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12 Best Calculator Plugins for WordPress Site in 2021

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Owning a WordPress site or planning to own one? What type of site do you want to build? Let me put light on the fact that a very large percentage of sites need calculators as a part of their motive. And the best way to achieve that is by having calculator plugins on your WordPress site.

These plugins make your site more attractive and interactive. So, ready to use a plugin and confused about which plugin would be best for your site? Here’s a list of the 12 best calculator plugins for your WordPress site.

Best calculator plugin for your wordpress site

What type of calculator do you need?

There are so many calculator plugins that can be segregated on the type of its users such as plugins used to calculate prices, measurements, dates, form fields, and more.

Before choosing your calculator plugin, you should know what to look for in a WordPress calculator plugin. It’s very important to choose a well responsive plugin that also has a good UI design to be displayed in mobiles as well as computers. A plugin that would let you customize the colors and styles of your calculator so that it can match your website’s color scheme and brand, would be a great choice. 

Though you have the right to choose between custom plugins as well as pre-built calculator plugins.

12 Best Calculator Plugins for WordPress Site

1. PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator Add-on

PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator helps you turn any Contact Form 7 form into a calculator easily. Calculated fields are based on user input and selections in other parts of the form. This plugin can be used for creating various types of calculators, such as a tax calculator, finance calculators, quote calculator for hotel booking, ideal weight calculator, car rental quote calculator, calorie calculator, mortgage calculator, date calculator, etc.

PVB Contact Form 7 Calculator Add-on for a WordPress site

This plugin will also provide you with the ability to translate your calculator into various languages, opening up your website to more users and potential clients. 

Its main features include Advanced calculations, hidden calculated fields, server-side calculation, calculation on button click and submit, correct floating-point math, multiple calculated fields, intermediate calculation steps, PayPal and Stripe integration, currency conversion, custom PHP code, reference external spreadsheets, and many more.

2. EZ Form Calculator

EZ Form Calculator is another WordPress plugin that you can take into account as it allows you to you create estimation forms, cost calculators, and payment forms for your website with much ease.

EZ Form Calculator WordPress plugin

You can use the visual drag and drop builder to easily add over 15 types of form elements to your websites like checkboxes, dropdown menus, or radio buttons with only a few clicks. The plugin can calculate the form values automatically. You can also reach a global audience as it’s translation-ready and compatible with WPML.

Unique to this calculator plugin is the fact that you can perform visual email handling with the WordPress editor, create response emails and PDF files from submissions with ease. In addition to it, you can enable conditional logic, allow file uploads, integrate with WooCommerce, and add PayPal & Stripe for collecting payments after customers calculate the price of their items.

3. Formidable Forms Calculator

Formidable Forms is a drag and drop form builder that comes with a large range of pre-built calculator templates. It is the only WordPress forms plugin that is designed to be the application builder tool every agency and freelancer needs. This would help to build different types of calculators easily on your site. The following calculators can be created or added to your site with the Formidable Forms templates:

  • BMI Calculator
  • Percentage Calculator Template
  • Advanced Mortgage Calculator Template
  • Simple Mortgage Calculator Template
  • WooCommerce Product Configurator
  • Car Payment Calculator Template
  • Debt to Income Ratio Calculator Form Template
  • Life Insurance Calculator Template
  • ROI Calculator Form Template
  • Savings and Investment Calculator Form Template
  • Order/Billing Form Template
  • Age Calculator Form Template
  • Compound Interest Calculator Template
  • Final Grade Calculator Template
  • Pregnancy Due Date Calculator Form Template
  • Daily Calorie Intake Calculator Template
  • Length Conversion Calculator Form Template
  • Paycheck Calculator Form Template
  • Tip Calculator Form Template
  • Amortization Calculator Template
Formidable Forms Calculator WordPress Plugin

These Formidable Forms calculators are the most used and the most preferred calculator plugins as they are well responsive and also look great on mobiles. These plugins are customizable and therefore can play an immense role in enhancing the brand of your website.

Most of these have simple and useful UI like the percentage calculator, the length conversion calculator, the tip calculator, and the age calculator. Others are much more detailed and would offer huge value to your users.

For instance, if you run a real estate business, people would want to know their monthly payment, how much they need to save, or if they’re ready to buy a house, you can provide a free calculator for them to use.

If you’re a physical trainer, you can offer a weight-loss calculator. If you run a financial website, you can help people calculate their monthly finances. If you run a mommy blog, you can create a calculator that tells expecting moms how many days are left until their baby arrives. In addition to that, you can collect users’ email addresses for email marketing and selling purposes. All you need to do is calibrate your calculator for lead generation and you are all set!

So, undoubtedly these are the most recommended calculator plugins for your WordPress site.

4. Calculated Fields Form

It is a WordPress plugin for creating forms with dynamically calculated fields and perform mathematical calculations among form fields. It includes a form and logic builder for adding/editing different field types, including one or more automatically calculated fields based on the data entered in other fields and define mathematical operations to run.

Calculated Fields Form WordPress Plugin

Calculated Fields Form comes with 5 built-in sample calculators that you can use or modify:

  • Simple Calculator Operations
  • Calculation with Dates (bookings with check-in and check-out dates)
  • Ideal Weight Calculator
  • Pregnancy Calculator
  • Lease Calculator

Calculated Fields Form can easily be used with the WordPress content editor (block editor) as well as the old classic editor. It also works with popular page builder plugins.

5. Stylish Cost Calculator

Stylish Cost Calculator is a great plugin that can upgrade your user’s experience by providing customized, instant quotes for potential customers and clients. 7 built-in templates are ready with this plugin to get started quickly.

