theme from these beautiful WordPress medical and health themes for your website. In the competing environment, each theme includes numerous and useful features that make them stand out. So, select the well-qualified one & design your website elegantly. If you have liked this article and if it has been useful to you in selecting your medical and health theme do let me know in the comments section.

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