Stylish Cost Calculator WordPress plugin

It is entirely customizable – you can add sliders, dropdowns & checkboxes that your customers can utilize by inputting their unique information to receive a customized quote (which can easily be printed or sent to an email address). You can turn buttons off or on, force users to email before seeing the price, and so much more! You can even customize the cost calculator according to you as well as change colors.

You can even set a bulk discount and create branded invoices. The Pro version allows you to create coupons. You can also integrate the Pro version with PayPal so you can take payments.

It keeps your WordPress site looking professional, fast, secure, and modern.

6. Wpcalc

Want to create your online calculator for your personal use or for customers who visit your website and are interested in the services that you are providing? The WPcalc plugin would be one of the finest choices for that.

wpsalc wordpress plugin

You can add any number of calculated fields with an easy and visual calculator interface. You can use checkboxes, dropdown menus, radio buttons, and input elements for the calculator. It also provides a “Duplicate” button to duplicate a form. You can create up to 3 calculators for your needs and copy and paste the shortcode of the window anywhere.

It also enables you to configure calculator styles, creates custom formulas for calculating, stylize the result of the calculation, and allows multiple calculation results for a calculator.

7. Zigaform WordPress Estimation Form Builder

Zigaform WordPress Estimation Form Builder is a plugin that would help you to build estimation forms in few simple steps using drag and drop form builder. it can estimate any service for your clients and you can proceed with checkout using the payment gateway. 

Zigaform WordPress Estimation Form Builder WordPress Plugin

This plugin provides an advanced grid system and is easily customizable, it also provides a skin customizer that helps in building professional forms. It has predefined form templates and form can be created with one or more automatically calculated fields. Using this plugin, you can create finance calculators, quote calculators, booking cost calculators, date calculators, health/fitness calculators, and many more.

8. Responsive Mortgage Calculator

The Responsive Mortgage Calculator is a jQuery widget and shortcode that’s designed to fit easily into any theme, on any device, at any size. It is an easy-to-use mortgage calculator for real estate websites and comes with a sidebar widget.

Responsive Mortgage Calculator WordPress Plugin

There are settings to adjust the styling, a light, and a dark theme, or you can remove the styling entirely and use your theme’s styling. The HTML is built with plenty of classes, so it’s easy to override the included stylesheet with your CSS. So, it also gives you the liberty to redesign it.

9. WP Amortization Calculator

Confused about the plugins that can adapt websites to cover calculations on a mortgage, auto, or any other kind of amortized loan? Then the WP Amortization Calculator is one of the easiest ways to achieve it.

WP Amortization Calculator WordPress Plugin

It is a professional and high-quality calculating tool that can be inserted on a page or used as a widget, even multiple times. It has integrated Visual Composer which is now available as drag & drops Visual Composer element. It also has integrated Elementor as a drag and drop element, you add your logo and info to the PDF, and customize the email sent to leads.

Some excellent features include modern and straightforward responsive design, lead capture tool, being WPML ready, automatic updates, custom CSS, different money format choices, and other powerful backend features. This plugin will impress you with its versatility and is perfect for real estate agents as well as lenders.

 10. Car Route Planner Plugin

The Car Route Planner Plugin is useful for calculating different values for car routes around the world, such as route length, driving time, fuel amount, and cost.

Car Route Planner WordPress Plugin

It can be used for routing of motorists (recreation or business trips on own or rented car), calculation of the estimated cost of your service depending on route length (transport logistics, shipping, moving companies, truck freight, delivery, intercity taxi, transfer, etc.) or routing from an arbitrary point to your tourist site (recreation center, camping, hotel) with a simple web form.

Its features include shortcodes, customizable design, custom font, being mobile-friendly, worldwide routing, price calculation by your formula, async load via HTTPS, HTTP/2 support, autocomplete for input fields, geocoder with mistyping correction, 11 language options, 3 measure systems, multiple currency options and many more.

11. WooCommerce Product Options and Price Calculation Formulas

WooCommerce Options and Price Calculation Formulas is a fully-featured plugin that creates an opportunity to add custom options for WooCommerce products as well as enables custom price calculation based on any maths formula. It has a fully-featured custom product visual layout form builder that is used to add custom options or more product options for each item.

WooCommerce Product Options and Price Calculation Formulas plugin WordPress

Want to add extra options to your products, display them conditionally, give a possibility for your customers to customize products? It includes conditional logic and mathematical formulas to calculate pricing based on selection, personalize them by adding highly dynamic information like dimensions, custom labels, comments. Moreover, you create a unique scheme for price calculation based on custom options added!

12. CC BMI Calculator

The CC BMI Calculator is a simple body mass index (BMI) calculator that allows users to enter their height and weight information to see their body mass index score. This indicates whether their weight of the user falls into a healthy range or not. This plugin is very useful for health and fitness websites.

CC BMI Calculator WordPress Plugins

This calculator plugin is very simple and customizable. You can change the color of the background, borders, and text to match your site’s theme and change the widget title as well, make the preferred default unit (imperial or metric). However, using this feature requires you to add a link to the plugin author’s website. It can be placed on the sidebar as a widget or incorporated into a post or page using a shortcode.

So, this was the list of the 12 best calculator plugins that you can use for your WordPress site. We hope this article helped you get a clear understanding of all the types of calculator plugins.

Now it is up to you and your purpose of the website, about which plugin would suit your website the best. You can visit the other blogs of the website here to know about other details of WordPress.

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